Completed rickheg and Gerard at the ASB Arena. BIG SURPRISE.

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I'm issuing two identical challenges;

1v1 Strongmon
1 Day DQ
2 recovers/5 chills
Arena; I'll go with ASB Arena.

You can pick a different arena if you must.
Sure, why not

Switch: x.x
Items: hell yeah!
Abilities: 1

Dragonite (Loch) (F)
Nature: Rash (Adds 1 to Special Attack, Subtracts 1 from Special Defense)
Type: Dragon/Flying
Summary: Dragon STAB; More in touch with legendary or special auras in arenas. Able to use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact without losing focus.
Summary: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Inner Focus: (Innate) When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.

Multiscale: (DW Locked) (Innate) This Pokemon has sturdy scales to protect it from an opponent's attacks. If this Pokemon is at their maximum HP when a round starts, all damage done to this Pokemon during the round will be halved.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 5
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 5(+)
SpD: Rank 3(-)
Spe: 80
Size Class: 4
Weight Class: 6
Base Rank Total: 22

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Thunder Punch
Fire Punch
Thunder Wave
Dragon Rage

Water Pulse
Dragon Pulse

Ice Beam

Total Moves: 19


Metagross (Kirot) {O}

Nature:Quiet (+1 SpA, -15% Speed, -10% Evasion)
: Steel/Psychic

  • Steel: Steel STAB; Immune to Sandstorm, highly insusceptible to toxic attacks, but can be corroded specifically by Acid and Acid Spray, can be magnetized. Superior senses in high-metal environments like construction sites or factories.

  • Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far as locking on with Psychic attacks, can lift and throw opponents with Psychic attacks regardless of weight difference.


  • Clear Body: (Innate)
This Pokemon’s body structure makes it immune to status lowering moves used by opponents. (e.g. Intimidate, Growl, Screech etc.)
  • Light Metal (DW): (Innate)
The Pokemon's body is made of a lightweight but extremely strong alloy. It weighs half as much as other members of the species, but is equally sturdy. The Pokemon executes weak attacks much more effectively, adding +1 priority to all their attacks with 6 or less Base Attack Power (after other ability adjustments). Priority is applied to the summed Base Attack Power of a multi-hit move (e.g. Double Kick has priority at 6 BAP, Skill Link Bullet Seed doesn't at 15 BAP.)

HP: 100
Atk: 5
SpA: 4 (+)
SpD: 3
61 (-)
SC: 4
WC: 9
BST: 22

EC: 9/9
MC: 7


Attacks: 41

Take Down
Magnet Rise
Metal Claw
Scary Face
Bullet Punch
Hammer Arm
Meteor Mash

Iron Head
Zen Headbutt
Iron Defense
Stealth Rock
Ice Punch
Body Slam

Shadow Ball
Rock Slide
Light Screen
Rain Dance
Double Team
Flash Cannon
Aerial Ace
Hidden Power Fire 7
Grass Knot
Gyro Ball
Sleep Talk

rick equips item (optional), chooses ability (not so optional)
Gerard equips item (optional), chooses ability, orders
rick orders
I suck ref
Alright, Loch, I think this is your first battle as a majestic Dragonite!

We will go with Multiscale for our ability, and you'll be holding my brand new Amulet Coin! How convenient Gerard agreed to an item!
Oh sorry, i forgot about this, well Kirot, you'll have a tough time coming, this one's a real challenge so we'll try our best to stop him, i know you can, but lets use out good old zoom lends to help you not miss a thing, since Loch doesn't have moves that would afect your stats i guess Light Metal is the way to go (not that it will be incredible, but hey, anything helps!), there are some things you can do here, but unfortunately that thing will not really make a huge mount of damage, but if we manage to break the multiscale the rest will be easier, still, make sure to protect yourself against those powerful fire attacks, after that make sure you don't get paralysed, well sure do some damage

Kirot: Light Screen - Ice Punch - Rock Slide
*If Loch uses Thunder Wave Protect once and push actions
This will be tricky, Loch. Let's not take too much damage this round. Start out with Thunder Wave, activate his sub and push Rock Slide out of the queue. Then, land a Flamethrower before he can set up Light Screen, and then show off your physical offense with Fire Punch.
Round 1 Begin!

HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Multiscale


HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Light Metal

Welcome one and all to the ASB Arena! I'm your host, Roman the Gallade, and I'm joined by my friend and colleague, Irwin the Feraligatr.
(Yeah, my Pokemon speak English. So what?)
Good to be here, Finhead. I haven't seen a good battle in ages!

Today's match will be between up-and-coming Gym Leader rickheg, and his rival, Gerard. Both of these Trainers have a lot on the line, so let's get to the action! rickheg's already sent out his Dragonite, which just launched a Wave of Thunder at Gerard's Metagross to try and paralyze it--but what's this? Kirot the Metagross appears to have Protected itself just in time!

Expertly done by Kirot to evade the paralysis. It's easy to see that this is going to be a good one. And rickheg's Dragonite--which it says here he calls "Loch" for some reason--looks furious. In fact, he's so mad, he's breathing fire! "Loch" at that!

That's just his Flamethrower attack, Irwin, although it seems to have hit for considerable damage.

I should hope so. If a Dragonite blew fire at me, I know I'd be hurting!

...You're a Water-type, Irwin.

I know, but that's not the point!

...Whatever. Anyway, Kirot appears to have shaken off that last attack and prepares a Light Screen to weaken any more like it! It seems Loch was preparing for that, though, and flies (no pun intended) at Kirot, his fist cloaked in flames! That's a textbook Fire Punch attack, ladies and gentlemen!

Maybe a little too textbook, though, as it didn't do as much damage.

Good point, Irwin. The Metagross appears to be scuttling over to Loch to give him a return punch! The Ice Punch is extremely effective, but due to Loch's Multiscale ability, the attack does pathetically small damage! Excellent play by Rickheg to dampen the attack, but that Multiscale is gone, meaning the rest of Kirot's attacks will hit for normal damage! This round is over, but don't go away! There's more ASB action coming up!

HP: 88
Energy: 79
Status: Thank you Game Freak! ^_^


HP: 68
Energy: 80
Other: Light Screen (4 actions)
Status: Really wishes it were a Rock-type right about now.

Kirot's Protect: Loch's Thunder Wave blocked. Kirot expends 7 Energy.

Loch's Thunder Wave: Blocked by Kirot's Protect. Loch expends 7 Energy.

Loch's Flamethrower: Deals 20 damage to Kirot. Loch expends 7 Energy.

Kirot's Light Screen: Special attacks directed at Gerard's team will have their BP reduced by 5 for 6 actions. Kirot expends 8 Energy.

Loch's Fire Punch: Deals 12 damage to Kirot. Loch expends 6 Energy.

Kirot's Ice Punch: Deals 12 damage to Loch. Kirot expends 6 Energy.
Alright, Multiscale gave us an early lead. Now we gotta try to keep it. If only I had taught you some physical moves, we wouldn't be having this problem.

Also, Kirot should have 79 Energy. I doubt it'll make a difference, but meh.


Thunder Wave > Fire Punch > Hurricane
If Kirot uses Ice Punch A3, replace with Roost
Sounds like we're gonna have some trouble this time, don't let the electricity to slow you doen, absorb all of it, and stay on top that fire punch might hurt a little, but with a little speed boost it's not really gonna be a horrible lost, after that use your own ice fists to do some 4x SE damage and laugh as dragonite roosts

Kirot: Protect - Agility - Ice Punch
*Last round Ice Punch should have done [(8 + 3) x 2.25 / 2 = 12.375] 12 damage
Round 2 Begin!

HP: 88
Energy: 80


HP: 68
Energy: 80

Welcome back to this key battle between rickheg and Gerard!


...Um, Irwin...we're back...

<yawn> Sorry about that. What'd I miss? Why are we still awake, anyway?

We just got back from commercial, and Kirot just Protected itself from another Thunder Wave from Loch.

So that's what that flashing was...<yawn>...Isn't it time for Loch to find a different tactic?

It appears so, Irwin--Loch charges Kirot and lands another Fire Punch. The Dragonite continues to chip away at Metagross, doing good damage with every attack thus far.

That Loch is a sight to behold, let me tell you. In my early battling days, I came up against one of their young, a Dratini, and let me tell you what, it was too tough for me. Even my Ice Punch wouldn't hurt it...

Meanwhile, Kirot appears to be moving faster, showing off its Agility before dashing over to nail another Ice Punch to the forehead of Loch! That's got to sting a bit!

I'll say. And that one hurt even worse, since Loch's Multiscale has already been deactivated!

Loch, now on the defensive, decides to Roost to heal most of the damage caused by that last hit. Of course, that means that rickheg's team has 1 recovery remaining. Hopefully he uses it well!

Agreed. That one HP recovery could spell the difference between victory and defeat, as we've seen all too often.

Round 2 is in the books, and rickheg and Loch are holding on to a large lead. Can Gerard and Kirot find a way out of this situation, or is the battle's outcome a foregone conclusion? Stay tuned!

HP: 83
Energy: 55
Status: "You're grounded, mister!"


HP: 56
Energy: 59
Other: Light Screen (1 action), Speed +2
Status: Feeling the need...

Kirot's Protect: Loch's Thunder Wave blocked. Kirot expends 7 Energy.

Loch's Thunder Wave: Blocked by Kirot's Protect. Loch expends 7 Energy.

Loch's Fire Punch: Deals 12 damage to Kirot. Loch expends 6 Energy.

Kirot's Agility: Kirot's Speed is raised two stages to 122. Kirot expends 7 Energy.

Kirot's Ice Punch: Deals 25 damage to Loch. Kirot expends 6 Energy.

Loch's Roost: Loch regains 20 HP. rickheg has 1 recovery remaining. Loch expends 12 Energy.

Gerard's turn.
stupid internet, i've written nice flabor 3 times already and it neves sends itself, let's try this:

Kirot: Sub (25) - Rock Slide - Ice Punch
*If Lock uses Flamethrower use Light Screen once and push actions
Hmm...this could be tricky. If only we had more physical moves...Don't worry Loch, we'll upgrade the crap out of you when this is done.

Start with Fire Punch, it'll hit the Sub. Then launch a Flamethrower, under Light Screen it should do about as much as Fire Punch, and we won't be Ice Punched! After that the Sub should have merely 1 HP left (well played, Gerard), so use ExtremeSpeed to break it and prevent flinching.

Critical hit, please?
Round 3 Begin!

HP: 83
Energy: 55


HP: 56
Energy: 59
Other: Light Screen (1 action), Speed +2

We're back for another round of ASB action. During the break, our own Ness the Treecko went down to talk to Loch about the battle thus far.

So, Loch, this battle's gone well for you so far. How do you plan to finish off the battle?

DRAGO NITE! drago dragonite! (DON'T TALK TO ME! I'm trying to focus here!) <blows a small jet of flames at Ness>

Yiii! <flees>

...Uh huh. I guess we won't be getting into Loch's head anytime soon.

I told you we should have sent Corey. Fire beats grass, remember?

...In any event, our competitors are lined up, and we're set to begin Round 3! Dragonite charges Kirot with another Fire Punch attack--but wait! It looks as though Metagross didn't take any damage! Kirot craftily forged a Substitute to take damage for it and avoids the hit!

Excellent strategy there by team Gerard. That could have been costly for Kirot, but instead, an excellent move.

Loch, meanwhile, appears dumbfounded. Now he's shouting something. What's he saying?

Here, let's use the Poke-Translator-inator 2000 to tell the folks at home what he's saying...


Er...I don't think we can repeat that on TV.

Remind me to get Ness an extra security Machoke for the next battle.

Will do. In the meantime, Dragonite's finally doing something constructive with his anger, directing it in the form of a Flamethrower toward the "Fauxtagross," if you will. But Kirot jumped ahead of Loch once again, replacing the worn-off Light Screen to give its Substitute a bit more longevity. And this doesn't seem to have pleased Loch one bit.

You're right, Roman. And if Loch gets any angrier, we may have to bring in the Pokemon Rangers on standby.

As though determined to avoid another check by Kirot, Loch charges with Extreme Speed and destroys the Substitute!

About time. Looks like Loch feels relieved, too--you can see the exhausted smile on his face. These Pokemon have given it their all in this one, and so far it's been one of the best matches I've seen in my life.

Undaunted by the loss of its Substitute, Kirot launches a Rock Slide attack, and Loch seems to have felt that one!

That's true. Although it didn't do as much as it would have if Metagross were Rock-type, it's still a very effective attack. But it looks like Kirot is getting tired; it'll have to rest soon.

This one isn't over yet, ladies and gentlemen. Will Loch hold on and get the victory? More ASB action when we come back!

HP: 66
Energy: 36
Status: I can feel the anger rising...


HP: 31
Energy: 21
Other: Light Screen (4 actions), Speed +1
Status: So...tired...

Kirot's Substitute: Kirot creates a 25 HP Substitute. Kirot expends 25 HP and 24 Energy.

Loch's Fire Punch: Deals 12 damage to Kirot's Substitute. Loch expends 6 Energy.

Kirot's Light Screen: Special attacks directed at Gerard's team will have their BP reduced by 5 for 6 actions. Kirot expends 8 Energy.

Loch's Flamethrower: Deals 12 damage to Kirot's Substitute. Loch expends 7 Energy.

Loch's Extremespeed: Deals 1 damage to Kirot's Substitute. Kirot's Substitute is destroyed. Loch expends 6 Energy.

Kirot's Rock Slide: RNG (1-1000) rolls 56; Rock Slide hits. Deals 17 damage to Loch. Kirot expends 6 Energy.

rickheg is up.
Alright, this is going better than I expected, honestly.

We gotta be careful to not give up the lead, Loch. Kirot needs to chill before you do, so let's try to capitalize on that.

Thunder Wave > Fire Punch > Flamethrower
If Kirot uses Protect A1, Agility instead.
If Kirot uses Substitute A1, use Flamethrower > Fire Punch > ExtremeSpeed for the queue
Well things are not going really well (i wonder if ice punch spam would have been better), so let's try some of our new moves to see how that works, this should give use some health back while getting a little energy, hope this works out at the very least we can get rid of the paralysis

Kirot: Rest - Chill - Sleep Talk {Ice Punch/Rock Slide/Meteor Mash/Psychic}
Round 4 Begin!

Just for the record, I'm a bit shaky on the whole "chilling while you sleep" thing. Common sense says to disallow it, but I'll change the ruling if I get word otherwise.

HP: 66
Energy: 36


HP: 31
Energy: 21
Other: Light Screen (4 actions), Speed +1

We're back for what has proven to be an excellent battle thus far.

It doesn't seem like Kirot agrees, though; it's dozing off in the middle of the battle! Terrible form!

It looks like Kirot's Resting to regain some badly-needed HP. It's gone to sleep!

I don't think the HP is the number it needs to focus on, Finny--Kirot's almost out of Energy! What do you think it's dreaming of, anyway?

I'm not sure...I'll use Psychic to find out.

Something tells me you've done this before.

Of--Of course not! Whatever gave you that idea?


Um-hmm...let's see...math...more more math...mostly math.

Well, what did you expect? It's a computer.

I dunno, maybe counting Mareep or something. Anyway, back to the match. Loch the very angry Dragonite looks to pile on the status, as he launches a third Thunder Wave at Kirot. And it's finally worked!

If only because Kirot wasn't moving at the time.

Speaking of Kirot, it appears it's dreaming of chilling, but I don't think that's going to have much effect. Since he's asleep, the attempt fails!

Now Loch's trying to capitalize on the failure by landing yet another Fire Punch into Kirot's face! X marks the spot!

Kirot seems to be Talking in its Sleep. What is it--oh, I get it. It's trying to imagine landing an Ice Punch across Loch's jaw--and it just did it in real life! But I think that was just too much exertion for it! Kirot has fainted from lack of Energy! rickheg has won the battle!

You don't have to shout. I'm right here.

Sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away.

HP: 41
Energy: 13
Status: That's it?


HP: 55
Energy: -3
Other: Light Screen (1 action), Paralyzed (25%)
Status: Energy depleted. Shutting down...

Kirot's Rest: Kirot is now asleep for 3 actions. Kirot regains 12 HP. Kirot expends 15 Energy.

Loch's Thunder Wave: Kirot is now Paralyzed (25%). Loch expends 7 Energy.

Kirot's Chill: Fails due to Kirot being asleep. Kirot regains 12 HP from Rest.

Loch's Fire Punch: Deals 12 damage to Kirot. Loch expends 6 Energy.

Kirot's Sleep Talk: RNG rolls 746; Kirot can move. Sleep Talk calls Ice Punch. Deals 25 damage to Loch. Kirot expends 9 Energy. Kirot regains 12 HP from Rest. Kirot faints due to depletion of Energy. Loch gains 1 KOC.

And here are the rewards:

rickheg gets 3 TC, and Loch gets 3 MC and 1 KOC.

Gerard gets 2 TC, and Kirot gets 3 MC.

Galladiator gets 2 RC.

Wait, what? He wasn't even here!

I'm just reading what the cue cards say.

Whatever. Jerk doesn't deserve it at all.


What? I was just kidding!

...That's all from ASB Stadium. For sideline reporter Ness the Treecko, I'm Roman the Gallade...

...And I'm Irwin the Feraligatr. Until next time, good night, Kanto!

...You mean Unova.

Right. That's what I said.

...Good night, everybody.
Just pointing out, Loch was holding an Amulet Coin. Therefore, I would gain 3 TC.

GG Gerard. Most I've thought during a match in a while.
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