Data Prize Claiming Thread (Update 5-09-13)

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I think half of my wins are against this guy…

Prizes said:
Someoneelse: 1CC
Monferno: 1EC/1DC/3MC/1KOC
Flarelm: 1EC/1DC/2MC/1KOC and a choice of 1 free EC or DC
My CC: 6 > 7

Monferno > Infernape:
EC: 8 > 9 (EC), evolves
MC: 0 > 3 (MC) > 4 (KOC) > 0 (learns moves)
DC: 4 > 5 (DC), unlocks Iron Fist
Moves: Protect (BW TM, 2MC), SolarBeam (BW TM, 2MC)

Flarelm > Pyroak:
EC: 5 > 6 (EC) > 7 (KOC) > 8 (LU) > 9 (1UC), evolves
MC: 0 > 2 (MC) > 0 (learns moves)
DC: 2 > 3 (DC) > 5 (2UC), unlocks Chlorophyll
Moves: Wood Hammer (Pre-Lv. 25, 0), Flare Blitz (Pre-Lv. 25, 0), Block (BW Tutor, 2)

UC: 77 > 74

Infernape [Mischief] (M)
Nature: Lonely
Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or bushfire areas.

Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Superior reaction time in close quarters.

Blaze (Innate):
When this Pokemon’s HP is lower than 33%, the base damage of any fire attack is increased by two (2). (eg Flamethrower goes from 10 to 12, Fire Blast from 12 to 14)

Iron Fist (Innate) (DW, unlocked):
The Base Attack Power of this Pokemon’s “Punch” attacks is increased by two (2). (Known attacks affected: Bullet Punch, Comet Punch, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, DynamicPunch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Meteor Mash, Shadow Punch, Sky Uppercut, ThunderPunch)


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 5 (+)
Def: Rank 2 (-)
SpA: Rank 4
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 108
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 21

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Brick Break
Close Combat
Fake Out
Fire Punch
Flame Wheel
Flare Blitz
Fury Swipes
Nasty Plot
Shadow Claw
Slack Off

Pyroak [Australia] (F)
Nature: Brave
Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.

Grass: Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

Rock Head: (Innate) This Pokemon’s hard body prevents it from taking recoil damage from moves such as Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, and Head Smash.
Battle Armor: (Innate) This Pokemon’s thick armor prevents it from taking critical hits.

Chlorophyll (DW, unlocked): (Innate) During bright sunlight, this Pokemon’s cells absorb more solar energy, doubling (x2) their speed.


HP: 120
Atk: Rank 4 (+)
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 52 (-)
Size Class: 4
Weight Class: 5
Base Rank Total: 20

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Blaze Kick
Bullet Seed
Earth Power
Energy Ball
Fire Spin
Flame Wheel
Flare Blitz
Giga Drain
Lava Plume
Leaf Tornado
Leech Seed
Petal Dance
Rock Slide
Seed Bomb
Sweet Scent
Wood Hammer
Zap Cannon

UC: 74 > 81
Defeated in my own arena again

Slaking, Nidoqueen, Gyarados3MC
KOC: Slaking*1, Gyarados*1

KOC => MC for said mon. Stockpiling.



I have 3UC stockpiled, so that gives me 20UC. With the above claim and what I have stockpiled, I have 6CC. Now, to spend most of this on:

Spending 20UC on 2X Revives (+2 Revive). Spending 5CC on a single set of Heal Balls (+5 Heal Balls). That leaves me with 0UC and 1CC


Hall Failure

King Serperior: 4 CC
Charmander: 4 HC

HC goes to CC, giving me 8CC from this Hall run. Add that to my one remaining CC from the above claim and I have 9CC. I'll spend 5CC on a single set of Timer Balls (+5 Timer Balls). That leaves me with 4CC.


Look at my shiny CT!
+1 CC

Kirlia gets 1 EC, 2 MC, and 2 DC (1 from Lucky Egg). Buying Future Sight (1 MC) and Charm (1 MC). Telepathy, his DW ability, is UNLOCKED.
Zweilous gets 1 EC and 4 MC (1 from KOC). Buying Superpower (2 MC) and Protect (2 MC)


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welp time for some claiming and evolving
Imanalt: 1 CC
Electabuzz: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2 MC
Venonat: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2+1 MC
Argalis: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2+1 MC
Imanalt: 1 CC
Electabuzz: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2 MC
Venonat: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2+1 MC
Argalis: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2+1 MC
Imanalt 12 CC
Cupra 12 KOC

Totals: 14 cc
Electabuzz: 2 ec 2 dc 4 mc (and spending 1 uc in dc) brings it to 9 ec, 9 mc, 5 dc (evolution time) (buying thunderbolt, giga impact, light screen, discharge, Thunder(level ups), taunt and brick break (bw tms) spending all 9 mc)

Electivire (Male)
Nature: Quiet (+SpA, -Spe, -10% Eva)
Type: Electric
Electric STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect breaking Thunder during Rain. Superior senses in power plant environments.

Motor Drive:
(Innate) This Pokemon nullifies any electrical attack damage and converts the energy from any electrical attack (inc. Thunder Wave) into an energy source that allows it to boost its speed by one (1) level. A boost gained this way by an opponent's attack will be maintained at the end of each round. Self-targeted attacks do not maintain boosts.
Vital Spirit (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon has a high vitality and alertness making it immune to sleep induced by other Pokemon. Its normal state of sleeplessness makes it take 1 less damage and energy/action from Ghost Curse. If it is put to sleep by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker it will wake up the next action. If a Pokemon with Vital Spirit also has Insomnia, its evasion is raised by one (1) stage permanently.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 5
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 4 (+)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 82 (-)
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 18

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Quick Attack
Low Kick
Shock Wave
Thunder Wave
Electro Ball
Light Screen
Giga Impact

Focus Punch
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

Wild Charge
Volt Switch
Hidden Power Grass (7)
Brick Break
22 moves

cupra/argalis: 2 ec, 2 dc, 6 mc, 12 koc brings it to 8 ec, 12 mc, 4 dc, 12 KOC, 1 KOC into each of ec and dc, the rest into mc (evolution time) (automagically gets a couple pre25 moves, buying ominous wind, will-o-wisp, final gambit, ancient power, healing wish, tail glow (level ups), close combat, counter, megahorn, safeguard, (eggs) magic coat and skill swap (bw tutors) spending all 22 mc)

Aurumoth (bug2) [Male]
Nature: Sassy (+1 Special defense, -15% Speed, -10% Evasion)
Type: Bug/Psychic
Bug: Bug STAB: more mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gains one extra attack on multi-hit moves, with a cap of five (5).
Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far as locking on with Psychic attacks, can lift and throw opponents with Psychic regardless of Special Attack Rank. Psychic-type attacks are not godlike and cannot be used as a catchall for Disabling, Binding, and redirecting opposing attacks.


Weak Armor: (Can be Enabled) The Pokemon can loosen its worn defensive armor so that it will break off when an opponent uses a contact attack, reducing the Pokemon's Defense and increasing their Speed by one (1) stage for each hit.

No Guard: (Innate) This Pokemon has an immense confidence from perfecting each of its attacks, giving them all perfect accuracy. As a result, it feels it can weather every strike, and will not dodge an attack even if ordered to. Only when an OHKO move is issued by the opponent does sense return, and the Pokemon acts normally. Additionally, even with their extra skill, the power and exhaustion involved in using OHKO moves prevents them from being benefited by No Guard; they will have their normal accuracy.

Illusion (DW): (innate)Whenever you send this Pokemon out, it can feign the appearance of another member on your squad. If this Pokemon is damaged by a direct attack, the Illusion will cease at the end of the round. Direct damage is any attack that does damage to the Pokemon's HP. Attacks that are evaded, blocked via Protect, or damage a Substitute are not considered direct damage. It will retain the typing and moveset of the Pokemon with Illusion. [Usage Note: PM the ref if you are sending out a Zorua or Zoroark with the info on Zorua/Zoroark and one of your squad members in a Switch=KO battle. You must use that squad member later in the battle though.]

HP: 110
Atk: Rank 5
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 4
SpD: Rank 3 (+)
Spe: 81 (-)
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 7

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5


Dragon Dance
Quiver Dance
String Shot
Sunny Day
Silver Wind
Bug Bite
Sunny Day
Heal Pulse
Ominous wind
Final gambit
Healing Wish
Tail Glow

Hydro Pump
Bug Buzz
Close Combat

Shadow Ball
Magic Coat
Skill Swap
27 moves

Venonat: 2 ec, 2 dc, 6 mc (and spending 1 uc in each of ec and dc) brings it to 6 ec, 5 dc, 12 mc (evolution time) (buying psychic, bug buzz, quiver dance, gust, sleep powder (bw level ups), Skill Swap (bw egg), roost (bw tutor) and protect (bw tm) spending all 12 mc)

Venomoth: bug1 (F)

Nature: Bold (Adds One (1) Rank to Defense; Subtracts One (1) Rank from Attack)


Bug STAB; more mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gains one extra attack on multi-hit moves, with a cap of five (5).
Poison: Poison STAB; immunity to Poison/Toxic, see and breath through smog/smokescreens/haze uninhibited. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus. Superior senses in urban settings.

Shield Dust:
(Innate) This Pokemon has dust covering the outside of its body that prevents opponents secondary effects from taking place (eg burn from Flamethrower). It does not block direct status moves (such as Thunder Wave.)
Tinted Lens: (Innate) When this Pokemon uses an attack that is normally not very effective, that attack is calculated at the next highest resisrance modifier. (e.g. 4x resistance is calculated at 2x, 2x resistance becomes neutral).
Wonder Skin (DW): (Innate) The Pokemon's skin has an agent that heavily resists attempts to change its composition. It changes the accuracy of all non-damaging attacks to 50% before applying any other modifiers.


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 2 (-)
Def: Rank 3 (+)
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 90
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 12

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Leech Life
Stun Spore
Quiver Dance
Bug Buzz
Sleep Powder

Baton Pass
Toxic Spikes
Skill Swap

Sludge Bomb
23 moves
Unoriginal Name: Are you actually going to claim anything? You have the link, but... Let me know when you have actually claimed, & I will check again.
Wut. I had the claim written up. Did the rest not post or something? Ugh. >:|
+1 CC, +3 MC to Rotom, stockpiling.

Edit: Also
Unoriginal: 2 CC
Ralts: 2 MC, 1 DC, 1 EC and 1 KOC and 1 extra EC/DC.
Mienfoo: 2 MC, 1 DC and 1 EC

Stockpiling, Ralts gets 3 EC as I put his KOC and Lucky Egg into EC.
Claiming 1 CC (32) for this battles:
Gavroche (Reuniclus) gets 4 MC (4) & 1 KO (+1 MC = 5)
* Using 4 MC to learn Sleep Talk (2) & Knock Off (2), leaving him at 1

Omen (Meditite) gets 1 EC (2/6), 3 MC (3), 1 DC (2/5) & 1 KO (+1 MC = 4)
* Using 4 MC to learn Drain Punch (2) & Rock Slide (2) leaving him at 0´

Matezoide said:
Frosty: 2 CC

Rebble: 3 MC, 1 EC, 1 DC and 1 KOC

Rufflet: 2 MC, 1 EC, 1 DC and 1 KOC
CC: 42->44

Rebble (actually Bolderdash):
EC: 8->9
MC: 0->3->4 (KOC)
DC: 4->5 (Mold Breaker UNLOCKED)

It then evolves and gets Weather Ball and Magnet Rise.

Also, I am getting it the following moves with the 4MC:
-Double-Edge (-1MC, LU)
-Metal Sound (-1MC, LU)
-Rock Polish (-1MC, LU)
-Electroball (-1MC, LU)

Result being:

Stratagem [Vaati] [-]

Timid Nature (+15% Speed, +26% Accuracy, -1 Atk)
Type: Rock. Rock STAB; reduce damage from all special attacks by two (2) Base Attack Power during Sandstorm. Able to use Sand Tomb without losing focus.
Levitate (Innate): This Pokemon naturally floats above the earth when released or easily takes flight, evading the Ground moves Bulldoze, Earthquake, Fissure, and Magnitude. Earth Power will have three (3) less Base Attack Power. Dig and Dive can strike a Levitating Pokemon if their user is over Size Class 4, has Levitate, is 3.5m or larger, or is a Flying-type. Otherwise Dig and Dive will miss. Ground moves can still hit. Levitate Pokemon will retain the Levitate trait when they use Skill Swap on an enemy, and will steal the opponent's ability (the user can specify if they want a foe or ally to gain Levitate from a Skill Swap.) If a Pokemon with Levitate uses Role Play, they will copy the opponent's abilities and retain Levitate.
Technician (Innate): This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally deal 6 or below base damage to have their base damage multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) damage, and the Energy Cost for multi-hit attacks is increased by two (2).
Mold Breaker (Innate) UNLOCKED: Whenever this Pokemon attacks, it emits an invisible, blindingly quick pulse preceding the attack that disables the opponents natural abilities (e.g. Levitators plummet towards the ground before Earthquake hits, Volt Absorb will not absorb electric attacks, Clear Body does not prevent stat-drops, etc.)

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 1 (-)
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 5
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 150 (+)
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 21

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Attacks (26):
Ancient Power
Defense Curl
Earth Power
Fire Blast
Giga Drain
Head Smash
Magnet Rise
Metal Sound
Mud Shot
Paleo Wave
Power Gem
Rock Blast
Rock Polish
Sleep Talk
Stealth Rock
Vacuum Wave
Volt Switch
Weather Ball


EC: 5->6
MC: 0->2->3 (1UC)
EC: 2->3->4 (KOC) -> 5 (1UC)

UC: 2->0

It Evolves and unlocks Hustle. No moves upon evolution. Using the 3MC to get it:

- Slash (-1MC, LU)
- Air Slash (-1MC, LU)
- Thrash (-1MC, LU)

End Result:

Braviary [Helmaroc King] (M)
Nature: Jolly (+15% Speed, +10% Accuracy, -1 SpA)

Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Will always hit foes with Dig (except other Flying types) and Dive. Cannot be hit by Dive unless the attacking Pokemon has a size class greater than four (4). Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Keen Eye:
(Innate) This Pokemon has extremely good vision and cannot have its accuracy lowered by an opponent through any means (including accuracy lowering attacks, Smogs, Hazes, Fog, etc.). Its attacks are still affected by an opponent’s evasion and the Pokemon's own accuracy.
Sheer Force: (Can be Enabled) This Pokemon can energize all its attacks with secondary effect chances less than 100%. When Enabled, the Base Attack Power of every move with an effect chance less than 100% increases by two (2), but they will never have a secondary effect.
Hustle (DW): [UNLOCKED](Can be Enabled) This Pokemon puts immense force and speed in its physical attacks, increasing the Base Attack Power of all its physical attacks by three (3), but the haste used lowers their accuracy to 80% of normal.

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5


HP: 110
Atk: Rank 5
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 92 (88*1.15)
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 20

Attacks (21):

Aerial Ace
Air Slash
Brave Bird
Crush Claw
Fury Attack
Hone Claws
Rock Slide
Scary Face
Sky Drop
Wing Attack

This should be all.
  • Frosty: You might want to update Levitate, Technician and Sheer Force's descriptions to match the ones in the DAT, and Braviary's DW ability is Defiant not Hustle. Fix these things and you're APPROVED
This brings my UC to 2.4, and then for proving that I'm still not very good at triples, I get 2 CC, bringing my CC total to 3.

Yzma the Yanmega gets 3 MC, bringing her MC total to 3. With those 3 MC, she will get the level-up move Feint and the BW TM Hyper Beam, bringing her MC to 0.

Rourke the Pupitar gets 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC and 1 Lucky Egg Counter. The Lucky Egg counter goes into his EC, bringing his counters to 6/9, 2 and 4/5. With those 2 MC, he will get the BW TM Dig, bringing his MC to 0.

Alameda Slim the Krokorok gets 1 EC, 3 MC, 1 DC and 1 KOC. The KOC goes into his MC, bringing his counters to 5/9, 4 and 4/5. With those 4 MC, he gets the BW TMs Protect and Brick Break, bringing his MC to 0.

+4 cc cc-> 10

note to self. start calcing your actions.
purchasing castform! cc -> 3
buying weather ball (lvl up, uc-> 3) and tailwind (gen v tutor, UC -> 1)

Castform [pleut] M
Nature: Modest (-atk, + spa)

Normal - Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Forecast (innate): Changes Weather Ball’s type based on weather, and Changes Castform’s form during Sunlight, Rain, and Hail. Reduces the Energy Cost of all weather changing moves to 6 and Weather Ball to 6. Grants the Pokemon immunity to Sandstorm and Fog's accuracy reduction.

Hp: 100
Atk: 2 (-)
Def: 3
SpA: 4 (+)
SpD: 3
Spe: 70

SizeC: 1
WeightC 1

water gun
powder snow
rain dance
sunny day

clear smog
ominous wind
future sight

solar beam
thunder wave
Hidden power (psychic, 7)


heralds disaster.
am I even allowed to do this anymore?

Geodude6, Unoriginal Name, kingmitus, Gem, Pwnemon, and akela approved (0.6 -> 17.9 UC)


Lou: 1 CC, Bellistar 3 MC and a KOC
I am at 56 CC.

Furthermore, I hereby annul the purcheses Athenodoros made in my stead here. I'd like to spend my own counters, if it's not too much trouble.

In addition to these, I have a lot of unspent MC from external matches during the tournament! Between those and these matches, I have:

Ferre (Absol): 12 + 3 + 4 = 19.
Camille (Togekiss): 6 + 4 = 10.
Oros (Dragonite): 8 + 4 = 12.
Pumyra (Tomohawk): 6 + 4 = 10.
Natasha (Cinccino): 0 (...huh)
Spoons (Alakazam): 7

Bellistar (Cyclohm): 4 (she wasn't part of my tournament team but I'm including her for convenience)

Buying moves:

Ferre purchases Flamethrower (2 MC), Future Sight (1 MC), Psych Up (2 MC), Sunny Day (2 MC), Knock Off (3 MC), Baton Pass (3 MC), Hail (2 MC), False Swipe (2 MC), and Aerial Ace (2 MC)

Camille purchases Future Sight (3 MC), Stored Power (3 MC), Baton Pass (1 MC), and Drain Punch (3 MC)

Oros purchases Focus Punch (3 MC), Fire Blast (2 MC), Roar (2 MC), Dragon Dance (1 MC), Aqua Tail (1 MC), and Draco Meteor (3 MC).

Pumyra purchases Baton Pass (3 MC), Confuse Ray (3 MC), Rapid Spin (3 MC), and Healing Wish (1 MC). oh I guess she knows hw; dammit

Spoons purchases Skill Swap (3 MC), Role Play (1 MC), and DynamicPunch (3 MC).

Bellistar learns Dragon Tail (1) and Sleep Talk (3 MC).


I currently have 5 UC and Rotom has 3 MC.
What am I gonna do?

Rotom has 5 + 3 = 8 MC after I drop my UC into its MC.
Rotom gets Toxic (Gen 5 TM, -2 MC), Spite (Gen 5 Tutor, -2 MC), Electro Ball (Lvl up, -1 MC), Hex (Lvl up, -1 MC), Discharge (Lvl up, -1 MC) and Ominous Wind (Lvl up, -1 MC).

Rotom now has no MC, and my UC suffers the same fate.
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