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really lold this out

Discussion in 'Moderator Discussion' started by Mekkah, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Mekkah

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    Feb 8, 2005
    Originally posted by the Dragonanus dude in the Celebi thread on the GSC boards. I deleted the message but it should be stored because it's just too funny.

    "I think one reason why the Smogon Community seems to have problems with certain Pokémon is because of the fact that all Smogons have the same team building style, which is, instead of creating a team consisting of six strong Pokémon, they create a team which consists of six Pokémon which aren't all strong, but they form a powerful system together. For example, while I create a team consisting of six strong Pokémon which all can defeat almost anything, the majority of the people of Smogon use teams in which the Pokémon all have different roles. For example, the Smogon people switch to Skarmory when the enemy has a physical attacker, they switch to Blissey when the enemy has a Special Attacker, they switch to their Snorlax to use Curse when they see an opening, they switch to Jumpluff when the situation calls for it and so on, and by doing this, their teams are pretty much a system which can respond to danger or attack at an opening. The power of these teams are magnificent as a whole, but obviously, all teams have weaknesses. One issue with teams which forms a "system" rather than having six strong Pokémon, is obviously the fact that when one Pokémon in the system faints, the rest of the system slowly crumbles with it afterwards, as the enemy exploits the little defect in the system. Another issue is that just because the team forms a powerful battling system as a whole, does not mean that all the Pokémon in the team are strong by themselves. Because of this, the enemy can just send out a powerful Pokémon against one of the weaker Pokémon in your "system", and then attack your stronger Pokémon hard while it is switching in. Obviously, a "system" team requires a lot of switching back and forth, so obviously, there are many annoying issues with them such as being attacked on the switch. This is why so many Smogons considers it a problem when they encounter a Pokémon which only one of their Pokémon can fight evenly against, but that Pokémon always gets damaged heavily on the switch. This explains why so many Smogons struggles against Pokémon like Celebi and Snorlax, and why they consider it so neccessary to be able to switch into things and counter them. Celebi has the ability to use Leech Seed to annoy and stall some of the system team's weaker Pokémon, while it switches out when the system team brings out its stronger members. And Snorlax is a Pokémon which loves it when the enemy switches, as it hits hard many Pokémon (which would otherwise beat it easily) on the switch (for example, its Double-Edge hits hard Machamp on the switch), and it can Lovely Kiss Skarmory on the switch before Belly Drumming. Since Snorlax's strongest move, Double-Edge is a Normal-type attack, it is often a bad idea to switch your current Pokémon out when the enemy sends out a Snorlax, as although Snorlax's Double-Edge destroys many Pokémon easily in three hits, it cannot destroy many Pokémon in two hits since it does not hit anything super effectively. So switching out your Pokémon when the enemy sends out a Snorlax is a bad idea, as you're only giving Snorlax a free turn to either hit your Pokémon hard on the switch, Lovely Kiss your Pokémon on the switch or the worst, use Belly Drum while you're switching. Although it is a bad idea to switch, many "system teams" cannot help it as the enemy usually sends out a Snorlax when you have out a Pokémon which cannot do anything to it, and then they Belly Drum while you waste a turn switching to a Pokémon which can deal with Snorlax (but it's too late once they Belly Drummed, and that Pokémon you switch to losses as well). However, Snorlax is no problem for non-system teams, as (atleast for Me) every member of a non-system team should be able to be a threat to Snorlax (as they are to every other Pokémon) without having to switch out. Celebi is also not a problem, as the power of a non-system team crushes it.

    However, this is not to say that a "system team" is inferior compared to a team consisting of all strong Pokémon. I'm just pointing out the weakness of the type of team most popular among Smogons."
  2. Judgement

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    May 24, 2006
    what the hell.... lol

    btw i kept reading his name as Dragonanus, too.
  3. Misty

    Misty oh
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    Mar 8, 2005
    wall of text, didn't read
  4. Carl

    Carl or Varl
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    Dec 23, 2004
    Summary of wall of text:
    Role pokemon are bad because if one dies the whole system fails. Use 6 strong attacking pokemon like Celebi instead.

    edit: well whatever he's banned cause he trolled over in congregation
  5. Jumpman16

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    Dec 19, 2004
    wall of text; read cause im a nerd. his argument is ridiculously flawed cause in gsc how many pokemon can actually pose an immediate threat to a full health Lovely Kiss Belly Drum Snorlax? the answer is <6 without question and you don't have to be a gsc expert to know that

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