Research Group #3 - Sawsbuck, Articuno, Duosion

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NU is a tier where many Pokemon are usable, and there are a ton of different options. Research Group aids in helping explore the tier. Who knows, maybe in future tier changes one of these Pokemon can be incredibly useful, potentially being able to check the new threats well. Maybe one of these Pokemon may find uses in other tiers and is not just a simple throw-away Pokemon, unlike some unfortunate Pokemon in NU.

Some rules:

  • Be open-minded. Don't just say something is terrible and walk away; at least look into them and see what options they may be able to utilize.
  • Feel free to theorymon, but make it clear that you are theorymon'ing. At the end of the week, however, I want discussion to move towards how useful the Pokemon actually are in NU, and what sets are effective on them.
  • Just because an analysis has been done for a Pokemon doesn't mean there isn't more to explore; it's quite possible that something might have gone unnoticed or is missing.
  • Do not post in this thread complaining about the Pokemon I choose and/or suggesting ones we should do for future weeks. I want discussion to stay on topic about the 3 Pokemon we are "researching". You'll be able to vote on what Pokemon you want the next Research Group right before it starts (out of a ballot that is determined by me)

The 3 Pokemon that we will be looking into this Research Group are:

How useful are these Pokemon in NU? What sets can they run effectively? What gives them trouble? What advantages do they have over other Pokemon? How well do they work in the metagame? If you have anything to say about any of these Pokemon, please post about them! It doesn't matter if you've used them or have just faced them in battle, anything is fine (but please, do try them). Just be sure to back up your posts with good competitive reasoning. Remember, discussion is not limited to this topic, you are encouraged to talk about these Pokemon in #neverused/#pokemon as well!

Please include more substance in your posts than just "in" and what Pokemon you're using. What sets are you planning on using? What interests you about whatever Pokemon you're using?


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Note: because PO is dead and PS isn't up and running and the ladder system keeps on changing because Zarel is making many modifications to it, there will be no points given out based on ladder this Research Group.

There will now be a point system in Research Group. Whoever has the most points at the end of 10 Research Group's will get a special prize. You can get points through the following methods:
  • Get one of these 5 awards for Research Group: "Best Forum Discusser" (this topic only), "Best IRC Discusser (#pokemon or #neverused)", "Most Innovative", "Most Interesting Set", and "Game-breaking discovery". Each of these will give you 5 points.
  • Win Pokemon challenges. These challenges would be something like "use Synthesis Simisage effectively". Each challenge you complete successfully you get 3 points for.
  • Possibly some additional bonus points~

Pokemon Challenges

  • You must test the sets that you post out
  • You must talk about what the sets do and your experiences with them
  • You may not use any slashes

Note: this is a trial run, so there may be a lot of changes in future Research Group's.

  • Create a set that uses Baton Pass effectively, but doesn't use Swords Dance | Restriction: You can't use Baton Pass as a filler on a choice set
  • Create a set that uses Synthesis effectively

  • Create a set that uses either Agility or Tailwind effectively

  • Create a set that does not use either Calm Mind or Trick Room
  • Create a set that has Regenerator as an ability | Restriction: Regenerator must have some use on the set. Significant enough use where it'd be used over Magic Guard. It can't just be thrown on over Magic Guard when Magic Guard is the better ability on that set.

1. CrashinBoomBang - 21 points
2. FLCL - 13 points
3. Annoyer - 12 points
4. Tribute - 2 points
5. Shovel - 1 point


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I'll test out both an Articuno w/ Tailwind and Duosion w/o CM or TR

Using Showdown(TrollFreak)
I'm in. I've used Saws and Duosion previously so I'm gonna use Articuno. Thinking of Tailwind + U-turn combo.

The fake Mons in IRC got my hopes up.
I'll probably use all three (Not all in one team, obviously, but I'll test them out separately). What I'm probably going to test out the most though is Articuno.

I'll be on PS as BalhBalh.
new to NU, so this should be fun. Gonna try Life Orb 3 attacks Articuno and see how that works :toast:

i'll be on ps as Jimbon or bimjon
I will be joining as secret user, you didn't hear that from me though.

Ok, since I've pestered DTC about Sawsbuck for Research Group for like one month now, I think it's pretty obvious what Pokemon I'm going to use, although I'm tempted to try out Articuno too, since it got Hurricane from the BW2 tutors.

I actually haven't tested out these sets yet, although they interest me.

Sawsbuck (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sap Sipper
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Double-Edge
- Horn Leech
- Synthesis
- Baton Pass

Articuno @ Choice Specs
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Hurricane
- Signal Beam
- U-turn

Articuno @ Life Orb
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 120 HP / 252 SAtk / 136 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Hurricane
- Tailwind
- U-turn

I'll do some midnight laddering and teambuilding (that always works out, right?) and report back


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Duosion and Sawsbuck challenges look fun.

For Sawsbuck probably using Work Up Sub Baton Pass Return with something like mixed Emboar or even Klang as recievers.

For Duosion this looks a bit trickier, but going with all out attacker with Life Orb. Its movepool is good enough to ignore recover for this.

If my alt that I will be usig is needed, I will be: Deer God

About time you guys picked a good mon.
well we can't really ladder so I don't really have an alt. My plan right now is to try a 3 attack set with synthesis and life orb. Though I might try a Baton Pass set in the future.

Since Sawsbuck is pretty strong right off the bat I don't think Swords Dance is really needed on him at all, with STAB Double Edge he can be a really good wall-breaker and possible cleaner.

I really wonder what people will come up with for Duosion, regenerator really doesn't look that appealing, and restricting the two things it does best will make it a challenge to work!
Just wondering Keiran. What does Signal Beam do on Specs Articuno. I think HP Ground would be a much better alternative to nail Steel types that wall Articuno cold otherwise.
Nothing other than Psychic-types like Musharna slightly harder, it was mainly filler. When I was making the moveset, Hidden Power didn't come to mind, for some reason. So yeah, HP Ground would probably be better to Steel-types like Probopass hard.
I'm gonna be Helias on PS! and I'm using Duosion and Sawsbuck. Thinking a Toxic staller set with Regenerator. Gonna try a 3 attacks set on Duosion and a Baton Pass set for Sawsbuck.
Alright, its about time we had another one of these!

Ill use F2H RG 3 as my alt and use sawsbuck and maybe articuno.

I might try a subsynthesis sawsbuck or LO 3 attacks or some shit that probably wont be very good.

LO agility articuno seems pretty interesting, or maybe choiced in some way. tbh idk what im gonna do with these guys, they seem a bit one dimentional to me, except cuno who can do a few things alright.


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In I'll be using Opticare?.

Sawsbuck seems to me the best Grass-counter to exist. Or at least something like that.


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I will be using Duosion and Sawsbuck. Probably won't get around to doing any of the Pokemon Challenges because I like to use standard sets :)

Oh, and alt: Abuse
In. Im definately gonna try sawsbuck since i have been wanting to for a long time. Gonna start out with life orb swords dance set but will eventually try a synthesis set. Will also use articuno eventually. Life orb 3 attcks sounds cool.

Alt: FloMachine
I think I'll try this.
I'll try Sawsbuck and Articuno.Ive used Sawsbuck before and might as well try out a different set on her other than standard CB or SD.Might try SubSD Baton Pass.
And Articuno I haven't tried before but want to.Maybe Focus Sash Tailwind with Spin Support.
Alt on PS!:BHTest


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Haha awesome. I'd enter, but I've been using Articuno for the last few months anyways. Might go for Duosion later if I have time, but that's probably not going to happen. An all-out offensive set with Psychic / Signal Beam / HP Ground / Recover seems interesting.

alt: Squishy

yeah, I've already used Sawsbuck, but that was with Swords Dance. Might try him as a SubPasser...

Oh and obviously my staple 'mon will be Duosion.
So Sawsbuck with both Baton Pass and Synthesis has been somewhat underwhelming so far. It's either too weak or too frail, most of the time I was spamming Baton Pass against things Sawsbuck forced out, like Golem or Carracosta. A SubPass set like Cherub mentioned sounds a little bit better, so I'll try that out next.

Regarding Duosion and the challenges you've set for it, I think a Trick + Flame Orb set would be best. With it, Duosion can cripple the obnoxious Dark-types that switch into Duosion, namely Absol and Skuntank.

Duosion (F) @ Flame Orb
Trait: Magic Guard
EVs: 248 HP / 252 SAtk / 8 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
  • Psychic
  • Signal Beam
  • Hidden Power [Ground]
  • Trick

With Magic Guard, Duosion is immune to all passive damage, including burn. Psychic is the obligatory STAB move, while Signal Beam hits opposing Psychic- and Dark-types, such as Musharna and Cacturne. Hidden Power Ground is pretty much purely for Skuntank, despite its decreased usage.
I've wanted to join one of these groups for a while. I'll try out Articuno and Duosion. I think Articuno could use Agility to help it in stalling and Duosion could probably run a Specs set alongside Regenerator.

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