Gen 1 RBY with no trades or glitches allowed


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Or what I like to call a "single-play" RBY, since every team can be obtained by a single glitch-free runthrough of one version of the game. The rules, in addition to the standard clauses (OHKO, Evasion, Ubers), would be as follows:

  • You may use each TM as many times as you can gather them glitch-free in the game. For most TMs, this means you get one use, but for moves you get from the Celadon Game Corner or Shop, you get as many as you want.
  • Pokemon where you must choose between different mons (e.g., Kabuto v. Omanyte, the Eeveelutions, the Starters, the Hitmons), you may only have one on your team and cannot trade or use glitches to get more than one.
  • You may not trade or glitch to gain trade-only evolutions (e.g., no Golem or Alakazam).
  • You may not trade or glitch to gain two Pokemon from different versions (e.g., having both Persian and Arbok on the same team is prohibited). This also goes for Pokemon that get new moves between versions (e.g., you cannot have Fly Charizard and Jynx on the same team, although non-Fly Charizard and Jynx are perfectly legal together).
  • For clarity, the versions in use are the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions released outside Japan, so no trying funny combinations because it was "legal in Japan".
What would work best in an RBY metagame that abided by these rules in addition to the standard clauses? I'm thinking that Lapras and Snorlax would be among the best because they're relatively TM-light: Snorlax's only non-renewable TM on its standard set is EQ, whereas Lapras' is Thunderbolt and maybe Blizzard if you choose it over Ice Beam/Hydro. Hypno might be preferred over its cousin Kadabra (Zam is banned) because of its superior BST. Exeggutor would still be very popular, as would Jynx, as both get their best moves through level-up anyway. Dragonite probably is great, as it requires NO non-renewable TMs (except maybe Blizzard>Surf or Double-Edge>Hyper Beam) to get its standard set. Some mons that would likely be less popular are Rhydon and Starmie for being TM hogs.

Anybody have any other ideas of what a competitive "single-play" RBY would look like?
I can see HM04 Stregth as a good option to replace Body Slam if you need more than one in your team

Graveler could rise as it learns EQ and Rock Throw via level up, which Rhydon can't. It also gets Explosion
It's interesting that the super standard team of Alakazam | Chansey | Exeggutor | Snorlax | Tauros | Golem with super standard movesets except for one EQ (Snorlax could run Surf+Hyper Beam or Amnesia) can still be made unless I am missing something.
If in-game trades are allowed, I think you can get Machamp if you're doing a Yellow team as there's a trainer in the game that trades you a Machoke, and obviously it evolves when you receive it.
It's easier to make the standard physical sets work than the special ones. You could run Tauros, Snorlax, Rhydon, Persian, and Dodrio all on the same team without losing much (Tauros/Snorlax don't get Earthquake, Dodrio/Rhydon don't get Body Slam).

But Starmie and Chansey will have to compete for Thunder Wave and I think that'll make a big difference in the metagame.