BW OU Reflections - A team by Stone_Cold (peaked #1)

min min, I will face a ferrothorn any day of the week. Dragonite sets up on it 90% of the time, and I don't mean to sound cocky, but they have to outpredict me to get a t-wave off and that just doesn't happen. normally the routine is, they sr, nite comes in, I sub, they t-wave or leech seed, i roost gyro doesn't break sup. then i dd, and stall the next 7 gyros with sub-roost patterns. :) focus blast from tornadus is also a OHKO and Hurricane does like 70%, reversal from duggy also does a big amount of damage. it's not a big thread once you face it, however on paper it may seem so.

When I see CM Latias, normally i perish song, then when it comes back in to set up, i bring in dnite, i can normally survive a dpulse at 90% at +1 but i try to always have multi scale so i can dd and then kill it. If tornadus is in, Hurricane can 2hko at +1 and it shrugs off a dpulse as well. I haven't had much trouble w/ cm latias. another pokemon that looks dangerous on paper.

also, 4 RBY pokes: ballin? i think so


Where'd they come from? And where are they headed?
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I'm flattered <3

I don't think I "invented" it since I remember seeing it in some old RMT (maybe Water Bomb's?) although I might've helped popularize it idk. I've definitely used it successfully for a pretty long period (and I came up with the HP IVs, true story bros, which I should clarify allows Duggy to switch into Chansey / Blissey's Stoss without losing its full power Reversal).

It's a great team and I've always enjoyed playing against it (especially since our teams are pretty similar). That fucking Dnite screwed me over so many times (I can hear Yondie laughing). I'll we waiting to see what you cook up for next wcop. Looking forward to next season man.


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There are a few threats that have the potential to really give you a hard time if you don't play correctly. SD Toxicroak, for one, grabs a free +2 off of Politoed's Hydro Pump - Duggy's Sash won't always be intact, so most of the time you'll have to sacrifice something in order for Jolteon to come in to dodge Sucker Punch with Sub [which still isn't guaranteed to work against a good player]. Another potential problem is Rock Polish Terrakion - it sets up on Politoed's choiced Ice Beam, and from there you needto have one of these three: Duggy's Sash intact / Dragonite's MultiScale intact / Politoed at full health [this last one doesn't even work if Terra is carrying Life Orb since with the boost, it does 100% minimum]. Lastly, you have no way to stop SD Lucario if it sets up and Duggy's Sash is gone.

If you don't want to replace anybody, you have to play with extreme caution once you see one of these three threats in team preview - either keep Duggy's Sash intact or give minimal setup opportunities. However, if you are feeling like trying something new, I think CB Azumarill would do well; it revenges the latter two threats with an insanely strong rain-boosted Aqua Jet, and it helps you deal with sand sweepers like Excadrill / Landorus more easily. It does give Toxicroak another chance to set-up, however...I think it's at least worth trying.

Great team Stone, congrats on #1.
You should really use bp on jolteon instead of volt switch. This lets duggy come in with its sash intact against stuff like ninetales and ttar every time and BPing a sub to dnite if it still has multiscale could be gg right there.


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On Tornadus: Dark Pulse is obviously filler, but as other people have suggested, there are other things you can throw in there. While a bunch of people have suggested Taunt or Tailwind, I would like to suggest Rain Dance. Rain Dance could be very helpful to remove Sandstorm if Politoed is gone. It would also remove weather from the game after 5 turns, which could benefit your offensive core (minus Jolteon, but no weather is still better than SS or Sun)
You should really use bp on jolteon instead of volt switch. This lets duggy come in with its sash intact against stuff like ninetales and ttar every time and BPing a sub to dnite if it still has multiscale could be gg right there.

That's a cool idea, I didn't think much of it. I could see where that is beneficial, I'll have to give it a try :)


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That dragonite set has been my fav poke through most of 5th gen(diff EVs). Nice to see it used so well :) But now I feel I'll have to prepare to face it as people are sure to follow your lead and use it now BOOOO. But overall love the team props for subroostdnite
I wish my pokemons together averaged 2.1667 kills a game :(

Oh consider HP Grass over Thunderbolt on Starmie for obvious reasons (also stronger against Rotom-W)


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#37 kind of team i love to play (and i only play in fact).
I'm also a huge fan of ScarfToed but the accuracy of Hydro Pump has dumped me a lot of time, especially on Toed which is your weather inducer. Since Focus Blast is quite useless on the scarf toed, and Hp Grass isn't really the better option on it. I -personnaly- use Surf with Hydro Pump/Ice Beam and Hypnosis/PSong. The accuracy is really helpful, especially on ScarfToed which hits like a bitch even with Surf.

Also, since Tbolt on Starmie doesn't hit really hard on things like Jellicent, i would recommand to play either HP Grass (Gastrodon and Rotom-W, but Hpump hits it hard enought under Rain) or even Toxik, to cripple Latias/Jellicent and Gastrodon which think they're able to stay on Starmie.

Apart from that, i really love that team. I would luvdisc over nine thousand if i could. I'm surely going to give a try to the ScarfToed/Dugtrio combo, and i think i'm gonna play Tornadus with them.

Excellent team. It pretty much shows how powerful rain is, even after the drizzleswim ban. Gastrodon causes a lot of headaches for this team though, so using Grass Knot > Dark Pulse on Tornadus seems better to me. But still, badass team nigga.

great team. Tornadus is just one of those nigs who can just wreck shit up given the chance, I've experienced that myself. Also, that Dragonite is a complete baller and an ass to beat. If you came up with that, you're a goddess.

I also like the female pokemon, I do that too lol. every one of my pokemon that can be female is. (and it's a little weird that some can't, but w/e)
Well I counted every match I ever had and I counted up every kill every pokemons had, and then I realized, im the best and thats why it's dat 13! <3 Can't reveal my secrets.

edit: cleaned up my thread and added current sets, i didn't update the export but if you guys would like me to i can.

edit: updated the export
Very nice team, love how you use Tornadus and Dragonite for the sweep. I see some threats but it's so minor and you can beat them with good predictions. Only thing I want to see is how you play with this team.

If you want, get a good battle were you use Dragonite well and post it on the website, where it will make a replay of the battle, then post it here. I'm curios on seeing how you play with this team.


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^ I'm also curious as to how this team functions. It seems to heavily rely on prediction and keeping the momentum to prevent from getting swept. U-turns and Baton Pass / Volt Switch definitely helps. Dragonite is also clutch, because it seems like it can set up on so many mons. Glad you're packing HP Grass on Starmie (and Politoed), since Gastro seems like a bitch to this team (the lack of Ice Beam on many Gastros makes them set-up bait for DNite, though).
Man, Stone Cold this team is awesome. I have always wanted to see a rain offense team peak #1 as rain offense teams are my favorite to battle with and build. Also, that subDD D-nite is just plain nasty; I just won 2 back to back 1v6s with it.