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RBY Team (Back to the good old days!)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Agest, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Agest


    Sep 14, 2012
    This is my RBY team I put together for some battles with a few friends and it's turned out quite nicely, however I am always looking for suggestions and ideas on how to improve the team. RBY UU is a very limiting format if you want to use relatively competitive pokemon so even the smallest of advantages count.

    Body Slam
    Fire Blast
    Fire Spin

    Rapidash is generally my lead due to it's speed and immediate ability to threaten with agility should it happen to force a switch on a grass type sleep inducer such as Parasect or Tanglea. Body Slam is the attack of choice here and takes advantage of Rapidash's respectable attack stat while also providing a chance at paralysis. Fire Blast is only here for the easy killing of grass types and doesn't get used all too often. Rapidash's real purpose is to set up agility and then fire spin to win when it gets the chance.

    Body Slam
    Hyper Beam

    This guy is a powerhouse. His job is to use a combination of powerful physical/special attacks to rip holes in the enemy's team, while still being bulky enough to take hits for other more fragile sweepers I need to pull out. He also plays nicely with my Dugtrio by drawing out electric attacks to provide dugtrio with a free switch in. I used to have a Dewgong in this spot and I have to say, I've never looked back.

    Hyper Beam
    Sand Attack?

    Dugtrio is a fun pokemon as well as an excellent shock absorber. His speed also allows him to function as an effecitve revenge killer. Sure, his defenses are equivalent to that of a newborn kitten, but if dugtrio takes a hit before I allow it, it was my own fault in the first place. I've finished many games with dugtrio alive and well without ever taking a hit. It's always nice to have a high crit rate on your slash or earthquake and even hyper beam in less than ideal situations. As I mentioned before, Dugtrio plays well with Gyarados and fairly completely shuts down Jolten, the electric type my team fears. I'm also considering trying a Sandslash in this slot for some added resiliency at the loss of speed (and plus sandshrew is my favorite pokemon!).

    Fire Blast

    Whereas Dugtrio dies to almost anything, Weezing can afford to take hits. This is my physical wall of choice (and it's not like he's weak specially either). I pull out the weezing when I need something to soak up damage and threaten the offending pokemon back with a strong retaliatory attack. When Weezing outlives it's usefulness or all else fails, it is always ready and willing to lay down it's life for the good of the team.

    Thunder Wave

    This is one pokemon I initially overlooked but upon second glance, I saw him for the gem he really is. His strong base 115 Special and pure psychic defensive typing allow me to overlook his extremely shallow offensive movepool. And when i say extremely shallow, I mean he has psychic. That's it. But that's ok. I use hypno as a hit and run pokemon that comes in to soak up the damage from special attacks and retaliate with a status effect or stab psychic on targets that don't resist it. Reflect is there in case my opponent gives me a chance to double his defense and go on a rampage. It's a real shame Hypno can't learn amnesia.

    Drill Peck
    Body Slam
    Hyper Beam

    The bird to end all birds. Stab Drill peck and normal typing make Dodrio a fearsome sweeper that will eat grass types alive and put sizable dents in anything that doesn't resist normal attacks (Basically the very few rock types that exist in UU). Hyper Beam will finish off anything wounded from relatively high health. With an agility under it's belt, there's not much that can stop this bird's rampage. Sure, you can wall Dodrio with Onix, but that means....you're playing Onix. The only ones to watch out for are Kabutops and Omastar, both of which are easily handled by Gyarados or Weezing.

    Well, that's the team so if you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions please leave me a post full of advice!
  2. Crystal_

    Crystal_ I ruined RBY!
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    Dec 20, 2009
    Consider Articuno and Moltres over Weezing and Rapidash. Weezing is a very mediocre pokemon at best and Moltres is basically a superior version to any other fire-type.

    Rock Slide is the prefered option for Dugtrio's last slot. The Hyper Beam slot is a filler albeit i think Body Slam might come in handy more often that Hyper Beam.

    I don't see Reflect on Hypno being useful. If Hypno is healthy physical attackers like Dodrio, Kanga, Nidoking or Dugtrio will simply switch out, and if Hypno is low healtysh it will either die to one hit or you should be Twaving/Psychicing them anyway. I'd give him Seismic Toss instead. Or maybe Counter (is works on Stosses from Hypno/Kadabra too).

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