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Release the Jirachi!

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Dukewarrior13, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Dukewarrior13


    Jul 9, 2012
    Hello everyone! This is my first stall team because im more of a balanced offensive guy. But after a while the skarmorys and gliscors were starting to get to me. Finally I had enough! I decided to be apart of the hax a frustrate people to tears. Behold my first stall team! (I am going to kinda skip the team building process because i dont have a lot of time here.)​

    Nature: Jolly
    128 Hp/ 128 Att/ 252 Spe
    Item: King's Rock
    Ability: Serene Grace​

    Iron Head
    Zen Headbutt
    Body Slam​

    Ok i know everyone hates this little guy. That is exactly why i am using him. He doesnt have many weakness and can take down walls and sweepers alike. He is my check and counter to a good portion of pokemon. I did hear that the jirachi/king's rock combo is illegal. Is this true? If so I can give him leftovers.​

    Nature: Jolly
    252 Hp/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe
    Item: Toxic Orb
    Ability: Toxic Heal​

    Stealth Rock

    I am using the rare form of Gliscor, the lead version. It has great synergy with Jirachi and does its job pretty well most of the time. I dont feel that it really fits the stalling image of my team. I know however that gliscor has given trouble over the past 2 years of online pokemon. I cant use a subdance set because I need stealth rocks.​

    Nature: Bold
    252 Hp/ 4 Def/ 252 SpD
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Prankster​

    Foul Play

    Sableye is an annoying little ghost. With no weakness, can stall almost anything, and has the ability prankster. I really have no complaints for this pokemon. I use him over other prankster users because I have a lot of experience using him. Actually Flaming Spade on youtube inspired me to use sableye. Thanks Spade!​

    Nature: Modest
    252 Hp/ 128 SpA/ 128 Spe
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Serene Grace​

    Heal Bell
    Tri Attack
    Aura Sphere
    Air Slash​

    I am kinda confused about this pokemon. It looks could on paper and has an interesting combo with serene grace and tri attack but....Jirachi already preforms its role already and doesnt really pull its weight. Any other options? I would like a pokemon that is reliable, has all around good defense and good SpA?(It cannot be Arceus!) Too much to ask for? ​

    Nature: Bold
    252 Hp/ 128 SpA/ 128 SpD
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Levitate​

    Calm Mind

    Cresselia has a lot of potential. It can become a staller or a bulky special sweeper. My only concern is that it might be doing too much. What do you think? This is my first time using Cresselia so im not too experienced using it. having Calm Mind with only one move to use it is sort of wierd I think.​

    Nature: Modest
    252 Hp/ 148 Def/ 108 SpD
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Rain Dish​

    Rapid Spin

    I figured since Blastoise is a beast in UU why cant i use it in OU? So basically what I wanted was a bulky rapid spinner and blastoise was the first to come to mind. My only complaint is his lack of recovery but then again all the bulky rapid spinners that can recover, suck. (Delibird and Cryoganal)​

    So that is my team! I hope you like it! If my team turns out to be a complete fail remember that this is my first stall team and that im not a noob. I have been playing pokemon 6 out of my 13 years of existance.​

    Subjects for Comenting
    • Jircahi's Item​
    • Gliscor's Set​
    • A replacement for Togekiss​
    • Cresselia's role​
    • Blastoise's lack of recovery​
  2. morningsun


    Jul 18, 2012
    As far as your togekiss is concerned its role is to be a hax lord along side jirachi. However to do this it must run air slash, which also gets a 60% flinch chance with serene grace. Excluding starmie, delibird, and cryoganal, there are no Pokemon who can rapid spin (for all the wise ***** out there I am not taking smeargle into consideration) and recover. And we all know how reliable delibird is. That leaves cryoganal and starmie, the latter of which is pretty frail and will often not find the comfort of being able to actually recover. Blastoise seems fine on your team. Cresselia might be better suited to using dual screens. This will allow your team to take hits even better than it already seems to. I will mention the one Pokemon not on your priority list, sabeleye. A better prankster user might be whimsicott. Another Pokemon that your team seems to be asking for is roserade for spikes and toxic spikes support. You may want to consider using either over sabeleye. Gliscor seems fine as is. Your team needs stealth rock and you only have 4 move slots so if you decided to run subdance, then you'd end up with only enough space for one attacking move and end up lacking roost. The jirachi thing I'm unsure of, but I am sure of one thing: if you don't add to your descriptions this thread can and will most probably be shut down. Take my advice and edit while you still can.

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