Risk Tourney Finals (Finished!)


Welcome to the Risk tournament finals! For those who haven't played it, risk is a strategy-based board game that can be played at www.conquerclub.com. This tournament is based on doubles games with teams of two players. With the second round completed, there are only three teams left, so the final round will be a round robin to determine the winners.

The three remaining teams are:
1. Team FRISK (thunda/Rev)
2. Mekkah/Alper
3. Shiv/Lesm46


Team FRISK vs. Mekkah/Alper
Team FRISK vs. Shiv/Lesm46
Mekkah/Alper vs. Shiv/Lesm46

The map for this round is Eastern Hemispheres. Since each team has to play two others this round will not be best of three. However, in the event of a tie each team will play the others one final time on the Cairns Coastal Region map.

Good luck to all remaining participants!
Yep.. we lost, but we both haxed (there was no hax vs lesm/shiv despite what shiv is saying.)
Proof of hax in our game:
I attacked 7 vs. 8. I survived with 5 troops (loss of two) while the other country perished. But then we were haxed back so it was fair. Alper basically got the position Thunda had while Mekkah had my position from vs. Lesm/Shiv.