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Gen 6 PU Viability Rankings

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Magnemite, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Magnemite

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    Aug 20, 2013

    Most of you know the drill by now, but if you don't: viability rankings are a method of sorting Pokemon in a given tier based on how good they are in said tier. S rank is reserved for the defining Pokemon of the tier, while E rank is the place for unviable Pokemon that have no worthwhile use in the metagame. As the metagame changes, the rankings are periodically updated by players who are well-versed in the tier. Note that unlike other tiers, the B+, A-, A, A+, and S ranks in PU are ordered by viability, not alphabetically. Within every other rank, Pokemon are listed alphabetically.

    Do not post one-liners in this thread. Unless it is an exceptional sentence that is able to justify or explain something in a few words, one-liners rarely contribute anything of value to a thread. For NFEs not already included in the viability rankings (or even already included): put the effort into actually investigating its uses in the metagame and providing substantial FACTS and REPLAYS to prove your point before you post. Opinions contribute very little to the discussion if they do not have something to back them up, nor do posts that look at a single point and ignore everything else that has been said. When arguing for a Pokemon's ranking, account for opposition, and do not attempt to ignore the drawbacks of a Pokemon either.

    For this thread, remember this: it is not on the community to do the research and debating for your proposed change. If you want something to rise, drop, or be added, please do the work to gather the evidence. And if you made a nomination that didn't go through, it didn't get ignored, and feel free to ask for reasonings by VM'ing Anty, or asking in the SQSA or PU discord chat (but please do not ask in this thread).

    PU Viability Rankings

    • [​IMG] Muk
    • [​IMG] Rotom-F
    • [​IMG] Stoutland


    • [​IMG] Monferno
    • [​IMG] Golem
    • [​IMG] Leafeon
    • [​IMG] Floatzel
    • [​IMG] Mr. Mime
    • [​IMG] Grumpig
    • [​IMG] Mawile
    • [​IMG] Zebstrika
    • [​IMG] Clefairy
    • [​IMG] Vullaby
    • [​IMG] Combusken
    • [​IMG] Pawniard
    • [​IMG] Cacturne
    • [​IMG] Dodrio
    • [​IMG] Gourgeist-XL
    • [​IMG] Metang

    • [​IMG] Rapidash
    • [​IMG] Lumineon
    • [​IMG] Jumpluff
    • [​IMG] Bouffalant
    • [​IMG] Chatot
    • [​IMG]Electrode
    • [​IMG] Duosion
    • [​IMG] Articuno
    • [​IMG] Stunfisk
    • [​IMG] Roselia
    • [​IMG]Audino
    • [​IMG] Probopass
    • [​IMG] Gabite
    • [​IMG] Beheeyem
    • [​IMG] Kadabra
    • [​IMG] Arbok
    • [​IMG] Swanna


    • [​IMG] Politoed
    • [​IMG] Drifblim
    • [​IMG] Relicanth
    • [​IMG] Huntail
    • [​IMG] Regice
    • [​IMG] Cryogonal
    • [​IMG] Camerupt
    • [​IMG] Dusknoir
    • [​IMG] Quilladin
    • [​IMG] Lapras
    • [​IMG] Prinplup
    • [​IMG] Rotom-S
    • [​IMG] Altaria
    • [​IMG] Ninjask
    • [​IMG] Murkrow
    • [​IMG] Tangela
    • [​IMG] Raichu
    • [​IMG] Crustle

    • [​IMG] Bronzor
    • [​IMG] Gorebyss
    • [​IMG] Misdreavus
    • [​IMG] Ninetales
    • [​IMG] Pelipper
    • [​IMG] Purugly
    • [​IMG] Simipour
    • [​IMG] Simisage
    • [​IMG] Smeargle
    • [​IMG] Solrock
    • [​IMG] Trapinch
    • [​IMG] Ursaring
    • [​IMG] Vibrava

    • [​IMG] Basculin
    • [​IMG] Chinchou
    • [​IMG] Fraxure
    • [​IMG] Gogoat
    • [​IMG] Golduck
    • [​IMG] Hippopotas
    • [​IMG] Kingler
    • [​IMG] Klang
    • [​IMG] Krokorok
    • [​IMG] Marowak
    • [​IMG] Rampardos
    • [​IMG] Servine
    • [​IMG] Simisear
    • [​IMG] Trevenant
    • [​IMG] Zweilous


    • [​IMG] Ampharos
    • [​IMG] Armaldo
    • [​IMG] Avalugg
    • [​IMG] Electabuzz
    • [​IMG] Gourgeist-S
    • [​IMG] Leavanny
    • [​IMG] Mightyena
    • [​IMG] Regigigas
    • [​IMG] Sawsbuck
    • [​IMG] Volbeat

    • [​IMG] Beartic
    • [​IMG] Glalie
    • [​IMG] Dusclops
    • [​IMG] Meowstic-M
    • [​IMG] Munchlax
    • [​IMG] Seaking
    • [​IMG] Venipede

    • [​IMG] Butterfree
    • [​IMG] Carbink
    • [​IMG] Glaceon
    • [​IMG] Hypno
    • [​IMG] Lickilicky
    • [​IMG] Lopunny
    • [​IMG] Swoobat
    • [​IMG] Torkoal
    • [​IMG] Wartortle
    • [​IMG] Wigglytuff


    • [​IMG] Banette
    • [​IMG] Ditto
    • [​IMG] Frogadier
    • [​IMG] Furfrou
    • [​IMG] Luxray
    • [​IMG] Maractus
    • [​IMG] Mienfoo
    • [​IMG] Natu
    • [​IMG] Octillery
    • [​IMG] Shedinja
    • [​IMG] Vanilluxe
    • [​IMG] Weepinbell

    formerly E Rank and NOT the place for not fully evolved Pokemon
    • [​IMG] Ariados
    • [​IMG] Bastiodon
    • [​IMG] Beautifly
    • [​IMG] Beedrill
    • [​IMG] Bellossom
    • [​IMG] Bibarel
    • [​IMG] Carnivine
    • [​IMG] Castform
    • [​IMG] Cherrim
    • [​IMG] Chimecho
    • [​IMG] Corsola
    • [​IMG] Dedenne
    • [​IMG] Delcatty
    • [​IMG] Delibird
    • [​IMG] Dewgong
    • [​IMG] Dunsparce
    • [​IMG] Dustox
    • [​IMG] Emolga
    • [​IMG] Farfetch'd
    • [​IMG] Fearow
    • [​IMG] Flareon
    • [​IMG] Furret
    • [​IMG] Gigalith
    • [​IMG] Girafarig
    • [​IMG] Gothitelle
    • [​IMG] Gourgeist
    • [​IMG] Gourgeist-Large
    • [​IMG] Heatmor
    • [​IMG] Illumise
    • [​IMG] Kricketune
    • [​IMG] Ledian
    • [​IMG] Luvdisc
    • [​IMG] Lunatone
    • [​IMG] Magcargo
    • [​IMG] Masquerain
    • [​IMG] Meganium
    • [​IMG] Meowstic-F
    • [​IMG] Minun
    • [​IMG] Mothim
    • [​IMG] Noctowl
    • [​IMG] Pachirisu
    • [​IMG] Parasect
    • [​IMG] Persian
    • [​IMG] Phione
    • [​IMG] Pidgeot
    • [​IMG] Plusle
    • [​IMG] Raticate
    • [​IMG] Seviper
    • [​IMG] Stantler
    • [​IMG] Slaking
    • [​IMG] Spinda
    • [​IMG] Sudowoodo
    • [​IMG] Sunflora
    • [​IMG] Swalot
    • [​IMG] Tropius
    • [​IMG] Unfezant
    • [​IMG] Unown
    • [​IMG] Vespiquen
    • [​IMG] Wailord
    • [​IMG] Walrein
    • [​IMG] Watchog
    • [​IMG] Whiscash
    • [​IMG] Wobbuffet
    • [​IMG] Wormadam
    • [​IMG] Wormadam-G
    • [​IMG] Wormadam-S
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  2. Raiza

    Raiza Boombayah
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 18, 2012
    Go to the 2nd page for history of the viability rankings

    Basculin from B to B+

    Lately I just played a lot Magnemite's sample team, featuring dark spam and Basculin, and I just got surprised that the fish is actually a really decent and unpredictable revengekiller and cleaner on Hyper Offense teams since most of the opponents' teams were not prepared to it. With an All-Out Attacker set he can 2HKO many pokémons in the tier, thanks to Adaptability plus STAB Waterfall and Aqua Jet, still carrying good coverage with Zen Headbutt and Superpower/Ice Beam, which screws most of the bulky grass pivots like Tangela. Nothing more to say really, just a good Glass Cannon that I think deserves to get higher in the ranks, since his base atk and speed stats aren't bad too for the tier either.
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  3. Megazard

    Megazard I'll show you the life of the mind!
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    Nov 7, 2013
    Wartortle to D-

    It has foresight, but otherwise every other spinner is better. It has bad synergy with Poliwrath, poor offenses, and is just generally mediocre. I don't see a reason to use this over any of the new or old removers, but it has foresight so I guess E rank doesn't fit
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  4. Froggyboy


    Apr 7, 2014
    gonna quote a previous nom of mine, since it got no response

    Ninjask to C

    Before this tier shift, you had little reason to use Ninjask over Scyther, since Scyther had more bulk and it hit harder. Ninjask really only had SpeedPass over it, but now that Scyther is gone, Ninjask got much more viable. Of course, Ninjask still isn't the best, its movepool sucks, it has a mediocre 90 attack, and a sneeze could kill it after SR. But, this is probably our best option to replace Scyther, and we just have to make due.
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  5. WildHope


    Aug 10, 2014
    90 isnt mediocre, Sneasel have 95 and Chatot 92 and they are amazing, and also, any offensive Ninjask should be Adamant 100% of the time.
    But he is not going to be the new scyther, he dont have any high/decent BP move, he cannot touch steel types at all, you have next to no coverage (Nigh Slash, Return, and... Dig?) and you dont need SR to kill him with a sneeze (even if you put EV in the defense (because you dont need more speed at all) you keep being fragile as hell, if you opponent isnt a wall you're dead).
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  6. Froggyboy


    Apr 7, 2014
    Ok, I thought it had 55 Attack at first.
    And I know he isn't going to be a full replacement for Scyther, but it is the best thing that can relate to it, plus it got more viable with it leaving, so I think it should move up.
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  7. Ares

    Ares Fool me...can't get fooled again
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    May 8, 2014
    I like the looks of this list, although I think Pawniard should probably be A / A+ as well as Armaldo possibly being A / A+ because SD will be really good. People are focused on the fact that it can spin, but a straight up SD set with Priority and strong STABs is nothing to scoff at. But this isn't a nom, just a thought, until these have been properly tested.
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  8. tmacbalanced


    Jul 27, 2014
    Pawniard can take hit or two which is nice b/c it can sd or knock off then finish off with sucker punch
    it can make defog users think twice before trying to get rid hazards
    STAB knock off seems good though b/c if a poke is switching out then the next poke could take big damage
    Poliwrath does wall pawniard really well though
    Pelipper could scald burn pawniard though so pawniard might not be the best switch in on pelipper
  9. noobcubed


    Jun 9, 2013
    Okay so what I'm posting here is mostly theorymon, but here goes:

    Armaldo is actually an okay check to the current standard Life Orb Tauros set, though it is worth noting that, unless it invests heavily in Defense it gets OHKO'd by Iron Tail (after rocks) which may begin to appear on Tauros as a result. The same applies to Kecleon, though I feel Kecleon has a little bit less room to spare for a move that targets just one Pokemon. As a spinner, it could work but I just feel it's too slow and doesn't have enough resistances, so offensive pressure can stop it doing its job. Where it may shine is on rain teams, particularly it can help clear out Grass- and Psychic-types that Poliwrath struggles with.

    I'm thinking that, with Poliwrath everywhere, maybe Swords Dance isn't the best set for Pawniard in this tier. It has Knock Off/Sucker Punch/Iron Head/Low Kick/ Pursuit/Taunt/Stealth Rock to play with as well, which enable it to function somewhat well as an offensive support Pokemon to clear the path for teammates.

    Torkoal's usefulness will be limited to SmashKoal, as a defensive set is done better by Avalugg. Still, SmashKoal was a very underutilised set in gen V NU, and it enables it to get past most spinblockers, Life Orb Haunter excepted, and even then you can catch it on the switch. Could have done with Scyther sticking around to give it something that really needs spin support.

    Probopass is maybe the Pokemon I'm most excited for - a defensive pivot with Stealth Rock is very handy, and it's an excellent counter for dangerous threats like Ninetales, Rotom-F and SubDisable Haunter. Once again though, it's not a Pokemon you build a team around, more one that fills in a gap.
  10. Froggyboy


    Apr 7, 2014
    How is defensive Avalugg better than defensive Torkoal? They are similar in a few ways sure, high defense stats, rocks weak typing, and Rapid Spin. But Torkoal has a resistance to Fire and Steel(which is more important with Pawniard), and is neutral to Fighting. Sure Tork has a weakness to Ground, but I don't think it is going to be limited to being offensive with Smash.
  11. Anty

    Anty dawn breaks
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    Feb 8, 2013
    New pokes do a lot of stuff. Doing in bullet points as im time limited.

    [​IMG] ->B+
    • Pawniard actually blocks defog, unlike shitcat, so webs no longer has a huge problem vs spin control
    • Although more spinners, missy can switch in on them both once or just predict around it. Plus the spinners arent actually that good in the meta imo
    • Less defog with more spinners, also scyther is banned so no scyther + pelipper running around evrywhere
    • Meta is even more shaped around offense, and it allows broken pokes like tauros look less broken(!)
    • Leavanny isnt as much better than kricket now more people use wisp on missy, still useful and i still see lead baracles and monferno's a ton
    [​IMG] ->B-/C+
    • Since the start of the meta, after less webs hype people have used this less
    • Incredibly weak and only should be used a defog deterer. Seriously, use tauros who is broken, or even furret if you need something cute
    • Pawniard is here which does its main niche better, as it has a use outside of defog
    • This still has a niche, ie its speed and fake out
    [​IMG] ->D/E
    • Probopass

    I other wise agree with magnemites list:
    Except i feel Pawniard should be A. It makes hazard stacking offense viable (p much), as they dont have to rely on shit cat. Strong priority and access to knock off is always helpful, and although it has checks, throh and wrath, it cripples them both with knock off, weakening them for a team mates that hate them

    Im not 100% sure about probopass. It is quite underwhelming power wise, and it is hard to check what it is meant to now half the tier carry hidden power fighting, and offensive sets dont take hits as nicely as i would have liked. A- material minimum, although i wouldnt be too mad with A
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  12. galbia

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    PU Leader

    Sep 24, 2012
    I think Kadabra should be A Rank because of its ability to revenge kill a lot of threatening Pokemon to offensive teams at any point of the game.
    With a set of Psychic / Hidden Power Fighting / Energy Ball / Filler a lot of scary Pokemon such as Carracosta, Pawniard, Mightyena, RD Poliwrath, Sneasel, and Barbaracle are just put in check and stopped from sweeping as long as Kadabra has his sash intact. Kadabra also has a very good speed tier outspeeding a mayority of the Pokemon in the metagame up to Rapidash (fuck HP Fighting imo) and has Psychic STAB for those pesky ass Fighting types that hang around. Solid as HELL
  13. Magnemite

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 20, 2013
    Update time :o

    Armaldo added to B+
    Pawniard added to A-
    Probopass added to A
    Torkoal added to B
    Kecleon from A+ to S
    Kadabra from A- to A
    Purugly from B+ to B
    Basculin from B to B+
    Leavanny from B to B+
    Bastiodon from B- to D
    Dwebble from C to C+
    Wartortle from C to C-
    Ninjask from D to C+

    A decent amount of these changes have already had reasoning for them, but I'll post reasoning for the other ones.

    Armaldo is a quite reliable spinner in the current metagame, but it is slow, has mediocre at best STAB coverage, horrible 4MSS, and is a free switch-in for the best Pokemon in the tier unless it runs Toxic and makes its 4MSS even worse. Pawniard is a terrific sweeper and good defog blocker, but it can't reliably beat Swanna, is slow and not that bulky, and is walled by Poliwrath, which prevents it from being on the same level as threats like Tangela and Regice. Probopass is a very solid switch-in to a lot of the tier, especially the offensive pivot set, which is the best bulky pivot in the tier by far, is a good SR setter, and deters Ground-types from blocking Volt Switch with its STAB Flash Cannon. However, the metagame is beginning to prepare for it, and it's quite weak for a Pokemon you would use on offensive teams, so it isn't quite A+ material. Torkoal is a decently reliable spinner with the smashkoal set, but it can easily be forced out after it beats a spinblocker and struggles to come in multiple times because of its dreadful Speed and Stealth Rock weakness. Defensive sets are good answers to Pokemon like Ninetales, however Torkoal's Stealth Rock weakness, lack of reliable recovery, and inability to beat spinblockers at all without Shell Smash make defensive Torkoal rather mediocre. Purugly isn't bad in this metagame, but faces a ton of new competition from Pawniard and is a free switch-in to popular Pokemon such as Probopass, defensive Carracosta, and to a lesser extent Pawniard. It also suffers from quite a huge amount of 4MSS and is quite weak if it can't get to +2. Dwebble is rising a bit because it is now a decent hazard lead with Custap Berry, however it is still completely shut down by Pokemon such as Taunt Misdreavus. Finally, with the loss of Scyther, Ninjask is a viable Choice Band user, but it is only worthwhile on Volt-turn teams and is walled by a lot of common Pokemon.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
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  14. noobcubed


    Jun 9, 2013
    The whole "Bastiodon is outclassed 100% by Probopass" argument isn't hugely convincing to me considering Probopass and Bastiodon were both in last gen's NU and Bastiodon was usable there. It has one crucial move Probopass doesn't: Roar, which can enable it to check several boosting sweepers, such as Pawniard and Chatot, and rack up hazard damage. It therefore sits better on stall, whereas Probopass is a better fit for balance with its non-negligible attacking stats and ability to pivot. Still Probopass seems more like C material to me - it does have a niche.
  15. TONE

    TONE Get your bitch a cannon. Bitches love cannons.
    is a Community Contributoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Dec 31, 2013
    Probopass is more of an A- imo. Bastiodon may have Roar to phaze out Pawniard and Chatot, but its non-existant offensive capabilites hindered it greatly despite being a solid special wall in general, but that's it. Probopass has support moves such as Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, and Toxic, offensive presence in Power Gem, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and slow Volt Switchs, as well as Magnet Pull to trap other Steel-types plus Pawniard can't do much to Probopass bar Low Kick and Chatot can't do anything to Probopass unless it has HP Ground (which might see some increased usage).
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  16. Yellow Cheese

    Yellow Cheese

    Nov 28, 2013
    Metal burst is cool, but way to easy to play around with. Bastiodon is pretty much setup fodder for anything with taunt, which is a major problem when trying to put bastiodon on any team. Probopass does not 100% outclass Bast. Just because they have the same typing it does not mean their job is the same (for an example look at roselia and Victreebel) and even thought both are fairly bulky they do play differently. Bast is a fair amount bulkier but only fits into Hard stall, this is thanks to its lack of offensive presence and slight 4MSS. Probopass on the other hand fits more into Balance and some offensive builds, thanks to its cool movepull and slow volt switch, making it a solid pivot and possible rock setter.

    I think they are fine as they are, Bast is rather mediocre and is very difficult to add to even the hardest stall teams, while Probo is a solid glue to put into any team needing a bulky pivot. Their typings can help against different things in the meta, like scarf tauros (no eq pls), Rotom-F, Dodrio and Misdreavus. But it rather mediocre overall as several common mons can deal with them easily (Poli, LO Tauros, marowak etc)
  17. Mistress Remilia

    Mistress Remilia

    Jul 15, 2014
    Armaldo for A-: Pretty damn great offensive spinner if you ask me, as well as a solid check to a S Rank. Armaldo clearly deserve to be ranked alongside the current A Ranks. And it even has some use in rain due to his terrifying power & effective STAB combo which makes him pretty damn hard to wall if it sets up a Swords Dance.

    Pawniard for A: Once Poliwrath is out of the opposing team, Pawniard has the potential of an S Rank. Its typing is very sweet, his bulk is decent with Eviolite, and it has access to priority to prevent revenge killing. It doesn't have that much trouble setting up an SD either, and can annihilate offensive teams at +2.

    Relicanth for B-: CB Relicanth is much more threatening than people think, and Relicanth is one of the most overlooked and underrated pokemon in PU. It might have rough competition and using it often prevent you from using both Costa&Barbaracle for team synergy, which can be annoying, but otherwise, he's worth the try.

    Kadabra back to A-: Kadabra is a good pokemon for sure, with good power, great speed for the tier, and the ability to pretty much take 2 hits, but A- is overselling its abilities. He puts some very good work against offense, but it isn't as good in balance and stall, where in my opinion, he struggles to actually do as much as i hope he would do.
  18. Teddeh

    Teddeh This aint a scene it's a... GOD DAMNED ARMS RACE
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Jun 26, 2014
    Servine for B+/A-: This thing is a monster, it's really very good. Nothing stops it now bouff has gone, +2 hp ice does 50% to roselia, it can live a hit from almost anything with eviolite and nice 60/75/75 defenses. It setups on so much in the tier and really is just as hard to stop as serperior was. The only thing stopping it is its speed tier, which can be given a helping hand with sticky webs and since pawn and missy are ever so common, there's ways of preventing people from removing the hazards and in general this thing is a monster. Chuck it up there with the big boys in A, try it out yourselves, you won't be disappointed.
  19. Mistress Remilia

    Mistress Remilia

    Jul 15, 2014
    The overall ease that you'll have for revenge killing Servine makes it far from the A Ranks. And did i mention the fact that 60 Spa is pretty much weak as fuck and you won't even be sure to kill some of your revenge killers with a +2 Leaf Storm, and it will basically die to all Fire types it will have to face, due to him having to run HP Fire/Ice as the best option over HP Rock. The loss of 2 very threatening pokemons to Servine is not a legitimate reason for him to raise so much.

    Maybe B- or C+, but B+/A- is overestimating its abilities.
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  20. Teddeh

    Teddeh This aint a scene it's a... GOD DAMNED ARMS RACE
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Jun 26, 2014
    It takes little effort with hazard control to beat fire types, and every mon has a weakness which can be patched up by team mates. Not to mention the fire types you mentioned get bodied by it, with the exception of flareon.
    252+ SpA Servine Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Ninetales: 72-84 (25 - 29.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock
    +2 252+ SpA Servine Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Ninetales: 142-168 (49.4 - 58.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock
    Pair it with webs and it beats these checks that you're so keen that beat it. It's a very, very underrated pokemon and it deserves recognition.
  21. Mistress Remilia

    Mistress Remilia

    Jul 15, 2014
    That's taking the best case, and proves by the way that A- is not for Servine.
    It needs total hazard control in order to beat a fire type who's switching on him, which in itself, is quite a lot of support to me.
    Which is why it's for B Ranks, most likely B-/B.
    I still judge that there's overall ease to RK Servine, there's quite a bit of threats to RK safely Servine.
  22. Froggyboy


    Apr 7, 2014
    Yeah, I agree that Servine needs a rise because of it is kind of hard to stop once it gets going, but you are overselling its abilities. Sliggoo and Zebstrika are still solid stops to it, it is prone to revenging, and the tier shifts weren't really kind to it, be it that it gained Torkoal as a check, and the other Pokemon that lowered here can usually take a Leaf Storm and hit back hard.
  23. Teddeh

    Teddeh This aint a scene it's a... GOD DAMNED ARMS RACE
    is a Tiering Contributor

    Jun 26, 2014
    The tier shifts were incredibly kind to it? It got rid of bouff and scyther, the 2 best stops to it before. And I may concede that I am overselling its abilities for A-, but I think it certainly fits in B+, which was my initial thought when nominating it. There are ways which it can beat its fire types checks and i'll also concede to say that sliggoo and zebstrika (if actually running sap sipper over lightningrod) do beat him. However I would heavily suggest you try this monster before putting it down, theorymonning servine is not accurate in the slightest for its capabilities.
  24. HJAD

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    Dec 22, 2013
    Although I do feel servine at times is kind of underwhelming in PU tier rn, it is extremely effective at cleaning up in the mid to late game to extraordinary effect. I do think that service did get MUCH better agreeing with Teddeh's point; this is because scyther and bouff are gone 2 of its main S/A rank checks that are commonly used, sticky web also got a buff in the fact that Pawniard dropped making it a bit more difficult to defog as freely as we used to (Purugly was a shit defiant user, nothing near Pawniard imo).

    Overall, drops have been kind to Servine, removing some of its most common checks and counters as well as playing into its preferred play style.
    However, its not a Mon that you can just slap on a team and call it "special sweeper 1." Imo it needs to much support to be classed as an a rank Mon, but when you give it said support, its very difficult to over look. I think B is fair.
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  25. Many


    Dec 8, 2014
    I definitely agree with the Servine rise, I never realized just how bulky Servine is with an Eviolite until I played it yesterday. It can definitely get several boosts if played smartly and it is hard for it not to get a kill vs. balanced or slower teams.

    I also think Ursaring should go to A-. It has more of a niche since Bouffalant left, and also it has a wide variety of playstyles it can run effectively.
    1. Quick Feet set absolutely destroys every offensive pokemon 105 speed and below due to its great power and coverage. Unfortunately, Sneasel Tauros and Raichu exist but the set is still very dangerous.
    2. Guts Flame Orb is very powerful against stall or bulky offense due to unmatchable power and immunity to burn, with one big flaw in that it can be protect-stalled.
    3. I have tested an Assault Vest set and it is very solid against offense, especially with wish support. You can switch into something like Simipour without trouble, and it OHKOes a ridiculous amount of offensive pokemon with return alone.
    4. A bulky Bulk-Up leftovers set or a bulky Swords Dance set is definitely usable because of the Guts ability preventing the opponent from wanting to burn or toxic Ursaring, while the leftovers providing some much-needed longevity.

    Tldr: Ursaring has great power, amazing coverage (it gets Seed Bomb and Play Rough btw if you didn't know), extreme versatility, and is the ultimate status absorber. Oh, and it laughs at Misdreavus

    Oh, and also Torterra is definitely A-rank worthy now but I'll post about that later.
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