RitterCat's iPhone art

A pikachu i drew in Paint because I am lazy and can't get to the iPad
Time ~6 mins

In other news, Charmander's RMT pic is nearly done (will have a WIP up later today probs)
Yippee for TWO REASONS!


Two: new art! The (very late) RMT pic for Charmander's LC RMT
Wow, you did that?
The face is remarkable, it looks exactly like the nintendo picture!
I'm also really liking your use of colors here, that purple and tan-ish color go marvelously together!

While I'd say that you got the body about perfect, I'd advise you to be careful with your lines, an example being the rough edges/outlines of the arms. A little more straight in the future. But I don't know the struggles of an artist, so I hope that this criticism isn't unreasonable or anything!

Still good stuff, Ritter. <3
Unholy swedebiscuits what is that abomination?

...so scary...

Liking the work, Ritter, but just one thing about Cofagrigus: at the top right of his head it looks like paper, so I'd suggest adding a very thin side to the head to give it equal 3-D depth.

Ninja Claydol request for LL

I'm gonna finish them one day
Also, that was done on my new iPhone 3GS (my dads old one) so the rate can pick up a bit now
Until next time, toodles
EDIT: Just surpassed the 100 image limit in the OP. Time to make everything into links *procrastinatory groan*


oh my gosh you found me
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hahahahahahahahah that fat pikachu


why didn't I see that earlier when I was on Pikachu for my avatar? oh well, great job Rittercat I really like your art!
hahahahahahahahah that fat pikachu


why didn't I see that earlier when I was on Pikachu for my avatar? oh well, great job Rittercat I really like your art!
Thanks Oglemi =D

I was bored last night, and when I am bored I draw weird things
Here is a weird thing

Ursaring Hitler
Going to Phillip Island for the long weekend, be back in 3 days.
EDIT: shit forgot to colour the medals oh well


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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This new style is really excellent, keep it up Ritter! I'm not sure if I have any ancient requests in there, but I'm honestly looking forward to anything that you put out. Just be extra careful with those lines -- they're already pretty good, but I think you can get them really good.
Yeah, there are some messy spots Alch, especially the top right armband line (sticks out a bit) Something I will remember to pay attention to!
Talking about messy spots, my MAC entry is just one big messy spot
Pissed Voltorb
Whoa, so much stuff since I last checked in!
There's too much to comment on individually, but some general things. I'd agree with Alch to keep your lines smooth. I'd also be cautious of awkward shading (Pikachu's forehead, the moon above Claydol, etc.).
However, those said, I still love your art, Ritter! Recently I'd felt like you were getting away from the style you'd always done, but with these last few pieces you've been getting back to your roots sorta, and I like that. Stick with what works. Go for what makes you great. That sort of thing. Good job again, bro. :)
Back from Philip Island with Gardevoir for LL
stupid ugly mirror why did i draw you

and a friend i was at Philip Island with who I drew when I was bored
...she needs a bra...

Thanks, Ritter! Like everybody else is saying, it's all lovely except occasionally a few messy lines but it's still great~

Also Phillip Island~