Returning to Our Roots NOC Mafia - GAME OVER: The Mafia Wins

L-1 is more pressuring than L-7. Much more pressuring. And this is needed especially because of mithrils unwillingness to talk.

Besides, MB/NWO are all off the table for the moment and I'm still waiting for AG to reply, so my vote has nowhere better to go.
Metal Bagon I like your avatar

*twiddles thumbs for Mithril while he is currently reading the thread*

EDIT: i agree with OD's logic and yes L-1 is one below
Alright, I've had my mind on other things the last couple of days, so while I've been keeping up with the game I haven't really put in the time to get my head around what's been going on. Give me like ten or fifteen minutes to go back through the thread and I'll edit this post with my thoughts
Your argument on list of reads is god I don't even want to talk about it. Even I knew that my "scum don't sub out" was if anything still a RVS reasoning. You taking this listing=scum
I already explained why, and that it was something of a gut feeling + past experiences.
I honestly don't care at this point in time how you worded it. All I know is that you've actively been trying to push only the largest bandwagon in town. Only. Ever. Actions speak louder than words, and I still feel that you're scum going for an easy lynch.
Or I was just plain suspicious of him? And now in Mithril's case, it's so that he'll talk.
You having the same reads as me is probably something to do with above point. Trying to go with the flow, not attract too much attention but still putting on a show of pro-town by posting a lot, etc.
Nope. It's all that my suspicions are *mostly* the same as yours because the people one of us is suspicious of acted enough so that both of us noticed.
I thought my RVS info request was obvious. I wanted to know the playstyles of people to see what to expect. Um...
Never seen it done before. And I believe someone has mentioned that actions speak louder than words...
Changing votes, I assure you, is not a scumtell. I swear, you list the weirdest things.
Not alone, it's not. But taken with everything else I mentioned, it's a lot more so.
Here's why I keep saying grasping at straws:
I list you as scum
You come up with a variety of strange 'reasons', among them listing, changing votes, and RVS info requests as scum. You're trying to build a case on me using evidence that doesn't exist. Sounds hilariously desperate if anything else.
I have never seen RVS info requests before, so how was I to know anything about that, I have only ever seen listing as 1) mafia trying to mole the village or 2) CONFIRMED village leaders giving that as instructions for in case they're killed. The evidence does exist, it's just that each piece individually is mostly useless. Combined, and added to gut feeling, however... yeah. And changing votes... I already answered that, I think. And desperate? Sure, we have two power roles claiming, which except for an inspector finding mafia is two roles - not just power roles - too many. I'd rather not be forced to claim or be lynched, since that will only hand the mafia either a target or someone to ignore until later.
Anyone else want to ring in?

@Zorbees, how much would you say your playstyle is gut-based?
Does not need a reply from me.


/me huggles
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Ditto: Promotes discussion, or rather, promotes other talking while he listens. While having people talk is good, not talking much yourself isn't that good. I'm not yet sure what to think here.
Yeah sorry. I have always been one to sit back and assess before I attack. That coupled with the fact of IRL problems has made it so I have not been participating as much in discussion as I would like. This will hopefully change if I am able to stay in the game.

In the mean time, while Ditto had some good insight and direction at the beginning of the game, he hasn't said too much recently and I'd like to hear his thoughts. And he seems to be online right now which would help increase productivity.
Well here it is.

  • With no counterclaim for NWO, I think we need to trust him for now. Maybe inspector can try and clean him or something, but definitely not a lynch today.
  • Metal Bagon looks the most suspicious to me, but I am slightly hesitant because he claims a power role. Although that could easily be a last ditch effort to save him from a lynch. I agree that it'd be dangerous for 2 power roles
  • While Aura Guardian might seem defensive, but then again OD seems fairly offensive.
  • I never really understand if kok is trying to troll and failing or trying to be dumb and succeeding.
  • I'd love Paperblade to start talking a bit, as well as several others including Mithril and pokemaniac 212. Probably others as well, but those are the main 2 off the top of my head.
  • Flamestrike seems levelheaded, probably a similar playstyle to me.
  • I am somewhat hesitant about zorbees gut reactions, probably because I haven't seen it in action too much and may not understand it. He's a smart guy though.
  • I'm gonna try and reread the thread to catch up again. I probably forgot stuff throughout everything that is going on.
Lynch pokemaniac212 to get him to talk
While Metal Bagon seems the most mafia-inclined right now, I think it'd be wise to inspect Spiffy as it seems he has grown to be a positive and easily sided-with force. Having him cleaned could be beneficial. But keep in mind this is my first NOC game... haha

EDIT: Damn i have slow internet right now. Inspecting NWO is a good idea also. What is everyone elses thoughts on who should be inspected tonight?
I prefer logic, but when there isn't enough data to form a final opinion, yeah, I go to gut-based. Sometimes, it leads me astray (trusting the wolf in ROTK mafia, trusting the mole in the game that had IPL as the golem with the control rod and the Exodia puzzle). However, more often, it doesn't (found most of the mafia in ROTK, multiple lesser examples since). We have nothing concrete other than activity, general playstyles, and an uncontested claim. So, I'm forced to go by gut - for now.
I have no problems with being inspected.

But we shouldn't give the inspector just one target to inspect; The mafia will just kill the player that we have planned to inspect (if they are village).

I propose that we do one of the following:
-Give the inspector multiple targets and he can pick who he wants to inspect.
-Give the inspector one target to inspect and have the bodyguard protect the same person so we don't waste an inspection.

What does everyone think? I'm fine with either course of action.
The latter seems questionable simply because it guarantees the mafia's kill will succeed unless there's a BP or something or the bg decides to ignore us.

Also it could lead to bad scenarios where the mafia has a Dickens or something to fuck with inspection results.
Yeah, I went out this evening so wasn't able to get on, but I'm back now. Still think that MB is scummy for the same reasons everyone else does. I struggle to see why Orc's read list is in any way scummy, and aura appeared to be trying to push a lynch based on something which happened in a previous game, which doesn't seem too sensible to me, although I may have remembered that wrong.

I think ditto is trustworthy, and I've previously stated that NWO is clear until proven otherwise in my view. Other people I'm not getting any reads off really, empoof's trying to nl seemed more like an inexperienced player than a mafian to me.
Alright, here are the reads I have after reading through the thread again. Those not mentioned, well I don't have much of a read on them yet.

New World Order - While the lynch on Ditto didn't make much sense, I get the feeling that he is a more inexperienced town player. Especially since there has been no counter claim to mayor, he is most likely village.

Aura Guardian / Orcinus Duo - A this point, I get the feeling that they are both village and stuck in a rather pointless circular argument. It isn't helping drive discussion forward at all. However I do feel I need to reread this debate a few more times.

zorbees - Seems like a village. Has well thought out posts in my opinion, and seems to be helping push discussion forward.

Metal Bagon - I feel that Metal Bagon is probably mafia. First, the early bandwagon seemed rather foolish, especially with no evidence given for his vote. Then, his post 107 where he attempts to justify his vote made absolutely no sense to me. Finally, he says he will be forced to claim if people don't pull their votes, which sounds to me like he is trying to scare the village away from lynching him in fear of having a power role revealed. Also, a lot of his posts just don't seem to have much substance to me. He is probably my number one suspect.

Ditto / Flamestrike - Both fall into the same category for me. More than likely village. Sound reasoning, simply helping push discussion along.

Pokemaniac - His first 2 substantial posts seem to do nothing more than reiterate what other people were saying, but didn't actually have any of his own ideas. It feels like he is trying to feign agreement while blending in to avoid suspicion. He is another suspect for me.

Kingofkongs - His attack on OD made very little sense to me. Felt like it was an attempt to attack one of the people promoting discussion, and came out of nowhere. Unsure of him, but possibly mafia.

NJiggly - Post 85 made no sense whatsoever, and outside of that he really hasn't said much. Unsure of him, but would definitely like to hear more out of NJiggly.

Those are all the reads I fell strongly about so far. The other people in the game haven't done enough for me to draw any sound conclusions yet.

EDIT - Forgot about Empoof - To me his move of no lynch seemed like that of someone that isn't sure what to do in NOC games. Outside of that, I feel like he has had pretty decent logic, and more than likely is village.
I think giving multiple targets seems like the best course of action.
It seems to me the best people to target are Spiffy, Orcinus Duo, AG, Ditto, and Flamestrike. Each other these people have shown either activity, experience, or levelheadedness which are all good attributes to have for someone who's cleaned.
If we want to take a more offensive approach we could also inspect Metal Bagon as he seems to be our number one mafia suspect right now.
I'm okay if the inspector wants to clean me, but I don't think targeting me would benefit the town as much.

In my opinion, if it were to have an order it would be:
-Orcinus Duo
-Aura Guardian
-Metal Bagon
Any more thoughts?
I disagree with Empoof. Inspections as of now should be directed at people that we are having trouble getting reads on, either due to inactivity or otherwise. This gives the cop, if no one else, a better read on the town as a whole, as he has a read from the active users and now has a guaranteed result on someone that he was incapable of getting a read on before.
I think cop should look at people who are less active or tough to read, since while chances are at least one of those people you named is mafia, the cop will have a better chance of finding mafia among the others in my opinion.

Also, since its looking at the moment like MB is our best bet for a lynch, the cop may not get an opportunity to investigate him.
The bodyguard should protect one of the most contributional posters, just in case he hasn't taken the hint yet...
I have Unvoted Mithril and will now Vote auramaster.