Prolific CAP Server Battlers - November 2008


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Congrats to HybridHerp.. and he's not even a member. I usually go to CAP to chat and only play at Smogon. >_>


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Hm, 15th and 16th.

I'm also gonna aim for 1610+ ladder rating by the end of 2009. I'm planning to beat Beej in how long i can retain my #1 on the ladder.

4 & 5, I'm pretty proud of myself =D
I see a lot of regulars at the top, but thankfully a lot of people that show up only occasionally on the list as well

Great job getting these stats, Doug!
I think this is a great way to get more people involved with the server because we have an awesome community, however small, and this is what makes us keep coming back for more. I hope that some of the other people on these forums would come on the server as well, and make the community even better than it already is!
Cool this is great work Doug and lol I'm 2nd on both lists!Thanks alot Doug for showing us this. I will hopefully try to get #1 spot out Vader and Herp.
I'd just like to say that all the people on the server are the reason I'm involved in CaP. Without them, I think I'd have abandoned CaP a long time ago. They're all just really funny people and make playtesting/hanging out on the server fun (most of the time!!).

Somehow I rank up there.... I don't think I battle _that_ much on the server, since all of my teams are for Smogon and most are CaP weak. I probably have a horrible win/loss record on the server >_>


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40th on the top battlers list... Im not even on the ladder ones, probably because I'm pants at ladders!

Hey to everyone here btw, just registered today, but Ive been on the CaP servers since Pyroak was introduced... :)

Hope to battle you unranked soon enough :)