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Quarantine Mafia Postgame Wrap Up!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by blue_light, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. blue_light


    Jan 19, 2006
    Quarantine Mafia was my second basic mafia and it was supposed to be more balanced than my last venture, Elements Mafia. Because of the open theme, I was allowed pretty much free reign on the types of roles that I wanted in the game. The first basis of the game was Dexter, that was the first role that I had created and I eventually used him to mold the rest of the game. Due to Dexter’s amazing abilities, the village was fairly small compared to the 26 total players, with only 13 official members. Dexter was made so that he would be an extremely powerful role, but one that the village couldn’t ever reasonably trust due to the surprise factor and Doakes. The original count for the game was 29 players, but I toned it down to 26 so I had to take out a role from the Assassins, which forced me to give them more powerful roles than the Black Sheep. The power plays, in my opinion, were pretty balanced. The Black Sheep had the most restricted power play, then the Assassins, and then the Village people had the most open power play. Though the Village complained that I put too many restrictions on that ability, there was certainly no way I could allow certain rules to be modified to the extent that they wanted it to be. The Lex Luthor role was made to create general chaos, but it was not designed to hurt any of the roles, it was pretty much a fun role thrown in there to spice things up.

    The Village People
    The Village People were 13 characters (not including Dexter) that while small compared to the size of the game, they were fairly powerful for a village in terms of roles. Most of the roles were designed so that even if the Village People lost a crucial power role, they would have something to make up for it and if the Village People could set up early, they would have extremely powerful roles that could end the opposing mafias/wolf faction easily. To balance this, the village did not have a hooker at the start (foreshadowed by the death of Red Foreman) of the game, but they could acquire the ability to hook, given the right circumstances. (Ratings are from 1-10 and are completely objective, 5 is average)

    Horatio Caine was the standard village inspector role, however, it was given the knowledge of another character in the game, Doakes who was the paranoid inspector. It also had the Shades of Justice, which was the only item in the game that could stop neuralyzation, which actually occurred when Veedrock stole them from Stoo/CyzirVisheen and was targeted for termination by Toothache (he was eventually killed by being targeted the next night).

    Overall CardsOfTheHeart and his partner Lesm46 played their roles horribly. I had originally intended for the these 2 roles to be a basic platform of unity for the village. Unfortunately, Lesm46 misinterpreted his role and CardsOfTheHeart played badly by acting suspicious at the start of the game which almost got him lynched by his own team (that would have been really sad). CardsOfTheHeart was able to clear Stoo/CyzirVisheen with his inspection, but he was deemed a threat by Fishin and eliminated using Thorn’s Trial ability. (He was also hooked n1, since Fishin knew he was the village inspector).

    Rating: 3/10

    House was a key figure in the village, being one of the main ways to stop the Swine Flu and the main way to provide Sikh the operation that he needed (3 ways to do that: clinic, diagnose, give vicodin). He also had some pretty bad restrictions with the posting of sarcasm and insults and the inability to not send a day pm. This unfortunately got in the way of how the role was utilized.

    Earthworm played the game fairly well, in the sense that he was not fooled by Fishin’s BPV claim of Ichigo Kurasaki. However, due to time scheduling conflicts he was unable to send his day pm several times and ended up being hooked for stupid reasons. Unfortunately, even though he was suspicious of Fishin’s role, he had already revealed his role to him and was therefore at his mercy. At that point, the Assassins also had a pretty good bead on the villager’s roles so they decided to eliminate Earthworm from the game (in my opinion this was a bad move) with the Two Pines Massacre Power Play. I gave this role to Earthworm primarily cause I wanted to see him insult someone, unfortunately he failed MISERABLY!

    Rating: 6/10

    The Peter Petrelli role, was just a ordinary villager that could become an extraordinary villager. He started off with the Flu Vaccine, which basically mimicked the results that House would have achieved if he cured someone of Swine Flu. The role was a fairly powerful one, but in my opinion was the weaker of the power-induced villagers. If he was ever injected, he would have the ability to touch someone during the day. At the end of the day, they will be able to mimic that person’s abilities. If he ever touched another person, he would lose his previous abilities and gain the new person’s abilities instead.

    I did not see Pyromanic in the game much, nor on IRC. Unfortunately, none of the Power Syringe heroes were ever injected, so they never really had a chance to make a contribution to the game.

    Rating: 4/10

    This role was primarily a reusable rogue role with the minor chance of getting vigilante abilities. I gave the Hattori Hanzo Sword to the Assassins mainly because the village already had a vigilante in Dexter and I did not want the village to be able to kill more often than an individual mafia can.

    Lonelyness got this role because I admit I was afraid people were going to have a grudge and kill him (the chance that he could find his killer was low, but I had to give the man a chance). He played the role fairly well, but unfortunately the village was moled heavily with spies everywhere. While it’s not Lonelyness’ fault that the village was completely outmaneuvered, he was one of the village leaders and is therefore responsible for the village’s loss. I also believe his eagerness to prove himself after Simpsons mafia, was what led him to believe in Fishin’s false claim and Gmax’s.

    Rating: 7/10

    If Inspected:
    Perhaps one of the village’s best roles (even better than regular inspection since it goes through moling abilities), Gabriel Gray was my way of including one of my favorite Heroes characters without having to put a psychopath in the game. The ability that he used was certainly very useful and would be able to not only prove people’s abilities but also find out if they have any untold items in their possession and what those items did (in the case of Scylla and the Shades of Justice, Gabriel Gray would reveal their true powers).

    Serenity played a pretty good game, being wary of the right people and inspecting the right people. Serenity was able to inspect Hipmonlee and get his true powers and not his fake role pm which would have gotten him lynched immediately. She was also redirected to Veedrock which was able to break his false claim of dead talker and identify him as a mafia thief. Overall, Serenity was one of the better players that the village had to offer.

    Rating 7.5/10

    If he was inspected or Dexter was inspected or anyone that he inspected, they would both have shown up as:
    Doakes was the paranoid inspector (anyone he inspected showed up as the Bay Harbor Butcher) counter to Dexter and was a way to balance the power of Dexter. Because he was knowledgeable of the real village inspector, Dexter would be unable to claim outright his real role without having opposition from Doakes. If Dexter was ever put to rest while Doakes was alive, Doakes would become unparanoid and would be able to check alliances and arrest people for the night. He also had the Dragon Skin Kevlar, which was designed to make the user skeptical of their inspector status and allow the Village to have a nice focal point for unification (BPV and with knowledge of the village inspector).

    Lesm46 played his role fairly badly. In my opinion, he should have communicated with CardsOfTheHeart more and should have done talking for the pair instead of having them both go out trying to recruit people. Also, Lesm46 did not realize that he was the paranoid inspector until I told him so after his death, which in my opinion he should have been at least suspicious of. Not only did he fail to see that he was the paranoid inspector, Lesm46 also let Fishin walk all over him and claim his real role (BPV) and almost let his partner get lynched in the process. However, if anything, Lesm46 was killed off by the mafia N1 due to the fact that everybody thought that he was the inspector.

    Rating: 2.5/10

    As a way to condense the roles of the village, I decided to put the martyr and mayor role into one, since I always believed that the martyr role was fairly weak in forum games so I decided to give it a buff. Nathan Petrelli, was yet another Heroes character in a game that had 4. He was also given the knowledge that Peter Petrelli was in the game, which should have helped the village unite faster.

    Hobo Joe pretty much idled while he was playing and Phantasia was not able to do anything before he was killed off by the Black Sheep (They thought that Phantasia was actually a member of the Assassins). Not much to say, except that they weren’t fully trusted by the village and that is what eventually led to their downfall.

    Rating: 3.5/10

    The Dave Chappelle role, was a role that I really wanted to use in Elements Mafia, but ended up being scrapped. However, in this mafia I was able to include this ability since each faction had their own “power play”. Of all the power plays, Dave Chappelle had the best power play provided it had some creativity with it. It also had the Power Syringe which was the only one the game unless Superman died. Fishy did not use the Power Syringe which was a bad move on her part as it would have greatly increased the abilities of one of the villagers. It also hooked anyone that was not compatible with the formula.

    Fishy was able to use the ability to nerf the kills for one night and provide the village with some protection and information for free during the night. However, all this did was piss of the Assassins who lost their kill for the night and caused them to respond back with their 2 Pines Massacre ability. Overall, Fishy was a bit too trusting with the spreadsheet and ended up revealing all of Fishin’s hard earned information to Gmax.

    Rating: 6.5/10

    Michael Scofield was a spin on the normal thief in which items are can be taken from one user and given to another. This is the same role that I gave moot in Elements Mafia and again it has a purpose because it allows you to take items from certain people like CyzirVisheen/Stoo or Lesm46 who have unmovable items or item restrictions which will allow you to move items around more efficiently meanwhile also providing the village with a thief if need be. The coma part of the role was inspired by Shade’s role in President Mafia and since Michael Scofield does have tumors in his head it actually makes a bit of sense. Scylla was a very interesting item in that it’s true purpose was completely hidden unless examined by Gabriel Gray. If Starscream, HK-47, or Nathan Petrelli got their hands on Scylla they would have increased abilities. Starscream could use both of his abilities on the same night, HK-47 could deploy two minefields instead of one (stack them or protect two targets), and Nathan Petrelli would get 3 votes instead of 2.

    Sikh Assassin did not play the role as I intended and ended up going into a coma. In my opinion, he should have been a bit more open earlier about his disease and should have chosen better targets, as his only contribution to the game was take the kryptonite from Superman, who ended up dying before he could even really use his ability.

    Rating: 2.5/10

    Captain America was a reverse martyr and the traditional bodyguard. He was the village’s best protection role besides House, simply because it could protect his target from a variety of ailments ranging from hooking, kidnapping, and thieving. This was fairly important role that got even stronger if it got its hands on the Dragon Skin Kevlar (he couldn’t be protected by the doctor), or if left without any items he can easily protect the scavenger from thieves.

    Jedil did not like his role at all, even though it was a very important role (he thought I was out to get him, maybe I was XD). He was fairly unfortunate since he ended up protecting Lesm46 who was double targeted, so he died and his target died to no avail.

    Rating: 5/10

    Standard scavenger role except with an item moving restriction, which was due to the sheer amount of items in the game and the power of some of the items in the game. This provided the mafia a chance to get their items back in case one of their members died, but the village also had a few tools to prevent thieving and to move the items off Sawyer before they could be touched by thieves.

    Stoo was pretty busy with his mafia, so he was pretty idle and was also very suspicious of the village leadership so he ended up hoarding his items which were eventually stolen by Veedrock. Due to Stoo’s relative inactivity I subbed him out for CyzirVisheen, who was able to acquire the Blackmail Documents and some other items which were then stolen by Jimbo (who owned most of the items in the game). CyzirVisheen did not have much options in the end as the game was mostly sealed by the time he was subbed in.

    Rating: 5.5/10

    Superman was the back-up role for the Village and was one of the strongest roles in the game, albeit with a really big weakness. His default ability upon the loss of the kryptonite was Ice Breath, which could freeze people for the night (hook). If Earthworm died then Superman would have the ability to fly a user into the sky preventing them from harm during the night. If CardsOfTheHeart died, then Superman could use his alias as Clark Kent to inspect a user during the night using his reporting skills. Finally, if Hobo Joe/Phantasia died then Superman could fight crime during the night by forcing his target to target him with their night actions. Superman could only use one ability during the night and he was unable to target anyone that held the kryptonite which would result in him possessing the kryptonite once again. Also if anyone with the kryptonite targeted Superman, the Kryptonite would jump back to him and leave him useless.

    TehPiplupMan played a pretty solid game with his role early on in the game. Unfortunately, like the rest of the village he trusted the wrong people and ended up getting killed after his kryptonite was removed. Once he died, the kryptonite was replaced with another Power Syringe which could then be used on either Ando or Peter Petrelli to give the village another power role.

    Rating: 5/10

    Ando was the weakest role of the village, with only a subpar item (the bullet). He also had a relatively short role pm which casted suspicion on him due to the numerous amounts of Heroes characters in the game. If Ando was injected with the Power Syringe he would acquire two day abilities, but he could only use one. Ando could either choose to shoot a hadouken at a User and hook them for the night or he can choose to super charge a user and boost their night abilities during the night.

    Arcticblast was the only player in the game that did not have IRC. Due to the lack of IRC, he had no real communication with anybody besides sending his role pm to Fishin, which eventually led to the lynch of Macle who tried to capitalize on Arcticblast’s inability to communicate with anybody effectively. With the death of Macle, Arcticblast was released in which he ended up trying to lynch the village rogue and pretty much failing at even following the simplest of orders.

    Rating: 2/10

    The Black Sheep
    The Black Sheep were a 5 man mafia which was probably the most powerful faction in the game, due to their ability to neutralize up to 3 roles a night and take out several votes using their kidnapping abilities and the Blackmail Documents. The Black Sheep were able to get tons of useful early information with Fishin, but they were unable to capitalize on this due to having many of their member being suspects for lynches and targets for kills during the night.

    Kenpachi Zaraki was a traditional martyr with an untraditional BPV ability. Due to the nature of his BPV ability, he was immune to the effects of neuralyzation once. Perhaps out of all the roles in the Black Sheep, this was the weakest ability, but a very important one none the less. It was able to provide Fishin with a very nice false claim in Ichigo Kurasaki and the BPV ability to back it up.

    Fishin played the best game out of all the Black Sheep and was their undesignated leader. With his leadership and experience he was able to unite the village and acquire the village spreadsheet (he even helped fill it out). Unfortunately, due to last minute lynch changes, Fishin was unable to capitalize with his influence on the village to take out the Village Inspector or Village OMGWTFBBQ role. His persistence in trying to lynch Hipmonlee eventually led the Assassins, Earthworm, and Hipmonlee to suspect him of being mafia. In one night, the Assassins were able to single-handedly crush the Black Sheep using their influence and powers. I was also kind of disappointed that Fishin never really used his martyr ability to stop people’s abilities, instead he opted to martyr safe choices like Lonelyness and Fishy.

    Rating: 9/10

    This was the moling role for the Black Sheep and it had many cues that did not allow the user to completely mole the village without some concerns. The balancing included: fake items mentioned in the role, a fake character mentioned in the role, the existence of a real medium in the game, and the fact that the fake items were the ingredients needed to cook meth. This was a fairly standard thieving role besides the moling ability, which was used very well in the game.

    With the information provided from Fishin, Veedrock was able to use his thieving ability to steal a ton of items from Stoo and then equally distribute them between the members of his own mafia (unlike Jimbo). Unfortunately for Veedrock, he was inspected by Serenity when she was redirected by a knowledgeable Gmax. However, Veedrock was never lynched and he ended up surviving for a pretty long time even when uncovered. A funny thing that happened was when Veedrock decided to give the seeming useless Shades of Justice to Sikh Assassin during the night. However, before he could give the Shades away, Toothache decided to neuralyze him which broke the Shades but saved his life. Unfortunately, Toothache decided to follow up with his kill the next night and finished Veedrock off.

    Rating 6.5/10

    For Starscream I wanted a role that could “transform”, to do this I gave Starscream two abilities that he could alternate from. The role was originally a kidnapping/BPV, but I decided that since the Black Sheep had a BPV already, I would give them a way to protect themselves in case the BPV was ever lost.

    Lady Platina did not play as well as I had hoped. He was unable to make a very useful false claim and ended up casting suspicion upon himself when he kidnapped Gmax instead of following Fishin’s orders. Surprisingly enough, despite being public enemy number 1 and a known kidnapper, he was not lynched until late game when the Assassins took over the remnants of the village.

    Rating: 4/10

    This role was originally designed to give a user lynchproofing for the following day, but I decided to change into a power play instead and give him the ability to “persuade” people. Due to the power of the persuade role, I decided to make it an item so that it would cast suspicion on him if it was ever stolen and fail to activate if it was stolen. Overall this role was a bit imbalanced, but in all it was very successful at its job.

    Thorns did a bit of a better job than his teammates at false claiming, though that was not really saying much (oh god, Wolverine). He was able to fool some of the villagers, but not any of the intelligent ones nor any of the knowledgeable mafia. When Gmax devised his plan to completely cripple the Black Sheep in one night, he decided to target Thorns since he was a likely Black Sheep, which really paid off for the Assassins. Thorns also idled with his ability a lot, which may or may not have been a tactical decision if not laziness.

    Rating: 5.5/10

    Perhaps the most powerful character in the Black Sheep arsenal (bar Von Karma), he was the informative role of the Black Sheep, capable of finding out the abilities (and using them) of the users that he hooks during the day. Unfortunately, because of the Hattori Hanzo sword which completely negates hooking, Annhialator Zero ended up wasting his hooks on unhookable people.

    Annhialator Zero played a pretty bad game. He was suspected early and kidnapped by Hipmonlee, though he was eventually released, which only lead to further suspicion. His false claim of Wolverine is perhaps the worst false claim I had ever seen, riddled with typos, bad sentence structure, and false information (Wolverine did not get his regeneration powers from Weapon X you dolt). His false claim eventually led the village to believe that he was Rogue, which he was actually was, but did not result in his lynch as he was able to survive until Toothache neuralyzed him.

    Rating: 2.5/10

    The Assassins
    As the winners of the match, the Assassins played a very good game, almost flawless (albeit a little bit of errors). They were able to use their powers to great avail and were able to control the items late game and use their redirection ability to use Hipmonlee as their puppet. They were also able to control Toothache, by threatening to reveal his status as the wolf and they used him to wipe out the Black Sheep.

    The thief for the Assassins and the one that has their Power Play, their power play: Two Pines Massacre was a bit better than the Trial, but less powerful than Dave Chappelle’s power play. The role was designed to be the Assassin’s killer since it originally held the Hattori Hanzo Sword and a good target for mining, to protect from thievery.

    Jimbo played his role fairly well and was able to get a lot of information from the village with some help from Gmax. He was able to steal almost every single item in the game besides Scylla (nobody even knew about this item) and the Scope (which his team possessed anyway). Unfortunately, Jimbo did not pass out the items like Veedrock did and he eventually got all of his items stolen from by Toothache, though he was able to eventually steal them back. The funny thing was that Toothache’s theft of the sword allowed him to prevent Annhialator Zero or Lady Platina from hook/kidnapping him which helped out the Assassins in the long run.

    Rating: 9.5/10

    My favorite Star Wars character of all time, HK-47 had a pretty original role in which he could protect his target from any of kind of ability during the night, but only once per night. He also had the scope which was a small nerfed informative role for the Assassins. Mainly it was there for the village to steal and to use for their own gain, but it was used fairly well in this game, allowing the Assassins to find proof that Fishin was a Black Sheep.

    Bass’ false claim of Urkel was okay, but it was a bit too weird and did not follow the format of the rest of the role pms which resulted in people suspecting him of being mafia. Luckily for him and his team, due to the failures of the Black Sheep at claiming, he was able to stall his death and secure a victory. His flash mines actually never really protected any of his teammates, but it was a really good insurance policy to have.

    Rating: 8.5/10

    The most awesome Marvel character ever (besides Gambit), he was included in the Assassins to provide them with a powerful role that the Black Sheep would not be able to match. Using his ability to redirect abilities, Deadpool could utilize his skills to redirect inspections, protects, and even kidnappings to help his cause. Deadpool could also talk to the dead (which people did not like apparently) which ended up giving the Assassins one very good and game-breaking lead. He also held the 2nd bullet, which allowed him to infiltrate the Village, though it was eventually stolen.

    Gmax played and utilized his role almost perfectly. Using his redirect to control Hipmonlee, putting pressure on Veedrock by having him inspected, and using it to redirect Lonelyness’ redirect to allow his team to kill him without fear of him returning, Gmax was able to control the game with his ability and his moling skills. After outing Fishin as the BIGGEST mole ever, Gmax was able to gain lots of influence in the village and later on take out the remaining Black Sheep (which he completely crippled in one day/night with his master plan) and Toothache.

    Rating: 10/10

    This was in my opinion the most powerful role in the Assassin’s arsenal. It was a role originally designed so that the player would be able to write his own role pm, but then I decided that this would be a much better moling role instead (pseudo-kill too). At the point that I started writing it, I began getting really bored of writing role pms so the Mystique role pm was relatively short compared to the others (Ando too).

    Unfortunately for the Assassins, since the village was united relatively early, Macle had only two viable targets for kidnapping: Toothache and Arcticblast (his kidnap does not even work with Toothache). Unfortunately for Macle, Arcticblast was able to exchange his role pm with Fishin and cast suspicion on Macle after his kidnapping. Macle was then eventually used as fodder by the Assassins to initiate the Two Pines Massacre lynch which killed Earthworm. In my opinion, this was a fairly bad move, and it led to Macle’s lynch which could have easily been Lady Platina, Veedrock, or Annhialator Zero.

    Rating: 7/10

    The MIB
    Due to the influx of wolves and mafias only having odd/even night kills. I decided to include a mini-faction inside the game to spice things up. The MIB were a very nice idea for a mini-faction since it fit into the theme really well. The MIB were able to grow more powerful overtime and they were able to pass on their abilities upon death, which made them extremely powerful late game. However, due to matty’s blunder, the MIB were nothing but pawns in the overall spectrum though Toothache did almost come very close to winning the game.

    The Agent K role is basically the odd night killer for the MIB and was able to gain some very interesting abilities every 3 days. On day 3, Agent K would get access to MIB satellites which would allow him to inspect people. On day 6, Agent K would get a MIB badge which would allow him to be known to the village as a government official allowing him 2 votes instead of 1. On day 9, Agent K would be sent a Noisy Cricket which he can use to hook people during the night.

    Overall matty played really bad, though he did have a lot of spirit. Matty’s false claim was fairly bad (I was told it was almost as bad as the Wolverine false claim) and ended up making him the main suspect early on as a mafia man. Matty tried to unsuccessfully save himself, but he was able to get out that Fishin was not a man to be trusted which did end up being true, whether or not he had evidence to back it up. Also, after his death, matty foolishly told Gmax the identity of his partner: Toothache. This forced Toothache to follow Gmax’s orders or face erasure.

    Rating: 1.5/10

    The most powerful role in the game, period. Dexter was the mafia’s worst enemy, as he was the village vigilante, DNA inspector, and mayor all bundled up into one lethal package. To balance out Dexter’s amazing abilities, the game was engineered to make it hard for the player to just outright claim since there was a village role in touch with the inspector that was immediately wary of his existence.

    Hipmonlee played the Dexter role very well, though it was not utilized in the game as I had intended due to the moling of the village by Fishin (and general crappiness of the village leadership). Hipmonlee entrusted Gmax with his role pm early, thought this was a critical error, but he also had the intuition to doubt Fishin’s BPV claim. However, due to the nature of his abilities he was never fully trusted and was eventually killed by the Black Sheep (after being used by the Assassins to kill Serenity).

    Rating: 8/10

    The theme of the game pretty much revolved around how much chaos this role could create. It was intended to create an atmosphere of fear, where you could not target someone or exchange items with someone without getting infected. The overall role was not intended to be a very hard role to win, in fact it was fairly simple and probably only needed one or two targets to effectively win.

    Joatmon was unable to play his role at all and pretty much ruined the quarantine aspect of the mafia;

    Rating: 1/10

    Quarantine Mafia, in my opinion, was a very successful follow up from Elements and I had a lot of fun hosting it and watching it play out (though I am a bit disappointed at the lack of Swine Flu).

    Congratulations again to the Assassins for winning the game with only one casualty.
  2. Toothache

    Toothache Let the music play!
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Dec 27, 2004
    I was pretty lucky at one point

    My inventory included a gun, two bullets (which prevents a lynch), the Captain America shield, the Sword of Hattori Hanzo (which prevented me from being hookered, martyred or distracted) and a bottle of Vicodin pills, which gave me an extra night's action after being killed. However, all of that was stolen from me on n6, and I was hoping to steal them back by hitting the thief who got it in the first place. I also had a one-time BPV and the Tractor Beam (thief) abilities.

    Gmax fed me a couple of false leads, suggesting that AZ was the thief. I wasnt exactly working with the Assassins, since Gmax was acting under the pretence that he was a villager. And he had virtually everyone convinced of that. I was actually going to kill him n7 if you had attempted to lynch an Assassin instead of me on Day 7, since I was starting to get suspicious after his 'lead' made me kill a villager.

    Basically, matty slipped up early by revealing the MiB's existence, then tried to infiltrate the village unsuccessfully, getting an early lynch. I stayed low profile from then on and tried to hit as many mafia as I could by simple guesswork until Gmax contacted me, by which time I had the tractor beam and was starting to stockpile items.

    So, despite being fooled by Gmax, as were most of us, I played a reasonably good game.
  3. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    wow i am at least a 7 but that's irrelevant

    i used my power when it was applicable, and i stopped using it after a while to fool the village into thinking the blackmail documents were with another player, but yeah i died.

    here is my fake role pm

    obviously there were some flaws such as the posting restriction not being in the first paragraph of flavour text. i never had to pull this out, but i showed the rest of my team and we generally agreed this was a good fake. i claimed to fishy and hipmonlee, both prominent users against the black sheep's cause and i think they didn't suspect me too much. i was on the verge of completely feeding false info to lonelyness, but then i was murdered.

    and can i say that this is the most chaotic game i have ever played. seems like everyone had a role which could have put suspicion on the usefulness of my role. congratulations to blue_light for creating a good game. while the elements template is good (i stand by my opinion that it is balanced), you decided to take a different direction, which was good to see.

    and wolverine is facedesk inducing for sure

  4. Hipmonlee

    Hipmonlee Have a rice day
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    Dec 19, 2004
    I dont think I deserved 8. I mean, I trusted gmax, and I didnt do anything at all in the whole game..

    I would give myself a 3 at most.. My plan was good, but I didnt get the chance to implement it at all.. It was just really hard to find people to trust. Fishin's claim was dodgy, Lesm would have been great but he was the one person in the whole game I couldnt work with, so I went with GMax..

    Have a nice day.
  5. matty

    matty I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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    Mar 31, 2008
    ok for the record, how the fuck was I suppose to know gmax wasn't a replacement wolf and just a mafia. If you tell me I can deadtalk to him, then that is just setting me up tbh? meh......... x_x

    I agree though, I played an awful game, but I did kill an inspector and got most of the village info to Tooth. I also knew that Fishin was bad but didn't have the opportunity to get him unfortunately.

    I would like to apologize to Tooth though. I didn't play a stellar game and it fucked you as well. Wish you were on IRC more. I didn't see you much so I couldn't talk much with you :\
  6. Stoo


    Nov 17, 2007
    good to see a postgame that doesnt give everyone 6s and 7s, but there are several things that still anger me greatly regarding this mafia

    first was my bullshit subbing out, induced because the one village leader who wasnt a fucking mole decided i was not active enough
    (and receiving one nudge about inactivity 4 hours before you updated, whilst i was asleep)

    second was that after being suspicious of the right people in the village, and claiming to the one guy who was a safe claim, he inspected me and then proceeded to tell fishin my role before his death. great.

    this log is appropriate

    [16:01:58] <shade> people are so eager
    [16:02:00] <shade> to tell stuff
    [16:02:01] <shade> fsr
    [16:02:05] <shade> i want to play a game
    [16:02:10] <shade> where people dont feel obliged
    [16:02:11] <shade> to claim
    [16:02:14] <shade> or tell people to claim

    and third was the role pms. though there were plenty of good ideas in here, the huge ass role pms were abit excessive, dont you think?

    anwyay this looks like it was alot of fun for the mafia, especially the assassins, i suppose i am just bitter
  7. CardsOfTheHeart


    Aug 21, 2007
    Had I played FE Mafia, I might have been able to see this shit coming. Since I didn't, I took a gamble based on my past experiences in mafia that this wouldn't happen because I had never seen a game in which it did happen. Awesome... ><

    Here's a tip: don't try to give one story to the village and another to the mafia. If you give the wrong story, you're either suspicious or fucked.

    Oh, and seriously, fuck Von Karma.
  8. Serenity


    Dec 29, 2005
    Here's a tip: Get your story straight.

    Sorry but, we were doomed to lose. Not only because we had a mole in our presence (really, multiple moles) but because we were against the same # of people. Considering mafia tries to kill off villagers first, we would never have the lead in lynches unless mafia helped us.

    This game was fun, just highly unbalanced. I'm not sure how this got accepted with so many kidnappers on the non village side + highly powerful roles against just 13 villagers. Nonetheless, grade A blue_light mafia. (As usual)
  9. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero

    Nov 17, 2007
    Yeah, I didn't bother re-doing my false claim as I thought I was dead, then as soon as I was released LN PMed me telling me to give him the claim right there, so I was pretty screwed.

    Didn't even know about that fucking sword.

    Although I won't deny it was utter crap even for a first draft
  10. blue_light


    Jan 19, 2006
    While, the village only had 13 people not including Hip, you guys had overall 16 votes in the beginning of the game and started off with a vigilante. It's not my fault you guys got moles and he basically became useless.

    Concerning Stoo's gripes, I am not obligated to nudge you before I sub you out.

    Also balance isn't just all numbers, you have consider the difficulty of how to unite a village, and in this game you had more than enough help from me.
  11. Serenity


    Dec 29, 2005
    Explain how we "had help from you".

    Either way 4-5 mafia makes no sense either, yes, the assassins were stronger but you could have just made it 4-4 and give us the extra villager since we only had 13. I just don't get it, it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Balance isn't all just numbers yes, but when villagers tend to die first night 1-3, we would be at a severe disadvantage, which is why, you give villagers extra, on top of that, since we aren't united, it becomes that much more crucial.

    This game was unbalanced from both assassins and villager standpoint imo.
  12. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    Hasnt mafia ALWAYS been villagers = half the total number of players?
  13. blue_light


    Jan 19, 2006
    Hip was basically a villager so stop saying 13 villagers. If you include the MIB, it was 14-11 at the very start of the game with the village having 2 mayors. Not only that but the Lex Luthor role was not detrimental to the village, (you had all the fucking cures), you could have enlisted his aid and used his swine flu to kill mafia by denying them clinc hours or flu vaccine. Plus this game is balanced in the sense that each faction had an equal chance of winning.

    When I say I helped you, I mean the village was stupid easy to unite. BPV was in contact with the inspector at the very start of the game, it's not my fault Lesm46 let Fishin walk all over him. You guys also had access to large number of inspector roles and Hipmonlee. Hipmonlee could kill just as often as a single mafia, it's not my fault you guys were moled and Hipmonlee was forced to out himself causing his only kill to be a villager. Not only that, but the role pms were stupid long so that mafia would have a hard time false claiming, which paid off didn't it?

  14. CardsOfTheHeart


    Aug 21, 2007
    Not exactly half. Recent examples:

    Presidents Mafia had 12/23.
    Mafia Forever had 11/20.
    Elements Mafia had 14/24.
    (assuming I counted right)

    It looks like this game was designed to be chaotic. There are powerful roles all around--too many IMO to balance each other out. I would hardly call this game "balanced."
  15. X-Trader


    Aug 9, 2007
    I did what I was told. Everything is fine if I'm just a pawn, I need to rack in experience first, maybe next game...
  16. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero

    Nov 17, 2007
    Also tooth, if you'd responded I would've told you Gmax was mafia.
  17. Fishin

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 8, 2005
    The village was actually pretty strong. The thing was, a lot of their best roles got revealed early and either killed, manipulated (Dexter in particular was more of a liability than an asset if the Assassins found him) or were prevented from working (the power syringe guys, LN's vigilante powers, and Sikh falling into the coma). A lot of the village's strength in this game, moreso than in most other games, required them to be united without someone messing them up, which of course was exactly what I was trying to do. Also like blue_light said Lex Luthor was more of an asset than anything, since the village could cure swine flu and the mafia could not. Me saying that his abilities were more harmful to the village than anything was a flat-out lie but nobody seemed to care mainly since he was a neutral.

    If anything, I probably wouldn't have included two roles that stopped lynches since without Dexter's help that's the only way the village could kill (lady platina survived way longer than he should've heh), but oh well.

    MiB were a cool little mini faction, they actually had a decent chance since they had the most firepower and actually some pretty strong abilities as well. Pity both got revealed so early though. The Dexter/Doakes thing was also pretty neat I thought, as they were both strong roles but had to work against each other.
  18. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Yeah, I already stated that the lack of miami / swine flu references in my urkel PM kind of made me suspicious, but I also forwarded a few fake "results" PMs to the village leaders (including mole Fishin), which I think was one of the reasons that I ended up being less suspicious than most of the black sheep.

    Overall, I thought this was one of the most fun mafia games I have played in a while. Part of it was because I was mafia, though. (Seriously, in almost every mafia game I have played on this site, I am stuck with some crappy villager role). I would also attribute it to Gmax's leadership. We planned all of our night actions very carefully via IRC chat and we even reminisced about past games a little bit.

    blue_light also did a really good job in keeping things interesting with each of the updates as well as the rather large number of powerful roles. I am glad that he was such a good host.
  19. Veedrock


    Oct 18, 2008
    I loved this game, easily the best I've been in and will be for awhile. I'm not familiar with every Basic mafia but this is among the best (if not the). I can settle for 6.5, I was a minion for the most part following orders as given. I'm kind of wondering what Macle did to deserve a 7 though, I know he won but on the surface he seemed like a headless chicken (I'm not implying he doesn't deserve the rating, I'm wondering what he did under cover).

    Yeah, the PM said the shades were useless so I thought I'd give them to Sikh (he was going into a coma the next day). After I got that PM of my survival my first thought was "steal those shades back." Then I got sick and couldn't steal, causing my demise. Sucks, but it was still pretty cool that they saved my ass long enough to distribute the items.

    I was sent for the first Black Sheep kill on Superman, and I tried to frame Hipmonlee by choosing the kill method Dexter uses (which I started watching because of this game). Unfortunately the update didn't give any details from the PM, leading that plan to fail (not that it cost anything).

    I don't know why but I was more worried about the village most of the game than the assassins, but then when it hit me that they were still very numorous, it was too late (me and Thorns died the next night I believe). I also think the Sheep Trial could have seen better use, though possibly revealing more of us it would have significantly lowered numbers.

    I really wish that Virus got around, it would have really shaken things up. Good game assassins, you played very well.
  20. Hipmonlee

    Hipmonlee Have a rice day
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    Dec 19, 2004
    I also was dissapointed the MiB never got in touch with me.. I dunno if you guys noticed that I could win with either you or the village.

    On the other hand there wasnt much I could do to help you except vote.. I would have tried though.

    Have a nice day.
  21. macle

    macle PLEASE CLAP
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    Jun 21, 2008
    I really like the roles. All of them seemed really cool though I was kinda disappointed when i got articblast's role since i really couldn't do anything with it until i got the power boast (which never happened ):).

    thanks for hosting blue_light
  22. Stoo


    Nov 17, 2007
    [00:22:29] <@WOOD> did anyone else not claim to you fishin
    [00:22:33] <@WOOD> from the village
    [00:22:44] <&Fishin> from the village
    [00:22:46] <&Fishin> hmm
    [00:22:53] <&Fishin> well, hip didn't, but look what happened to him lol
    [00:23:10] <&Fishin> pretty much everyone else did
    [00:23:25] <@WOOD> i hear earthworm was also hesitant
    [00:23:35] <&Fishin> earthworm did hesitate
    [00:23:40] <&Fishin> and then told his role to the other mafia

    posting this log from just now ebcause im still annoyed at this. i was the only villager not to claim to a mole, and got a.) subbed out, b.) 5.5/10, and c.) fucked over in the end anyway
  23. LonelyNess

    LonelyNess Makin' PK Love
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    Mar 23, 2007
    There's a difference between not claiming early to save yourself from claiming to a mafia, and being an ornery idiot who doesn't claim to ANYONE (even cleaned villagers such as CoTH) until the village is FORCED to have you fucking inspected on night 2. That's just bad playing dude.

    That and you weren't active AT ALL. I tried like 3 times to get you to pass on the items that you had until it was too fucking late because you got yourself stolen from by Jimbo. Yeah, you didn't claim to a mafia, big fucking woop, but you also didn't do a damn thing all game to help the village, and then you complain about your average score.
  24. Stoo


    Nov 17, 2007
    have you read anything i said you imbecile

    i did claim to coth you fucking idiot, that was the whole point
    he then proceeded to inspect me before telling fishin my role

    01[00:38] <WOOD> i hear you were lesms partner
    01[00:38] <WOOD> before he died
    [00:39] <CardsOfTheHeart> that's the word going around, yes

    01[00:46] <WOOD> look at his role pm
    01[00:46] <WOOD> for his death
    01[00:46] <WOOD> Failure to try to find the Bay Harbor Butcher will result in you becoming even more obsessed with the case, causing you to become suicidal.
    01[00:46] <WOOD> <snip>
    01[00:46] <WOOD> You know the identity of <snip>: <snip>
    01[00:46] <WOOD> there are several snipped things
    01[00:46] <WOOD> i assume the second bit
    01[00:46] <WOOD> is you
    01[00:46] <WOOD> and something about you
    [00:46] <CardsOfTheHeart> that is me
    01[00:46] <WOOD> the first snip
    01[00:46] <WOOD> is this
    01[00:46] <WOOD> his item
    [00:47] <CardsOfTheHeart> really?
    01[00:47] <WOOD> yes
    01[00:47] <WOOD> i am in possesion of it
    01[00:47] <WOOD> im the scavenger
    01[00:47] <WOOD> i get items from people who die

    [00:57] <CardsOfTheHeart> i have no proof that you're scavenger

    (the ironic thing was that he had more proof that i was scavenger than he did any proof of anyone elses role, especially fishin (fuck you fishin!!!))

    [00:57] <CardsOfTheHeart> in fact
    [00:57] <CardsOfTheHeart> i didn't know anything about you before you came here
    01[00:57] <WOOD> thats fine
    [00:57] <CardsOfTheHeart> so i still have some doubts
    01[00:57] <WOOD> i wanted it like that
    01[00:57] <WOOD> i blew fishin off
    01[00:57] <WOOD> as i didnt know if i could trst him
    01[00:57] <WOOD> i am more certain
    01[00:57] <WOOD> you are village

    [00:59] <CardsOfTheHeart> i'm not sure what to believe anymore
    [01:00] <CardsOfTheHeart> i'm taking all of the info i get with a grain of salt
    01[01:00] <WOOD> thats partly the reason i am more happy trusting you
    01[01:00] <WOOD> as i dont think you could fake a believable role pm
    01[01:00] <WOOD> x)
    01[01:00] <WOOD> no offense

    we talked for a bit longer and he said he was suspicious of fishin, who hadnt given him a role pm and gave us no more reason to trust him than "hi im village claim to me". i said i would help him with uniting the village as he didnt look like he was ready or really wanted to be leading the village, but i guess i appeared too pushy and he decided to inspect me, even though he ahd given me his role pm

    after coths death i kept my fucking head down like a smart villager, until i received a pm from you a few hours before my subbing out asking me to send my items to people
    yes i wasnt on irc as much as i sometimes am for a few days, because i decided i was spending too much time on there lately, but i elft myself logged into smogon and you enver once tried to conatct me (and i was still present in the chat for at least a couple of hours a day during that period - mostly at night which would be late evening for you afaik and i enver saw you online)
    maybe next game ill send the host a list of players without irc access and see who i can get subbed out!!!!!!

    when the fuck did this happen? all i got was the one pm from you i mentioned earlier

    and dont call me a fucking bad player, i dont even need to bring up simpsons mafia


    01[01:43] <WOOD> what has fishin claimed
    01[01:43] <WOOD> i wanted to see a pm
    01[01:44] <WOOD> but i had no intention
    01[01:44] <WOOD> to claim to him
    [01:44] <CardsOfTheHeart> he actually hasn't sent me his pm
    [01:44] <CardsOfTheHeart> but he claims ichigo kurosaki
    01[01:44] <WOOD> and youve sent him yours?
    [01:45] <CardsOfTheHeart> yes
    01[01:45] <WOOD> uh
    01[01:45] <WOOD> o__o
    [01:45] <CardsOfTheHeart> i know...
    [01:45] <CardsOfTheHeart> ><
    01[01:45] <WOOD> you of all people
    01[01:45] <WOOD> should have it
    [01:45] <CardsOfTheHeart> i'm going to ask again for it
    01[01:46] <WOOD> good
    01[01:46] <WOOD> what happened last time you asked
    [01:46] <CardsOfTheHeart> nothing
    [01:46] <CardsOfTheHeart> no response at all
    01[01:47] <WOOD> that surprises me
    01[01:47] <WOOD> is he online now
    [01:47] <CardsOfTheHeart> looks like he's on smogon
    [01:47] <CardsOfTheHeart> i'll ask him
    01[01:48] <WOOD> say to him
    01[01:48] <WOOD> that you want a PM
    01[01:48] <WOOD> dont ask for it
    01[01:48] <WOOD> demand it
  25. CardsOfTheHeart


    Aug 21, 2007
    FYI, I did eventually receive Fishin's fake PM.

    And yes, I was suspicious of Fishin after a while, but I had already dug my grave by then. Also, when he gave me access to his spreadsheet, I realized that he already knew too much. There's wasn't much I thought I could do.

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