Request: Other Metagames Hub Banner

Approved by Zracknel

Like LC and Ubers, Other Metagames needs its own banner for its hub. The idea DTC and I would the logo to have the text "Other Metagames", with hexagons surrounding it featuring Pokemon that star in an other metagame. There would be "large" hexagons and smaller hexagons. In particular, we would like 3 larger hexagons. One would have Deoxys-s (BH), another would have Chandelure (DWOU) and the final one would have Ursaring(Glitchmons). The smaller hexagons' (less popular metagames') Pokemon are up to you; just make sure they're adequate in their respective tier first

I attempted this myself but I'm incompetent at drawing mons. I'm posting it here so you have a general gist as to what we're looking for

Although, if you have your own idea, feel free to go with it =)
Hmm, maybe something like this, but with better and more legible text? (I'm terrible at fonts...) Sorry for the quality, I'm trying to get my scanner working, but it's proving difficult.

I've not drawn any of these Pokemon before; it probably shows. :P I'll fix it up digitally if it is worth pursuing.

From left to right: Deoxys-S (BH), Tomohawk (CAP), Garchomp (suspect test), Chandelure (Dream World), Ursaring (Glitchmons), and Slaking (Pure Hackmons).


The costume fits Just a little too tight
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That looks amazing. Garchomp is a bit hard to make out (also the guy in the top left corner, but otherwise perfect.
Sorry about the wait! I only just now got my scanner working and didn't want to have to digitally refine from a blurry webcam picture, and guess at what the lines were. Here's the scanned version- MUCH clearer- and I'll begin computerizing it and smoothing it out now. Thank you! c: Hopefully Garchomp and Tomohawk are easier to make out now.

Here's the finished version but... I'm not very good at digital art compared to traditional, so this is subpar in my opinion and anyone is free to tweak or completely redo or anything they feel like doing.