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Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by dinodino56, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. dinodino56


    Jun 20, 2012
    Banner Created By:Scotti


    Hello Smogon,This is my 1..2..3..4 well lets skip how many rmt i have made LOL.This is my very first UU team it is something i ended up making out of thin air.It is called pressure because of how much pressure this team puts on my opponents.Its pretty good overall ,but there are a few things setting it back from being the best.I can find out whats wrong with the team i just don't know how to fix it.Also, look at my banner is it good for a beginner at making them because i think its pretty good.Well i have rambled on enough why don't we kick this rmt off with some team building.

    Team Building
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    Well i started the team off with a core consisting of Cobalion,Flygon,and Chandelure because they cover each others weaknesses very well and they provide alot of Offensive Pressure(Cobalion only some),and they all do there job good.
    Next, i decided on a Rapid Spinner ,so i went with the best in the UU Tier from my point of view Blastoise,which i found to be a very good choice will a good moveset that ensure it can spin and even phase.
    Well, the next choice was Shaymin because i wanted some offensive pressure and it can heal itself with rest and do alot of damage.Through i was thinking about using Roserade ,but Shaymin won.
    For the final pick i wanted a fighting pokemon straight up.There we some good decision in UU ,but the one that caught my eye was Heracross and i can see why.Though i had plan about changing it to a different poke,but i learned that the SD Set is not that good so i went with Choice Scarf which was better from my observation

    The Team
    Cobalion @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Justified
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SAtk
    Naive Nature
    - Stealth Rock
    - Close Combat
    - Volt Switch
    - Taunt

    This is a great lead set.It has Stealth Rock,a strong STAB,Volt Switch,and Taunt the icing on the cake.It has the advantage in most lead match-ups.Because of Focus Sash Meinshao cannot KO it unless it is a Fake Out Lead.Azelf is the only real threat to this lead as it is able to Taunt my Cobalion first and it can also setup rock.Also,some sets carry Fire Blast which does alot of damage to Cobalion.Stealth Rock is a great move on Cobalion ,since, it allows my side to get hazards up and if you factor in Cobalion great speed that alone makes it much greater to use.Close Combat is the main attacking move on this set.It allows me to still be able to battler unlike suicide leads it can actually function even when it has already done its job.Volt Switch allows me to destory my opponent Focus Sash leads and go to a pokemon that can easily dispatch of it.It also makes good synergy with Chandelure because once it uses Volt Switch and i feel like my opponent is going to use a Fire Move or is going to use Rapid Spin i can just Volt Switch straight to Chandelure and allows him to setup Sub.
    Taunt is the final move on this set.Taunt allows Cobalion to stop other hazards leads(not counting Azelf),and easily set up his own.It is probably one of the greatest things on Cobalion mostly when combined with Focus Sash it allow Cobablion to easily setup hazards.Thats it for Cobalion.
    Flygon @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
    Jolly Nature
    - Superpower
    - Earthquake
    - U-turn
    - Outrage

    Choice Scarf Flygon is one of the best revenge killers in the tier.It has great speed and great attack powers which allows it to take out alot of pokes while keeping the momentum of this team going.It also one of the only dragon types in tier which makes it great on its own.Superpower out of all the moves on this set,this one is the most useless.I have never used it in any of my battles ,though there may have been sometimes that i was thinking about using it ,but i never came around to using it.Earthquake is great for taking out Nidoking and Raikou(non-choiced sets)It also a good STAB to have in general.It also help get rid of all these fire types in the tier though it is never an issue to defeat those.U-Turn makes this team a Volt-Turn core.Flygon and Cobalion easily just use those move when i expect a switch and easily gain my team the momentum.Outrage is mostly used at the end of the game when i noticed my opponent is all out of steel types.Its just a simple spam that easily gets me the win.It also good a taking Kingdras and other Flygons.
    Chandelure @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
    Timid Nature
    - Substitute
    - Fire Blast
    - Shadow Ball
    - Energy Ball

    Chandelure is my spinblocker and sweeper.It can easily setup up substitute on most rapid spinners and proceed to sweep there team with some effort.Life Orb sometimes limit its staying powerers ,but it is mostly able to get off a good sweep or punching holes in my opponent team.Sub is the best move on this set.Chandelure ability to get a sub up on a number of pokemon is really amazing sometimes if i don't think my opponent is going to switch i just don't use the sub and go straight for the kill.Fire Blast is the main STAB and very few pokemon in the UU Metagame aren't 2hko by Fire Blast.Sometimes the miss hax can really make me mad.Shadow Ball is the second STAB and is good against Claydol a Rapid Spinner which easily gets my team hazards down completely.Energy Ball is good for Blastoise as it lets me hit it SE and make it easier for my team to handle while keeping rock down.
    Shaymin @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 HP / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature
    - Air Slash
    - Seed Flare
    - Earth Power
    - Rest

    Shaymin brings the offensive pressure where ever it goes.It can hit hard and it can heal fast and comeback for more l8tr.However Shaymin is a pokemon that is not always picked on a team.With the metagame full of fire types sometimes it hard to put shaymin on a team.Also,Shaymin is sometimes picked of Roserade because of Roserade's ability to get rid of Toxic Spikes and setup its own.In the end i think Shaymin is better for this team because this is offense and shaymin lets me power through most threats.Air Slash is for the fighting types in the tier.Being able to hit Fighting for SE is very good in th UU tier and it also helps my team dispatch of Heracross who can be really annoying(hate that choice set).Seed Flare is shaymin's main STAB and can do alot of damage to any poke even if it is not very effective.Seed Flare also lets me beat big SpDef walls like snorlax because of the Special Defense drop.Earth Power is for the pesky fire types who think they can beat Shaymin and then they get hit by a Earth Power.It also good against Raikou who can kinda Threaten this team.Rest is so when i expect my opponent to switch shaymin can heal up and be ready to battle later on in the game.
    Blastoise @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Torrent
    EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
    Bold Nature
    - Scald
    - Rapid Spin
    - Toxic
    - Dragon Tail

    Blastoise is my Rapid Spinner and Phaser.He is not scared of most spinblocker as he can Scald Chandelure ,Toxic Dusclops and Cofagrigus,and so some damage on Froslass.Scald is the main attacking move on this set and it lets me do damage to any pokemon and if they're a physical attacker they get burned and i am happy.It also good for hitting some pokemon for SE.Rapid Spin is the reason i choose Blastoise.Rapid Spin lets me get rid of Hazards and most spinblockers in the tier can't stand up to Blastoise.Rapid Spin is also good for getting rid of Leech Seed ,but that is not that common(no ferrothorn in UU it should never come to UU).Toxic it to help me get past some bulky spin blockers so i can spin of hazards on my side of the field.It also good against stall teams and really helps when i need a bulky wall to go down.Dragon Tail is the last move and is very helpful.Dragon Tail lets me phase out Setup Sweepers that think they can setup on Blastoise,and it is good to just spam it sometimes as my opponent keeps getting hit for SR damage.
    Heracross @ [​IMG]
    Trait: Moxie
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 HP / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Close Combat
    - Megahorn

    Heracross was a pokemon that was horrible on this team.I used a Swords Dance set and i couldn't do a thing.All of a Sudden i was lurking on smogon analysis and i saw something called Choice Scarf Heracross.I couldn't believe it,so the only thing to do is to test it out ,and it worked like a charm.I use Moxie because i don't think Guts can help on a Choice Scarf set.Earthquake is more like a Filler move and i mostly only use it if i think that Stone Edge is going to miss.Stone Edge is a great move on this set.Stone Edge lets me hit flying types (Zapdos) for Super Effective damage.Close Combat is probably the best move on the set.It is Hera's strongest move and does a lot of damage to alot of pokemons.Once it gets a kill and my opponent has nothing that resist close combat it is gg.Megahorn is the last move and it is very dangerous.The reason i say close combat is stronger is because of the perfect accuracy.When ever i use Megahorn i usually miss the first one.Thats why i don't like it in some cases ,but overall it is a good move.(I am tired).

    Hope you Enjoyed the RMT please comment and luvdisc.
  2. dinodino56


    Jun 20, 2012

    [​IMG]Zapdos-This thing is SE to 5/6 pokemon on my team.The only pokemon that can hit it for SE damage is Heracross and that is with Stone Edge

    [​IMG]Azelf-This thing is a annoying lead to face.It is faster than Cobalion ,so it can Taunt it and put down stealth rocks.Also,some carry fire blast which 2hko cobalion because i run sash.

    [​IMG]Raikou-Raikou can be annoying to face if it runs choice scarf or if Flygon is not alive.If it sets up then i lost(if i dont have flygon).Also choice sets can be really annoying since it outspeeds my whole team and carries Hp Ice.

    [​IMG]Xatu-Xatu is a really annoying pokemon.It bounces back hazards and can heal itself thats annoying.It takes forever to kill it and i have to do alot of switching.

    [​IMG]Nidoqueen-Nidoqueen is hard to kill without getting one of my own pokes killed.Flygon has SE Earthquake ,but if queen lives then Flygon gets KO by Ice Beam.If i use earthquake for Hera it won't kill and Queen can KO with Fire Blast.

    [​IMG]Rhyperior --->[​IMG]Blastoise



  3. PTJon7


    Dec 29, 2012
    Swampert over Blastoise would greatly help against Electric types, though you would lose Rapid Spin support. This isn't that important really, you only have 1 pokemon weak to Stealth Rocks and Cobalion can taunt any leads that try to set up.

    Cool team!
  4. GenXXZ


    Apr 11, 2013
    Hey, you did a good job with this one! Lemme give you a few suggestions, or just some things to think about.

    What this team seems to have trouble doing is dealing with walls, whether that be to stall them out or wallbreak them with powerful attacks. You have some options, like Toxic on Blastoise, but Blastoise lacks the recovery and overall defense to effectively eliminate whatever dangerous opposition you're going to be up against. In order to compensate, I suggest changing one of your Scarf users to a Band user. Both Heracross and Flygon have fantastic wallbreaking ability when they are banded, it's all up to what you would personally prefer. I myself favor Band Flygon, which has enough speed to outrun almost all defensive Pokemon and Band raises its sort of disappointing Attack to astounding levels.

    Also, another thing; take a look at your threat list. Notice that every single one of them use special attacks (yes, Xatu counts). The reason is because the only primarily defensive Pokemon on your team is Blastoise. I'll go ahead and be honest; this team doesn't really need Rapid Spin all that much, only one Pokemon is weak to Stealth Rock. which is why I recommend replacing Blastoise with Rhyperior. This with eliminate your Electric problem, and since Zapdos and Raikou are very, VERY common right now I recommend you do this immediately.

    Also it would be wise to give yourself an option to wall specially defensive hits, as you currently have no reliable way of taking them. This is why Nidoqueen is giving you problems; out-offensing it isn't the best idea unless you're banded but it's very possible to outwall it. Umbreon comes to mind immediately as a good specially defensive Pokemon, but I think a good check for Nidoqueen specifically would be Milotic. He's a pure Water type, just like the Blastoise that I recommend replacing, so I honestly don't think you'll miss him that much. Plus, Milotic has reliable recovery ALONG with toxic, allowing you to stall off a threat if the current situation requires it.
  5. dinodino56


    Jun 20, 2012
    It seem like i am probably going to run Rhyperior over Blastoise.

    I don't know about the Suggestion of changing a Scarfed user to a Band user ,I really have to test that out first.
  6. Moose V

    Moose V

    Oct 27, 2012
    Before I rate your team I'd just like to point out the irony in that your team doesn't have a single pressure user.

    Moving on, here's a couple suggestions you may want to consider:

    1) I actually disagree with using Rhyperior over Blastoise for a couple reasons. You already have a stealth rocks user, blastoise is a better phazer, your team really appreciates rapid spin support, and the chance to burn is nice. Using Rhy also means that you leave an offensive shaymin as your only water resist which I would highly recommend you not do as water is the most common type in the game.

    2) I don't think you need two scarfers. I think making flygon banded which definitely improve your team. Personally, banded flygons scare the shit out of me and IMO flygon transforms from a weak revenge killer to a massive threat when you give it a band instead of a scarf.

    3) I don't really see any reason to run LO chandelure in the current metagame over specs. With snorlax and umbreon running all over the place, this chandelure set, with SR weakness, life orb and sub, this set just looks like it dies quickly and packs less of a punch. I'd change the item to specs and use trick over sub.

    4) Seeing as Blastoise is your only guy carrying a phazing move, has shitty attack in the first place and there are a grand total of 2 dragons in the tier whom dragon tail hits super effectively, roar is the better option. Plus a lot of things like to run sub in the tier.

    5)Why don't you put spaces after your periods? You RMT looks like a couple giant sentences.

    6)Give shaymin and flygon 4 EVs in SpD, not HP. This isn't huge but its for porygon 2 and porygon Z (download)

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