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Other Pokemon X & Y Term Dex (Shout for PSS)

Discussion in 'Technical Projects' started by LeetJizuz, Oct 18, 2013.


Is the Term Dex a good Idea?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Kinda...

  1. LeetJizuz


    Oct 10, 2013
    Pokemon X & Y has brought a new social system into Pokemon.
    The PSS

    Within this project I wish to utilize the Shout/Moto aspect in order to create a better social MMO quality within the game, hence the name "Term Dex". This project is entirely dependent on the community and all terms developed must be within the character limit of the game (16 Characters). Utilizing these features will reduce much of the time used on GTS and will produce immediately results so long as one has friends. This term dex will be using simple and common MMO acronyms in addition to ones exclusive to the Pokemon Community. Think of this term dex being exclusive to Smogon and used to communicate with other Smogon players world wide via PSS or just the friends list.

    This Term Dex will be community made & its activity is dependent on the community.
    All terms are structured as
    "Acronym then Def"


    - Looking For

    W4 - Want for

    H - Have

    U4 - Up for (alt for Looking for)

    T - Trade

    ET - Egg Trade

    Bat - Battle

    XvX - [Insert Number P1] vs [Insert Number P2] (Player 1 being the challenger and player 2 being the "challengee").

    xFS - [Type]Friend Safari (Use the first characters of each type to differentiate; With Fairy use 'Fy'; With Fire use 'Fr'; With Ghost use 'Gh'; With Flying use 'Fg'; With Poison use 'Ps'

    Nat - Nature

    MS - Mega Stone

    F - Female

    M - Male

    Any/A - Any

    Stand - Standard Battle 6v6 / Set Level 50 / no Restrictions

    SmogX - Smogon[Tier or Leave blank for understood battle] Style 6v6 / Uncap / no restrictions / Sleep Clause

    Example Sentences
    L4 Bat 6v6 "Looking for a 6v6 Battle"(10 out of 16 characters used; 8 out of 16 w/o spaces)

    L4 FrFS H GhFS "Looking for a Fire Friend Safari Have a Ghost Friend Safari" (14 out of 16 characters used; 11 w/o spaces)

    I plan to update the OP every week so long as people post ideas (this project is 100% community driven). In addition I will create more sections within the thread with more terms should the OP be messy. I also understand some sentences will become messy and unreadable to some so please feel free to post any re-coining of terms.

    Save for in the event that OP becomes Messy. Links will be posted here to further terms.

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