Pretty Boy Swagstory [Nationals Swagstory]

Shamelessly stealing photos as they become available.

"You are the definition of pretty boy." -TheGr8

"Can we have sex and have babies? They'd be beautiful." -Cybertron

"Dude that girl over there is totally checking you out." -Jivetime

18:08 kingofkongs to be fair, kenan's hair is glorious
18:08 Unreality it is fabulous
18:10Dimsun your hair is obviously a marvel

maski lucien youre really cute
maski i can see why you got bitches on your dick

cassie hi kenan, you're adorable


For those who weren't there to see it or simply haven't figured it out yet, I'm Lucien Lachance on a second account while Lucien is still banned. NuggetBridge doesn't seem to have a warstory section so I'll post it here and then c/p it to NuggetBridge for all to see.

After my disappointing regional performance I knew I had to go big or go home at the upcoming National tournament. Human agreed to tutor me and my team was looking incredible. Sadly, my team got leaked somehow in its early stages and a few of my most difficult competition were coming up with strategies on how to counter-team it. This news disturbed me but fortunately I ended up not having to play any of them. I was very confident that I could make the projected Top 32 cut and give Cybertron and others a run for their money. Sadly none of this happened, but winning isn't everything. I am glad I got to hang out with a magnificent group of friends and I am glad that I will get to do it next year.

Mismagius Swag Team

I spent a very long time working on this team with Human. At the peak of my training I could go toe to toe with Human and the match would be decided by lead match-ups and prediction. If you have anything constructing about the team I would love to hear it! Feel free to use an idea or two but please, do not use this exact team on PO or anywhere.. Be original, please. I will find you if you don't listen.

Mismagius (M) @ Ghost Gem
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 204 HP / 4 Def / 84 SAtk / 156 SDef / 60 Spd
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Shadow Ball
- Icy Wind
- Trick Room
- Protect

The main niche of Mismagius was to survive a Latios Dragon Gem Draco Meteor, use Icy Wind and then outspeed and KO with Shadow Ball. Mismagius's second niche was complete speed control. Icy Wind and Trick Room are amazing moves and all Mismagius's should abuse these moves to their advantage.

Metagross @ Shuca Berry
Trait: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 204 Atk / 52 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Meteor Mash
- Zen Headbutt
- Earthquake
- Bullet Punch

Metagross's spread was pretty standard. It lives Chandelure's non-Fire Gem boosted Heat Wave and OHKO's Hitmontop with Zen Headbutt. I originally had Protect >> Bullet Punch but I needed the priority. I was using Earthquake as Metagross makes good partners with Tornadus and Mismagus, both of which are immune to Earthquake. Earthquake also lets me 2HKO most Metagross.

Gastrodon (F) @ Rindo Berry
Trait: Storm Drain
EVs: 252 HP / 108 Def / 28 SAtk / 116 SDef / 4 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Recover
- Earth Power
- Ice Beam
- Protect

I don't understand why everyone says Gastrodon is a bad Pokemon. Gastrodon was my go-to Pokemon for taking a hit. Gastrodon is 3HKO'd by Metagross's Zen Heatbutt, tanks Latios Draco Meteor, and can still hit relatively hard with Ice Beam and Earth Power. I originally had Muddy Water >> Recover, but I found that the coverage was useless and Recover has saved me a more than enough times.

Terrakion @ Chople Berry
Trait: Justified
EVs: 132 HP / 188 Atk / 4 Def / 84 SDef / 100 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Stone Edge
- Rock Slide
- Close Combat
- Protect

Terrakion's spread gives it the defensive bulk it needs and offensive power it deserves. On the defensive side Terrakion lives Psychic from Latios and Fight Gem Close Combat from Hitmontop. Offensive it can OHKO a lot of Pokemon. Stone Edge is extremely useful for OHKOing most Zapdos and Charti Volcarona before they can do anything. Sure, Stone Edge can miss, but I only need one hit while Rock Slide needs two.

Zapdos @ Sitrus Berry
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 156 HP / 132 SAtk / 220 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Heat Wave
- Protect

Zapdos's EV spread lets it 2HKO non-Occa Metagross with Heat Wave and survive Latios's Dragon Gem Draco Meteor and Politoed's Water Gem Hydro Pump in the rain. I used Ice for extra coverage as Tornadus covers Flying-type moves.

Tornadus @ Flight Gem
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SpA)

Why no one uses Tornadus is a mystery to me. Tornadus outspeeds Latios and KOs with Acrobatics. Tailwind gives me an advantage against Weather teams. Tailwind was normally used when Tornadus became dead weight and switching isn't viable. Taunt is extremely useful for shutting down Amoonguss, Cresselia, and other mons that rely on support moves.

This team excels against players of average skill level and above due to being able to predict them with ease. The only problem with Seniors is the high amount of stupid moves that they make.


Massive inflatable Pikachu? Yes please.

I would be rooming with JRank for the tournament course and my flight got in a few hours before that. I asked ZachDro for a ride from the airport and I decided to just tag along with him and his bros. We got back to the hotel and I meet his friend Peter and Adam, Macle on Smogon. We hang out for a bit before meeting up with Harrison, Crow350, and heading downtown. JRank calls me around this time and tells me that they redirected his flight due to weather. It's not long until we all find ourselves at the convention center. We meet up with Honchkrow13, Bearsfan, Wild Eep, and a few other masters waiting in line to register. Bearsfan realizes he forgot something and thinks its a smart idea to leave his backpack with all of us. I seized this opportunity for some shenanigans and decided to turtle / nutsack his backpack.

Sorry man. I had to do it.

After this I head inside to meet up with KingofKongs, Cybertron, Unreality, TheCalmSnivy, Maski, AlphaOmega, Ninahaza, and Babbytron. Cybertron is 4-1 in TCG and Babbytron is doing just as good. They all practice with their Nats team during side events and are so paranoid of scouting. 9.9 whatever. I get another call from JRank, this time saying that he has DRIVING from Chicago and he'll be in around 9. #RedneckTakesAPlaneTrip.

Brawl Tourney

Setting up for the Brawl Tourney

ZachDro had already planned a Brawl Tourney in his room and since JRank wasn't there I decided to join him. I don't know who's idea it was to invite Sapphire Birch but he showed up and 360 dunked on all of us without trying. Birch was so confident with his skills that he offered a gauntlet, and if you won you got the prize. I went first and we had a great Ganandorf vs. Ganandorf match. Birch and I were exchanging blows until he figured out my moves and strategies. He quickly KOd me and I took another 80% before finally getting the KO on him. I knew I had to make up for the damage, and as a last ditch effort I utilize my over A and bring Birch down to his death to even the score at 1-1. At this point it's anyones game, but Birch sends me flying while we both were at about 70%, putting me the closest to beating him. GG man. You're too strong.

JRank finally arrives at 9:30 or so and we all head to Steak and Shake to eat and discuss randoms that could be a threat. Birch warns us about Uxsee and then he receives a text from Tad telling him about the brackets. 17 people in byes in flight A and 5 in flight B. 9.9 Way to listen to your own rules. We got to the convention center to check it out ourselves and I warn then to watch out for Dillon, Unreality, and Bruno. They all surprised a lot of people the following day.


Helping Rashan with the NuggetBridge media station!

Most of us agree that the tournament itself is the worst part of the weekend, yet we all woke up at 8 AM to go cheer on our favorite Masters and meet new people. Round after round I watched terrific players lose to stupid things due to hax. A lot of people were surprised when Cassie came up and surprised everyone with her performance, easily earning a spot in the finals. It was great to see ZachDro, Crow, Nickscor, Unreality, Enosh, Wolfey, and a few other Masters make the finals but it hurt to see Len, Sapphire Birch, TheGr8, and a few others miss the cut. They took the loss like a champ and it wasn't long before Seniors were starting.

Around Round 7 of the Masters the #Seniors and a few others go to the Mall food court to grab some sweet noms. JRank decided to be stupid and leave his drawstring unguarded. I seized the chance to nutsack / turtle his backpack.

Maybe you should pay more attention next year.

As we were eating we noticed that the TVs were playing music videos and you could text in and they would play the one you asked. Jeremy's gay love for Justin Bieber surfaces and he requests it, but instead of it playing, someone was big big trolling and we get this...

Mama Birch gives me his Lucky Latias to help me secure a plan in Top 32 and I promise him I'll do my best. Now before I begin round one there is a very important detail I must tell you all. There was a trainer with a disability that caused him to have very limited mobility of his arms and was in a wheelchair. To make it easier on him they had him stay at one table. If you were playing him it would have a handwritten 80 next to your name.


Round 1

As the pairings go up I see that I am the one who is seated to go to table 80 and play the disabled kid. Before I even begin to walk there, all that is going through my head is, "throw this game," even though it meant potentially throwing my chances of top cutting out of the window. I tried my best to make a close game and not make it obvious that I wasn't trying so I ended the game 0-1. He could have gone 1-7 for all I care, I would have been happy to be his one win so he can go home and say that he beat one person. That's all that matters. Some other good players like V17 and Snake were also 0-1 so I didn't feel so bad. The hardest part about this round was explaining to all of my cheerleaders why I did what I did, fortunately I got almost complete support on my actions and I'm very glad I did it. To me, winning no longer became everything. Nationals shifted from success in Seniors to having a good time with my friends, needless to say that I would still try my hardest to try and make top cut.

Round 2

Golurk / Tornadus / Gyarados / Vanilluxe vs. Terrakion / Mismagius / Zapdos / Torndaus

When pairings go up I skimmed my opponents name and read just Collin. Oh dang it! Am I playing V17 round 2? I had to check it again and turns out it wasn't. Whew. I get to the table and he tells me that he's not the greatest trainer. He says he hasn't EV trained properly, at least he knows what it is, and when it comes to movesets his are no where near the best. I tell him that he has an edge that he knows what EVs even are and try to get his self-confidence up from rock bottom. The game begins and he wasn't lying. My Terrakion outspeed his Torndaus for a KO with Rock Slide and his Golurk was using Psychic. His Gyarados had a Quick Claw and was using Hydro Pump. I win the game without much trouble and the boys congratulate me on a start of a comeback. Now all I need to do is win another 5 games and I'll be sitting pretty in the finals.

After round 2 I ask Snake how he was doing and he says HE'S 0-2! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Round 3

Politoed / Jellicent / Zapdos / Dragonite vs. Metagross / Mismagius / Zapdos / Gastrodon

On team preview I see a semi-standard Rain Team, but with Kindra instead of Ludicolo. From the start neither of us have any real advantage. I know I can switch in Gastrodon to get at least 1 Storm Drain boost but she decided to use Surf + Water Spout. Because Metagross doesn't have protect I had to sac it, but it wouldn't have done much other than 3HKO stuff w/ Zen Headbutt. I send in my Zapdos. Zapdos uses Protect, Jellicent uses Water Spout (lol wut), Politoed misses w/ Focus Blast and Gastrodon fails to KO Politoed at +3 with Earth Power. Whatever. I know I can just kill it next turn. Politoed uses Ice Beam AND IT FREEZES MY GASTRODON! Dang it! So close! Jellicent uses Shadow Ball on Zapdos for some damage and Zapdos does ~98% to Jellicent w/ Thunderbolt. Ugh. This game just got a lot harder. I try to by Gastro some thawing time, but to no avail. It takes Gastrodon 5 turns to finally thaw out (3% chance of not thawing out earlier) only to be dead weight at about 30% health. At that point I knew the game wasn't salvageable. If Ice Beam hadn't frozen Gastrodon would have swept with Ice Beam on Zapdos and Dragonite, but what are you gonna do.

My cheerleaders are upset with the hax and understand that "shit happens" and encourage me to do well in the next match. Things are getting dire and I needed Human to give me one of his legendary pep talks. He tells me of the legendary 8-0, a feat done by few. I know what I must do. I go to the pairings in search of finding my 8-0.

Round 4

Zoroark (as Serperior) / Mienshao / Hydreigon / Serperior vs. Terrakion / Tornadus / Zapdos / Gastrodon

I was pumped from the pep talk Human gave me and I was ready to start my 8-0. Terrakion and Tornadus made quick work of the opponents team. They only launched off one attack, Fake Out, as Terrakion and Tornadus swept for a good 4-0.

The cheerleaders were proud of my performance and Human was glad that I was on my way to the legendary 8-0. I was ready to kick some more butt in the next round.

Round 5

Toxicroak / Politoed / Thundurus / Machamp vs. Tornadus / Metagross / Terrakion / Zapdos

The search for the 8-0 is on! Toxicroak switched to Thundurus t1 as Tornadus used Acrobatics on it to deal ~80%. Metagross used EQ (in case of Sash) and dealt about 50% on Poli. Politoed gets a CRITICAL HIT on Tornadus and KOs it. Shoot! There goes my 8-0! Terrakion comes out to clean up. Terrakion held the opposing team off with some good predictions on his Surfs and Drain Punches and I end the game with a 3-0.

I talk to Human about missing my 8-0 and he says to start over. The search for the 8-0 continues! My cheerleaders are very proud of my win as I'm now 3-2.

Round 6

Going hard for a slot in top cut with Lucky Latias at my side!
Thank you TheGr8 for the great picture!

Krookodile / Zapdos / Abomasnow / Latios vs. Tornadus / Metagross / Zapdos / Terrakion

Finally! A Latios! This is what I've been training for! I'm ready to rock! T1 ends in my favor as Metagross puts Krookodile in KO range next turn with Meteor Mash while his Zapdos sets up Tailwind. At this point I know Tornadus isn't going to be helping me out much, and Terrakion doesn't want to take a Thunderbolt to the face if it needs to take a Psychic from Latios. Tornadus uses Tailwind, Metagross KOs Krook and Zapdos uses Discharge. It doesn't KO Tornadus and FP my Metagross. He sends out Abomasnow. He gets a good predict and Protects on Abomasnow as I try to Acrobatics it. I know Metagross is probably going to die here due to Heat Wave so I try to BP Dos, but it gets FP'd. Dos KOs Torndaus and Meta lives. I send out Terrakion to do work. He switches Aboma out for Latios. Metagross uses BP on it while Terrakion Rock Slides and doesn't kill either. Zapdos used Discharge again, killing Metagross. His Tailwind ends and I have one for turn. My Zapdos comes out and I'm ready to roll. Latios is in KO range of Hail this turn, so I double Protect to eliminate this threat. I wrote, "Double Protect, YOLO" on my notes due to Rock Slide and Heat Wave killing both of his mons. Lol. I'm having fun. He sends out his Zapdos and Terrakion cleans up with Rock Slide.

Round 6

Politoed / Toxicroak / Kingdra / Ludicolo vs. Metagross / Tornadus / Zapdos / Gastrodon

I'm really getting sick of rain. I'll be honest, I got some hax here. I got a para w/ T-Bolt, which turned into a FP next turn. I got a crit on his full health Kingdra and his Ludicolo to end the game 3-0. I'm surprised he wasn't very mad. He took the hax like a champ and I admire this guy very much. I apologized after each one and he kept saying the hax was nothing. What a bro.

I've made it this far. I'm 5-2. I just need one more win and I'm in the finals! I know I can do this!

Round 8

Hitmontop / Thundurus / Gastrodon / Metagross vs. Metagross / Terrakion / Gastrodon / Zapdos

His Hitmontop uses Helping Hand on Thundurus to KO Metagross w/ Electric Gem Thunderbolt while Terrakion does about 80% to Thundurus with Rock Slide. (In hindsight I should have said YOLO and used Stone Edge for the KO.) I send in Gastrodon. He switches Thundurus to his Gastrodon while his Hitmontop tries to CC my protected Terrakion. Gastrodon uses Ice Beam on Thundurus. (Both of these mons live a Close Combat, I should have used Rock Slide on Terrakion to get some damage on Top and Gastrodon.) Terrakion uses CC on his Gastrodon and Hitmontop uses CC on my Gastrodon. My Gastrodon uses EP on his Top and his Gastrodon uses EP on my Terrakion. Mirror turn! Haha. He makes a good predict here and Protects on his Gastrodon, so Terrakion cannot KO it. His Hitmontop KOs Terrakion w/ CC. Gastodon uses EP on Top and it KOs. He sends in Thundurus, I send in Zapdos. He tries to use Ice Beam on my Protecting Zapdos and I go YOLO and use Recover. Thundurus Protected I think. Thundurus uses Grass Knot on my Gastrodon, Zapdos KOs his Thundurus with Thunderbolt, I get a crit on his Gastrodon with EP and he uses EP on my Gastrodon. He sends in Metagross. Zapdos can 2HKO his Metagross with Heat Wave! I can still possibly win this game! Don't have Occa! Don't have Occa! I protect with my Gastrodon and Heat Wave. His Metagross had an Occa Berry... Gastrodon lived with barely any HP and it used Recover. Darn. That min damage roll hurt. I know now I cannot win this match. Maybe if I had killed Gastrodon and I hadn't made stupid plays earlier.

Turns out this is the guy who won Philly Regional. He had 2 byes and his two losses were 7-1. He had killer resistance and I asked for a forfeit. He was so close to hitting run. He even asked a judge on how many 5-3s get in. He said that if he was 100% sure that he would make it in he would have hit run. There is no shame in doing that and I take my loss with a pinch of salt. This was the first quality trainer I faced all day and I was too excited too focus on predictions and I made stupid mistakes. Blah.

The worst part about Nationals was seeing a bunch of deserving trainers miss out on top cut. Maski, JRank, Deepspeed, and a few others missed out due to tiebreakers. Byes mattered way too much this year. They were incredible broken as they basically handed some people top cut. I hope that they either increase the number of rounds or remove them altogether. 2012 was a learning experience for TCPi and a lot of players, but I wish I could have proven myself better.

Post-Tourney Shenanigans

Sadly for Seniors our tournament finished pretty late so we didn't have much time to do a whole lot. We ate some dinner, spend a solid hour trying to find a pool that didn't have 30 people. We finally settled on the JW Marriott and after an hour or so they kicked us out. We headed back to Maski's room for our usual team scouting tradition. It hit around midnight and all the cool kids in finals decided to get some sleep so JRank, Maski, and I go for some swagged up team building. We made a boss team with Staraptor. Because Skarmbliss server was down we didn't get a chance to test it out. :/ Oh well. JRank and I head back to our room around 1:30 and meet Rashan outside of the convention center. We talked for a minute before JRank used Hi-Jump Kick on the automatic door button, but he kept going and crashed. Forever ajrank. We get back in the hotel and used Rest to get to full health for tomorrow. I wake up a turn later than expected...

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

Ronathan and I wake up and the first round or so of finals are already over. Derp. When we arrived I found out that Nickscor lost to Zachdro first round and he and Crow are kicking some major booty in the finals. Seniors is much more disappointing. JFan, Snake, Drifblim, Kok, and a few other amazing players lost early due to hax of all sorts. It was around this time that I need to get some battles with some #seniors. I challenge the LSD addicted hippie V17 and he gets 360 dunked on by Terrakion + Tornadus. What a scrub. At the beginning of Top 8 Bruno asks me if I wanna go back to his hotel for some bro talk / getting his jacket. Bro talk is very important in our relationship and I accept. I was confident my boys in Masters and Seniors would not disappoint me in their performance. Bruno and I get some good bro talk and chilling in his room when Cassie walks in and hangs out with us for a while. They talk about going out for lunch and Good Guy Lucien knows I have to get back to the Convention Center for finals and I leave the two of them for lunch. I come back to find my Masters had lost in Top 8, Zach to a better player and Harrison to hax. A lot of people were upset about Harrison's loss since he surprised almost everyone with his performance. Human lost to Wolfey Top 8 and Seniors Top 4 would be Dimsun, SP67, Pwny Person VGC, and Cybertron. It was exciting to see 3 #seniors make it in finals. I realized I hadn't had many pictures so I made the move to take some with my bros.

Forget finals! Bros for life!

Finals ended with Cybertron and Wolfey going for a repeat performance. We all took photos with the winners and here comes the photo dump.

Cassie can't tear us apart. <3

I think our kids would be gorgeous. <3

Stand still, Ray! Now the photo bomb didn't take!

Bros for life. Why'd you mess up my hair?

Probably the worst pic #seniors took all day. Whatever. I look good.

Looking good Smogon / Skarmbliss / Nuggetbridge!

My boy. <3 you man

Bring it home at Worlds! You got this!

Nickscor = Derp.

I wish I had taken more pictures with all the fantastic people I met. I'll do my best to try and get one next year.

Post-Tourney Shenanigans

"I'm sleeping with Rashan tonight! SCORE!" -Bruno

After all of the photos, JRank, Unreality, JFan, and I head back to JRank's room for some big chilling. After a few minutes Bruno, Paul, and Cybertron show up. Bruno grabs the remote and heads straight for the adult only section and we watch "Best Scenes of 2010," paid for with Paul's credit card. Nothing like 80 minutes of some good bro bonding. After our good bro time Cybernoob and Paul decide to bail to go say goodbye to Scott. Us remaining bros play some Mario Kart DS and then make our way to the mall to meet up with other #seniors / grab some tasty noms. Bruno, Traylor, JFan and I nabbed a photo in front of the legendary Victoria's Secret story.

We got ALL the ladies.

Maski tags along with the group and Traylor winds up with Cybernoob off in Never Never Land. We chilled for a bit, talked with some people and wound up in Wolfey's room for some recap of Wolfey vs. Human and other stuff. Bruno was big big sleepy from his 2AM adventure with 3lmo the night before so he decides to take a nap. We peer pressure Babbytron to sit on him. Jivetime and Ben show up and while Ben and Human were teambuilding, Jivetime and I were exchanging flirting techniques.

They're so cute. <3

It's finally around 11 PM that Cybertron finally lets us know where he is and we head over to Stake N Sheak to pick him and Traylor up. When we show up Traylor and I have some serious bro to bro talk followed by a very heterosexual man embrace, followed by one with Cybertron. He tell me we should have babies, and how can I say no to Aaron? JFan decides that he HAS to get a shake so we're forced to wait another half hour for that to show up. While we're waiting Jivetime noticed some girl big big checking me out. Oh man. Talk about that sex appeal. Half an hour later JFan finally gets his shake and as he gets up, his inflated backpack smacks one of those condiment holders on the ground and he had to pick it up. I tried to get a picture of him picking stuff up but, it didn't come out well.

I succeeded in making him look more asian than he already did.

We all say goodbye to the Masters and head back to Wolfey's room. Wolfey tells us that Bruno slept for the entire time that we were at Stake N Shake and we had to wake him up and have him stay up or send him back to his room. He stays up for a bit but goes back to his room. He takes a quick nap and sure enough says he's on his way over. Around an hour later Bruno hasn't showed and Wolfey has to kick us out because he had to wake up early. Traylor, Ronathan, Cybertron, Maski, and I head over Alak's room. Cybertron, Ronathan, and I take a long way and do a lap around the convention center to get some extra bro time in. Everyone loves some 2AM brotalk. After 20 minutes or so we head in and jump in on some serious Pokemon Stadium 2 action. Team Aaron battle against Ray and Paul in the Colosseum. Ray and Paul 360 Kareem style dunk on Team Aaron and we jump into minigames. I've never played Pokemon Stadium 2 so I was doing my best trying to learn what to do while Maski and Tad were dunking on everyone. Tad admitted to practicing so he could 4-0 everyone. Scrub. At around 3:30 most everyone left and it was just a handful of us doing trivia. Ray and Unreality figured out that there was a pattern with how the answer to the questions so they would get about 5 in a row before the question even loaded. BS hax at it's best. Around 5 we all get kicked out and JRank and I chill with Enosh and Bruno in the lobby for a bit before going to bed. I hit the bed and crash instantly.

All good things must come to an end...

We really didn't have much time to say goodbye to everyone since we woke up a little late. After we showered and packed our stuff up we headed over to the airport. While we were waiting for one of the shuttles Jonathan's dad gets hustled by a cab driver. I guess his hidden ability was Hustle. Eh? Eh? Funny, huh? We get to the airport, check in, grab some lunch and wait until Cybertron comes. We have some more man-on-man embrace and then head to security. I get through like a champ while Zheng and his family get treated like Jihad terrorist. They were groping him and his Dad and going through all of their bags and everything. I felt dirty watching it but it was too funny not to watch. Halfway through Mosquito and Phillip decide it's a good idea to walk straight through security and try to talk to Aaron. After getting turned away they walk out into the food court, so they have to go through security again. LOL. I got bored toward the end and went to chill with Bruno and JRank. Bruno made the big mistake of leaving his bag unguarded and I made the move on his backpack.

He got mad so I had to put it back. :(

Our little Jihad terrorist finally made it through security and JRank initiates a battle. I ask for one next and when I go to get my DS out of my bag I realize I left it in Wolfey's room. Derp. I text Enosh and ask him if he can bring it when he comes. He said it'll be a close call and he might not give it to me in time. The JRank vs. Cybertron ends with JRank beating Cybertron, barely. JRank knows Cybetron was sandbagging due to all of his competitive spirit being drained from yesterday. JRank and Cybertron soon have to leave for their flights and it's just Bruno and I as we wait for our flights. Mine is a solid hour after his so once he left I was forever alone. Enosh still hadn't arrived with my DS and I told him if he didn't make it he can just snail mail me it, but about 10 minutes before I was about to bored Jewman comes jogging through the airport, DS in hand and gives me it. Manly embraces were had and we part ways.

Sadly, the ending to this National season was much harder to do than last year. Going in this year I had a group of amazing friends but I knew I needed to put myself out there and meet some more people from the community. I'm sure I missed a bunch of you, and every time someone on IRC goes, "why didn't you say hi?" I regret it. I missed a lot of great chances to meet a bunch of masters and I hope I'll get to everyone next year. I miss each and everyone of you daily and I'm already anxious for next year! It won't be long until we'll all be back in Indy! I wish you all a wonderful off-season and for those who are going to Worlds, I wish you the best of luck. USA! USA! USA!

anyways i should not be laughing this hard late at night good lord
best nats warstory by far


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it's okay jrank I'm laughing too and it's 8:30 am

and I wasn't even there

good story :D nats 2013 or bust


not hatching shiny values, go away
WOW this is legitimately one of the best warstories I've ever read. And I've read a lot of warstories.

Nice job, Kenan!
Great warstory. Way to take the loss against the opponent with an unfortunate disability.

Anyways, I'll see you at regionals next year bro.

jrank edit: try to be sensitive

LPFan edit: WHY DIDN'T YOU GET A PICTURE WITH ME BRO. (i'll try to be more sensitive next time jrank)
All those quotes are legit. Would someone with the morals to throw a match against someone lie about his quotes? No. Anyways, great warstroy Lucien, I enjoyed reading it. Team Mismagius Swag is too strong. You're one of the most swagin' people I've ever made, and I'm glad that I was able to hang out with you and all the other #seniors at Nationals this year!
I couldn't have made such a great swagstory if it weren't for all of the amazing people and things we did. <3. I love you all so much and not a day goes by where I don't think of all of you. <3
Strong picture! it's in here twice!

"Dude, thegr8 I'm quoting you on that!" lol it was so awesome to chill with you mostly on saturday, and the cheerleaders for life *;*

You did well from coming back after all the pep talks! Can't wait for next year man and this warstory has swag written all over it.
Strong picture! it's in here twice!

"Dude, thegr8 I'm quoting you on that!" lol it was so awesome to chill with you mostly on saturday, and the cheerleaders for life *;*

You did well from coming back after all the pep talks! Can't wait for next year man and this warstory has swag written all over it.
OH MAN I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR THE PHOTO! Haha. Next year it'll be a challenge to beat the amount of fun we had this year! I already can't wait for it!
Finding that pool was one of the best parts of Nats... well, not finding much of anything good then just having one bloody minute in the hot tub. You also forgot to mention that multi battle at Steak n Shake where V17 and I murdered you and whoever your partner was, I can't remember. Great warstory though!
Congrats on your performance! I'm also proud you threw your match Round 1. We've had some great times on IRC and PO. I gotta say you have the title of cutest senior. You also got sooo much #swag. Nats 2013 is all yours bud!

edit: I can confirm that all statements are legit and not made up by you. Even though I wasn't there lol