Riolu (BW2 Revamp)


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<p>Though unseen throughout the entirety of Little Cup, Riolu was granted Prankster from the Dream World, giving reason to actually use this adorable little thing. Prankster grants Riolu a +1 priority boost to all of its moves that don't inflict direct damage. But how does this ability differentiate Riolu from its fellow Prankster abuser Murkrow, who has reliable coverage moves, many more support options, and better stats? {I would say Murkrow has > 1 coverage move, unless you mean like a main STAB attack or something} a reliable coverage move and significantly more support options along with better offensive and defensive stats? The key to Riolu's success comes from its jewel of a movepool, which contains both Roar and Copycat. Through Riolu's unique combination of moves and ability, it has a niche that cannot be filled by any other Pokemon: priority phazing. Thanks to the Dream World, this little cutie is now a force to be reckoned with, providing team support and strong revenge killing capabilities with its Prankster Copycat.</p>

name: Priolu
move 1: Copycat
move 2: Roar
move 3: Drain Punch
move 4: Crunch
item: Eviolite
ability: Prankster
nature: Impish
evs: 196 HP / 196 Def / 116 SpD


<p>Copycat is the crux of the set, giving Riolu a myriad of options to harass the opponent's team. For example, after Riolu uses Roar, it can proceed to use Copycat to copy Roar with +1 priority, allowing Riolu to continuously phaze the opponent's team before its foes can attack. Copycat isn't limited to support options such as Roar, however. Riolu can use a slow Drain Punch, Riolu's main STAB move and only source of healing (unless it uses Copycat after Recover or another recovery move) and then use Copycat in order to hit twice in a row without interruption. This is very handy against Pokemon such as Scraggy, Drilbur, or Murkrow, who are all 2HKOed by Drain Punch. The same method applies for Crunch, which is Riolu's best way of handling Misdreavus, and its only way of touching Natu.</p>


<p>The listed EV spread is used to maximize Riolu's bulk, since it is unnecessary to invest in its offenses or Speed due to the role of this set. The EV spread maximizes Riolu's physical bulk first, allowing it to live very important attacks such as +1 Scraggy Drain Punch and Life Orb Drilbur Earthquake; the rest of the EVs are invested in its special bulk, which gives Riolu good 23 / 21 / 18 defenses after Eviolite. Thanks to its ability to tank these attacks, Riolu can use Drain Punch to attack twice in a row, all the while regaining all of the health it had lost. The moves on this set are pretty much non-negotiable. The only other possibilities are Hi Jump Kick over Drain Punch, though this is inferior since Riolu can hit twice in a row anyway due to Riolu being able to hit twice in a row anyway, and Toxic instead of Crunch, which is a decent option but still generally less useful.</p>

<p>While Riolu is a one man army of sorts, it still requires a lot of team support to use effectively. In order to utilize its unique priority Roar, it prefers entry hazards being up on the opponent's side. Accordingly, Pokemon such as Dwebble, Ferroseed, Drilbur, Bronzor, Lileep, and Trubbish all make good partners, as they can provide the entry hazard support that Riolu desires. Because Rapid Spin ruins all of Riolu's fun, a Ghost-type Pokemon that can prevent the loss of Riolu's precious hazards is important; Misdreavus and Frillish make fantastic teammates. Riolu also appreciates U-Turn or Volt Switch support, which lets it get in for free in order to switch in and avoid taking a hit so it can begin tearing through opposing teams. Another entertaining use of Copycat is to use Copycat to copy U-Turn or Volt Switch after Riolu is brought in, allowing Riolu's team to continue to gain momentum. Pokemon such as Mienfoo or Chinchou are excellent partners for these reasons. Finally, Pokemon that can check opposing Mienfoo and Psychic- and Flying-type Pokemon are important, so Murkrow, Bronzor, Magnemite, and Scraggy are effective teammates.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>The only other sets that have any value at all for Riolu are an Agility and three attacks set or a Bulk Up set, but neither are worth using over Riolu's other options nor the other Fighting-types in LC. as well as the other Fighting-types in LC.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Unfortunately, as cool as Riolu and its ability are, there are multiple things that can get in its way. The main way to put a stop to Riolu's Copycat shenanigans is to use a faster priority move to interrupt the chain, such as Protect, Fake Out, or a failed Sucker Punch. Mienfoo is a very large problem for Riolu since Fake Out breaks the Copycat chain and Regenerator prevents Mienfoo from taking significant hazard damage. due to Fake Out breaking the Copycat chain and Regenerator preventing Mienfoo from taking significant hazard damage. Abra and Solosis are problematic Pokemon as well, as they have Magic Guard to avoid entry hazard damage; Abra also has Protect to interrupt Copycat. However, both are hit hard by Crunch. Opposing Murkrow and Houndour can use Sucker Punch against Riolu to force Copycat to fail, and threaten Riolu with their STAB moves, though games against these two are 50-50; if the Riolu user predicts successfully and uses Roar or an attack, Murkrow and Houndour can be forced out again or KOed. In short, the fastest and easiest ways to handle Riolu would be Protect, Fake Out, Sucker Punch, and faster priority; if the opponent lacks any of these, Riolu is virtually unstoppable—barring the fact that Riolu is unable to phaze the last Pokemon remaining.</p>