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Rate my Gen 3 Team!

Discussion in 'Historical Threads' started by Cinema, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Cinema


    Jun 25, 2012
    This is my current team on Pokemon Shiny Gold. It's Basically all my fave pokes. <3

    Shiny Umbreon
    Faint Attack
    Confuse ray
    (Maxed out S. ATK/S.DEF, SPEED, AND DEF.)
    The Toxic/Confuse Ray/Moonlight combo is deadly. With Umbreon's high Def/S. Def, he can take alot of hits, while demolishing the opponent with toxic & keeping it confused. Iif he does take damage, I'll use Moonlight to heal him for 2/3 HP. (Since I'm playing ShinyGold, it's always daylight). Plus, I'm constantly hammering them with Faint Attack. ;)

    Shiny Snorlax
    Sleep Talk
    Hyper Beam
    Rest Body
    He's a Heavy Hitter w/ Hyper, almost guaranteed KO, and GREAT wall. Maxed out his Atk, DEF and S. DEF.

    Shiny Entei
    Stomp (plan on replacing with Shadow Ball, if possible)
    Cut (had to, no other pokes for it)
    One- It's Entei. Just... rlly. Anyways, beast movepool, and can learn most TM's. He's One of my heavy hitters, I usually use him for vsing grassy/flying types. Anything my Umbreon/Snorlax can't candle, I use Entei for.

    Shiny Sneasal
    Beat Up
    Faint Attack
    Ice Punch

    Sneasal is one of my fave pokes, partly b.c of his infamous move, Beat Up. I'll probably be switching him out, but I'm not sure for what (Maybe a Scizor) any suggestions are appreciated.

    Shiny Lapras
    Ice Beam
    Hydro Pump
    Rain Dance
    Perish Song

    Lapras has always been a good wall/ attacker, so seeing a shiny in the wild, I HAD to catch him. He can handle Fire/Ice/Flying/Rock/Ground, and more.(No I haven't been using a shiny hack, I'm just REALLY lucky, and I've been holding the spacebar, which speeds the game up x4)

    Shiny Dragonite

    I'm using Dragonite As my HM Slave. For now, anyways. I've always loved dragonite, and even as an HM Slave, he's a beatstick. LEMME KNOW WHAT YA THINK! :D
  2. Hipmonlee

    Hipmonlee Have a rice day
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    Dec 19, 2004
    The best place for you to get info is to read the analyses on site for each of your pokemon.
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