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Are trade backs from GSC allowed in RBY UU? If so, it might be neat to have a Petal Dance Golduck, especially since it gets amnesia and it is essentially would like HP Grass for a Gen 1 game.
RBY tradebacks would have a different tier set with its own UU based on RBY Tradebacks OU.

OU is the same ban-wise for both non-tradebacks and tradebacks because Mew and Mewtwo being broken for both is so clear cut.
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The ladder's back in action, so let's talk balance issues. There have been complaints in the past about Articuno, Dragonite, and Moltres. I'd like to hear the community's thoughts on those mons in particular, as next month we'll be doing an RBY UU Test ladder (for the staff's pick) without whichever ones are still considered busted. Hopefully, that'll give us better insight on how the format fares both with and without those mons, and we can opt to just ban them for real if there's a significant improvement. This won't be a formal suspect test or anything; we'll just be going by community response.

Also, if anyone has cool replays or sample teams they'd like to share, those would also be fly. Always cool to have extra resources so more peeps can hop into the format quickly. On that note, the RoA PS Room has 3 sample teams already :3
I don't really find them OP at all. Actually I don't see them used that much. Never encountered Nite or Moltres (in battles I played or watched), personally I started out using Articuno but soon I found out that it's simply 1-dimensional and gets walled easily by the likes of Tentacurel (now this is an OP mon in UU!) or Omastar. Seen Articuno used a few times by other players but not nearly as much as I initially thought he would be.

I think that even though they have amazing base stats they're too limited in their play. Cuno and Moltres can only use their stab and hyper beam (Omastar ;) ), while Nite seems to outclassed by Tentacruel as a wrapper simply because tentacruel outspeed 90% of mons without the need of agility. Also it hits harder from the special side. A non-wrapper DNite set might be interesting though. However Dragonite will have to face the issues of no-stab moves and horrible 4xweakness to ice which means that previously mentioned cruel and omastar ohkoes him with blizzard.
After playing over 150 games on the Gen1 UU ladder, here is how I would rank the Gen1 UU tier. I don't see any Pokemon as broken, and if we start banning things, it will just snowball into more getting banned, and other things being deemed broken/over powered. It isn't a very centralized tier, like Gen1 OU, meaning you can never fully cover every threat with just 6 Pokemon.

Current # of viable Pokémon in the tier: 19

S Rank


A+ Rank
A Rank
Articuno, Dragonite, Kangaskan
A- Rank
Dugtrio, Kadabra

B+ Rank
Electabuzz, Moltres
B Rank
Dodrio, Haunter, Omastar, Persian
B- Rank
Raichu, Vaporeon, Victreebel

C+ Rank
C Rank
Golduck, Poliwrath

Anything that is not on this list above, may have some niche uses, but should be the main choices. The one's listed below, can be some what viable, but are out classed by the ones listed above.

Notable mentions:
Blastoise, Charizard, Clefable, Dewgong, Fearow, Mr. Mime, Sandslash, Tangela, Venasaur