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Research Week 1 - Chingling, Golett, and Deerling

Discussion in 'BW LC' started by Ray Jay, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. iss

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    Jun 5, 2009
    The Pomeg Glitch has only been proven to work in Gen III, and Golett was introduced in Gen V. Deerling also seems pretty good- it's stronger than the other bulky Grass-types, and has Thunder Wave to boot. It just feels a little bit lacking stat-wise though.
  2. Methmite


    Jun 11, 2010
    Well here's my rundown of Deerling:
    I ran into intially thinking "Oh I'll run horn leach and some other moves and makea bulky counter to the world and its brothers." Well, deerling doesnt have horn leach. So then i was like "Well, giga drain will... oh wait." So my initial ideas with Deerling were shot outa the water because i thought Horn leach was learned in Prevo.

    After that; I began running your set, and it worked well enough. If you saw my "Beat that baby" post; you may have seen my small changes to the set. I moved some EV's around, since (especially w/ Eviolite and LC's small differentiations) points into defenses gives better bulk than points in HP.

    I also found my self liking Sap Sipper a lot. While grass isnt the most common attacking type, It really lets deerling capitalize on it's "bulky attacker"-ish job, as a +1 Double Edge backed by Recovery is nothing to scoff at; even if its synthesis. While Feint attack proved useful to say fuck you to Gastlys and the Goletts from other Pokesearchers; I found myself really wishing i had better coverage with my moves. Deerling isnt really given the worlds best offensive choices, and I eventually settled on Nature Power (Jump/Double Kick were the other moves I tried on it). Some of the common mon's I switched into were things like Chinchou and Lileep and Ferroseed. The ability to hit these mons for at least Neutral damage gave Deerling something to do past being a decent switch in. Dealing with ghosts isnt too hard, as almost all (golett, with its sex typing, is the exception) are crippled by a switch-in Twave, and can then be trapped with the Stunky I ran with it to much success.

    In short: Deerling impressed me. I never really thought It would have the oomph to take things down, especially after the depressing experience I had with Golett. I also think people need to *stop* using clorophyll unless their team is Sun-based. Sap-sipper is a *really* good ability when abused; and I garuntee you, you will see more sap sipper boosts than clorophyll procs. (This gets into my theory as to why rain and sun (assuming vulpix stays banned) will never be viable in LC, but thats for a different time in a different thread).

    While its power and bulk often surprised me: being fighting weak is never good; and while it can say fuck off to some with T-wave, you still have to switch something into a powerful HJK or Drain Punch, so running a Ghost with it is a REALLY good idea. My team while practicing with it was Mienfoo / Deerling / Stunky / Gastly / Chinchou / Anorith. Its worth noting my team for Research in gerneal is Mienfoo / X / Stunky / X / Chinchou / Anorith
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