Porygon2 [QC 0/3]

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  • Amazing defenses when boosted by eviolite
  • Three great abilities in Trace, Download and Analytic
  • One of the few pokemon in the tier that counter Chandelure, the other being Snorlax
  • Lack of leftovers is noticeable
  • easily taking out by SE fighting moves, which will becoming increasingly common with the dropdown of Scrafty and Meinshao
  • Defensive sets hard walled by steels

name: Defensive
move 1: Thunderbolt/Discharge
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Recover
move 4: Toxic/Thunder Wave
item: Eviolite
ability: Trace
nature: Bold/Calm
evs: 252 Hp, 160 Def, 96 SpD

  • Eviolite boosts its defenses to sky high levels
  • Trace allows it to take it's opponents ability and use it against it, useful in a tier with Flash Fire, Intimidate, Regenerator, Natural Cure and more running around
  • BoltBeam coverage allows for Porygon2 to hit a good portion of the tier for neutral damage
  • Recover only form of recovery, so it is very important on a defensive set
  • the last slot depends on preference, whether you want to cripple pokemon with paralysis or Toxic Stall them to death
  • Discharge can be used over Thunderbolt for the higher chance to paralyze at the cost of a small drop in power

  • Bold Nature boosts its defense to sponge physical fighting attacks
  • EVs give it mixed defensives, with slightly more focused defensively to take fighting moves better
  • Set is hard walled by steels, so a team mate to deal with them would be beneficial.
  • Slower offensive pokemon benifit from Twave support allowing them to sweep easier
  • a bulky fighting resist team mate would be a good idea

name: Tank
move 1: Tri Attack
move 2: Thunderbolt/Discharge
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Recover
item: Eviolite
ability: Download/Analytic
nature: Modest
evs: 252 HP, 252 Sp.Atk, 4 Spe

  • This set takes advantage of Porygon2's above average base 105 SpA
  • Tri Attack is used for pokemon that don't resist normal and wouldn't be harder hit by boltbeam
  • BoltBeam does what it does, provide great coverage against a lot of the tier
  • Recover allows for Porygon2 to heal off the hits it still takes really well because of Eviolite
  • Modest maximizes SpA, and with a download boost it hits over 500
  • Download is a great ability, after one boost not a whole lot is going to enjoy taking a hit from it

  • Analytic can be run over Download, as Porygon2 will most often be moving last, and the slight drop in power from a Download boost may be even more consistent because it's moves will be getting a buff all the time rather than leaving it to chance with Download
  • EVs maximize SpA while also giving it great bulk
  • a good chunk of the tier is either invested to be physically defensive or has a higher base Def then SpD, allowing Porygon2 to net a +1 SpAtk Download boost
  • this set like the defensive one has trouble breaking Steels, so a team mate to handle them would be useful like Darmanitian or Chandelure.
  • great for a bulky offense team, with it's ability to sponge hits well and also hit back hard
  • Let down by it's speed stat a lot, often forced to use recover instead of attacking to keep it's Hp at a reasonable level.

name: Trick Room
move 1: Trick Room
move 2: Thunderbolt/Discharge
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Recover
item: Eviolite
ability: Download
nature: Quiet
evs: 252 Hp, 252 SpA, 4 Def
ivs: 0 Spe

  • Porygon2's Speed stat that lets it down on offensive sets is great for trick room
  • Bulk let's it set up TR multiple times a match
  • Recover does better on this set than the others because usaully because of it's low speed it will move first, allowing it to hit first and heal off damage later
  • BoltBeam coverage with download is fantastic

  • the EVs again give it bulk to set up Trick Room and the High SpA stat to abuse it
  • Quiet nature and 0 Spe IV's allow it to be very slow, and pretty much guarantee it to move first in TR
  • Great when partnered with slow powerful sweepers, preferably ones that also have a way to deal with Steels Porygon2 can't touch (such as Azumarill, Machamp and Bulk Up Scrafty)

[Other Options]
  • Porygon2's offensive movepool outside of Electric/Ice/Normal coverage isn't that great
  • Does get moves such as Shadow Ball and Psychic if you want to use a Four attack set and want extra coverage
  • Hidden Power Fire can be used over Tri Attack on some sets to hit steels hard with a download boost under it's belt
  • Porygon2 Also get's agility, and although it's attack stat isn't really high enough on it's own to make full use of it, with +1 SpA from Download it can outspeed and hit a lot of threats hard

[Checks and Counters]

  • Weak to passive damage of all kinds, be it entry hazaards or status.
  • because of it constantly switching in to sponge hits, hazaards will slowly wear it down due to lack of Leftovers
  • Steel types can take pretty much all of it's hits (except for Empoleon) and stall it out due to immunity from Toxic
  • Strong fighting types such as Machamp, Scrafty, Meinshao, Heracross and Even Banded Hitmontop can severely dent the duck
  • Offensive Snorlax isn't even 2HKO'd by any of Porygon's moves,and can deal heavy damage back
  • Bronzong can take any hit it deals out and cripple it with Toxic
I don't know if a Bold nature fits the first set better since Porygon2's defensive set is meant to take a lot of hits. If you don't want to make it what you are calling a "sitting duck", it's more viable to use the second set.

By the way, Discharge is definetly worth slashing with Thunderbolt on the second set imo. Paralyze hax can definetly come in handy sometimes, and the power decrease is not that significant.

Also, I don't see how a Slowbro can stop the offensive sets. Super effective Thunderbolt (even if it's not properly invested) is going to do a lot of damage. Maybe you wanted to mention something else?

Then again, this is only my opinion, you are better off waiting for a QC member to comment on this
You raise good points about a defensive nature and discharge, I'll add those in.
As for the Slowbro written in the counters, I ran my calcs again and realize that I accidently Calculated for Slowking, which is a 3HKO using the defensive set.
There's a handful of small-ish formatting scattered throughout this, you may want to skim over some other analyses to correct those. Also, you might want to be a bit more specific in mentioning teammates (ie.not a bulky Fighting-type resist, maybe mention Slowbro or Zapdos specifically). Moreover, this may just be opinion, but I'm under the opinion that the Tank set is far and away the best set. The defensive, while being bulky and all, is still generally not particularly threatening, and allows for the free switch-in's of various 'mons (especially now that Scrafty entered the tier, where P2 would definitely be wanting to hit it hard with a Tri Attack on the switch). The Tank set just has way more utility no matter how you think about it imo. Trace also deserves an AC mention or a slash on the Tank set, practically switching into Chandelure, among other things, with impunity is that good. Also, isn't Discharge really counterproductive on the TR set? If you reduce the opponent's Speed, then isn't it more likely to outspeed you and beat you?


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You need to give Analytic a very strong mention next to or possibly even over Download. Enough people put those extra 4 EVs in SpD now that Analytic is far more consistent.
Added examples of good team mates in set descriptions, and slashed and added Analytic on the Tank set (the only set where it is viable IMO), and added pros of using it in additional comments
My 2 cents:

Discharge should be the main option over Thunderbolt on the defensive set. The damage isn't that important, and paralysis deters the many (quite bulky) fighting types in the tier more than extra damage from Thunderbolt would. Mention Psych Up in Additional Comments or Other Options at the bottom of the page; it's useful if you're CM Suicune/Raikou weak (among others).

Mention Quiet in the Tank set in conjunction with Analytic, but warn that it makes you slower than Machamp, Azumarill, and Bulk Up Scrafty.


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Hi, my sincerest apologies go out to you, but I'm going to have to lock this for the following reasons:

1. QC looked over the on-site analysis and we determined that it's not full-revamp worthy. It was uploaded recently and it can be edited directly to account for the new metagame.

2. The quality of your analysis is lacking in comparison the the on-site one. If you refer to the third bullet point in the last section of this post, you'll see I gave out a clear warning that this could happen.

However, I do want to thank you for attempting to contribute and I encourage you to try again with a different Pokemon. Thanks for understanding.
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