Does this thread need a poll?

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Here's an idea.

Marvin the Martian + Cloyster. That would be interesting.
I really can't see this working lol

Posting to say that almost every request from before I went on vacation has been removed from the list in the OP, this is because I have no way of knowing whether people still care about those requests or not, after all, it's been so long.

If you had a request there that you still want me to complete, feel free to post your request again in this thread, or contact me via VM, PM, or IRC.

Sorry I didn't get around to it, but it really can't be helped when two new requests pop up for every request I complete.

Thank you
wow these are great XD I also have a request, can u draw me a mafia lucario with a mafia head on and a huge sigar :) it would be awesome :p
so can u Please do that for me :)
Such a perfect thread Fatecrasher, everyone of your pieces of art is just exploding with charm and originality! If you are still accepting requests could you please make me a Treecko with a white t-shirt that says "Intern" across it that looks like it was written in black crayon and has this (http://store.jacvanek.com/legit-bracelet.html) bracelet on his hand when you have time? Thanks a bunch in advance =).
Just and FYI

Octillery + paul mcartney? I don't care if that is spelled right

the point is to turn BOYS into MEN not to give them a mandolin JESUS FUCK
levitating tampon ACCEPT OR NOT