RBY Team Tournament (Round 3)

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Fool Hi and I are trying to get our match done... but he lives in Hawaii which is -10... We'll have to wait for the weekend, unfortunatly.


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due to the fact that I am the best I saved my team from elimination with a 3-0 win over a very skilled 0_o.

gg sir.
sorry chronicles, holyknight, and siphai, but you all know that im trying my best to get the match done... well anyway, now's the weekend, and heres my chance. siphai if youre online now... yeah, go netbattle now. rawr.
Wow, not only did I completely miss that, but I haven't seen you on Netbattle all weekend. I have been on Netbattle pretty much all of the weekend too (Damn rain), so that sucks. =/

The deadline is today =/ so Fool Hi, if you have any chance of reading this in the next, like, two hours, get on Netbattle right away. Also, I have honestly not been for lacking of trying to get this fight done.
very odd; i was on NB most of the time because of rain as well... can't believe we couldn't get our matches done. and when you posted your last message, i was still in school...


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Funny thing is I see him everyday :( Just gonna coin toss to be fair.

Using this : http://shazam.econ.ubc.ca/flip/

Toss 1
Noobster --> Heads
Holyknight --> Tails
Toss --> Heads
Winner --> Noobster

Toss 2
Siphai --> Heads
Fool_Hi --> Tails
Toss --> Heads
Winner --> Siphai

Wow, heads is luckier. Posting next round pairings in a bit.
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