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Rating 102

Discussion in 'Rating Activities' started by Rating 102, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Rating 102

    Rating 102 Ask me for RMT advice!

    Dec 12, 2012
    Rating 102

    Team Rating is entirely subjective. There's no "right" way to rate and it's why we have so many different raters giving different opinions. However, many potential raters are on the right track, but they aren't doing what is expected of a Team Rater. Whether this means they don't identify threats to a team effectively, or that they don't suggest very positive changes, etc. it's an issue that prevents potential raters from receiving a Team Rater badge for their efforts. No longer will this be an issue. This thread is to share details of Smogon's newest Team Rating Program: Rating 102.

    Rating 102 contains a select group of active Team Raters picked by Delko and Harsha. This group will discuss potential raters weekly, looking at RMT carefully to find team raters on the right track, but in need of a push to become an official Smogon Team Rater. You do not sign up for this. One of our members will be contacting you personally, and will ask if you would like to receive tips to become an official Team Rater. Whether you accept or not is up to you, but remember: If we contact you, it means we feel you are on the path to becoming an exceptional rater who is already close to receiving the honor of becoming an official Team Rater and receiving the Team Rater Badge.

    The following users are currently on the committee of Rating 102:
    • Harsha (co-leader)
    • Delko (co-leader)
    • DestinyUnknown
    • Jirachi
    • Pocket
    • tab
    This thread can be used to ask questions or post concerns. One thing we hope to accomplish is losing the sense of feeling "lost" in Rate My Team. If you feel like you should be recognized for your efforts and we haven't contacted you, please post here or privately PM us. We want to work with everyone to make RMT a better place overall. Remember, Rating Basics will still be available for everyone to practice rating, but this program will solely work with people on the right track. Finally, thank you to Bloo, Haunter, and kd24 for running the original Rating 102 team, and mostwanted, San_Pellegrino, and New World Order for participating.
  2. Jirachee

    Jirachee Congratulations Canada for finishing the tunnel to China!
    is a Tutoris an official Team Rateris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor Alumnus
    RMT Co-Leader

    Sep 24, 2010
    Rating 102

    Rating 102 is basically, the Battling 101 of Rate My Team. If you are putting the required effort in RMT, but find yourself a bit lost when it comes to rating, this is a thread for you. If you only need some help improving the quality of your rates, this is good for you too. Basically, if you're not an official Team Rater yet, and want to become one, but you aren't good enough, you should sign up for this program.

    It's a fairly easy concept. Once you sign up for this program, you will be assigned one of the available tutors. This tutor will give you tips and help you improve your rates. All tutors are qualified for this as they are official Team Raters themselves.

    Once you are assigned a tutor, you are encouraged to join #ratemyteam on synirc so you can talk in real time with your tutor and other official Team Raters.

    In order to sign up, you must PM Jirachi, undisputed, and Harsha with the following information, following this template:
    Once you have PMed us with that information, be patient and in the next few days you should receive a PM from your tutor. If you don't get one, don't panic, it may be just because there aren't enough available tutors at the moment. Don't worry though, you'll be informed via PM if such a situation occurs.

    Here is an example of what your PM should look like:

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