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Purugly (Hone Claws + Hypnosis)

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by Iceking, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Iceking


    Jun 14, 2012
    name:Hone Claws + Hypnosis
    move 1:Hone Claws
    move 2:Hypnosis
    move 3:Substitute
    move 4:Return / Iron Tail
    item: leftovers
    ability: Thick Fat/ Defiant
    nature: Jolly
    EVs 18 HP/ 252 Atk / 240 Spe


    -This is probably the best set available to Purugly. Looks rather risky considering Purugly's stats, but is surprisingly successful once you know what to watch out for.

    -Substitute is the easiest way to obtain a Hone Claws boost, other options are to use dual screens, or Hypnosis before setup.

    -After Hone Claws, Purugly can induce sleep reliably, alongside the attack boost. Purugly can then set up multiple boosts using Substitute for protection once the opponent wakes up.
    -The combination of Sleep and Substitute keeps Purugly protected from attacks, as well as switch-ins.

    -Hypnosis cannot miss once Purugly is at +2 accuracy(and 526 Attack)

    -Purugly can keep itself protected against an individual for very long periods of time, as a result, it can deal with some Rock-Types one-on-one if they lack Rock Blast, even if it's running Return.

    -Return is naturally preferred because of STAB, despite being immune by Ghost types, allows Purugly to hit much harder on everything else. Iron Tail is an acceptable alternative as nothing is to immune to it, the accuracy doesn't matter, and Purugly doesn't have much else.

    -Outspeeds base 110's and has some sweeping potential, once counters have been removed.

    -Purugly will be checked by a large amount of faster opponents due to it's frailty, unless it has a Substitute up.

    -Teammates who can deal with ghosts are preferred, such as Skuntank, although it has been shown that Purugly can be thrown onto a team.

    -Purugly only requires a single Hone Claws to cause trouble to the opponent. More defensive opponents fare worse overall that offensive ones.


    - Iron Tail and Return could be used without Substitute, as it does posses acceptable coverage. This, however, will make it hard for Purugly to be effective with Hone Claws, as it is too frail to set up without Substitute.
    -A bulkier EV spread could be used to allow this to be possible, however...
    -Thick Fat is somewhat better than Defiant, as it can allow Purugly to take Ice and Fire type attacks whereas Substitute will prevent stat drops.

    -On average, in practice, this set often caused one knock out, with another pokemon asleep. It could do more, and rarely did less.
    That was my first one of one of these! Did I do ok? I just felt like writing this because I felt like it was worth mentioning as it is a reasonable set.
  2. DTC

    DTC I'll be your 1-Up girl
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    May 8, 2011
    QC Reject 1/3

    Purugly has an incredibly difficult time setting up thanks to its atrocious bulk as well as its inability to threaten Pokemon out. If it does not set up, it will fail to do sufficient damage to pretty much everything. You can set up using Hypnosis, but Hypnosis is very unreliable; 60% accuracy means you will be failing 40% of the time. That is not nearly reliable enough to warrant use. Even with a Hone Claws boost, Hypnosis is still not very accurate.

    Even once it sets up, Purugly will still be pathetically weak.

    Another thing to note is that this set is completely walled by Rock, Steel, and Ghost-types. These are extremely common components of NU teams, and there will almost always be one or more of them.

  3. Raseri

    Raseri Giratina-Out
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    Aug 4, 2007

    QC rejected 2/3
    QC rejected 3/3

    Hypnosis needs a better mention on the Purugly analysis, but this set isn't ever going to accomplish much.

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