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Gen 2 [RMT] animal testing

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Lavos Spawn, Mar 28, 2013.



    Jan 9, 2013
    If you ditch Steelix for pursuit/roar Tyranitar you have a way of catching starmie and Gengar, which allows you to run resttalk/curse/double-edge Snorlax, I don't think you should worry about random zap crits especially with resttalk. I honestly don't feel like you need sleep, this is a pretty offensive team (for gsc standards) and most teams you will encounter have plenty of sleep talk and heal bell.
  2. Crystal_

    Crystal_ I ruined RBY!
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    Dec 20, 2009
    Lovely Kiss is great for the team because at least half the team likes to have Skarmory disabled. Plus, specifics aside, LK is always a great move to have on Snorlax and it's extremely annoying to face regardless of the type of team. "Teams have plenty of sleep talk and heal bell" is a pretty weak argument because sleep is still damn good. It's like if I say "teams have plenty of rest users so you don't really need attacking moves".

    Not saying that Sleep Talk Snorlax is a very bad option, just that the reasoning behind that argument was so poor.

    As for pursuittar, while it's true that it helps against ghosts and any monolax team benefits from that, it has a very hard time doing anything to Starmie unless you give Machamp Body Slam and manage to paralyze Starmie or something. Steelix is very fine in the team because it's good for playing around electrics and prevents Zapdos from thoughtlessly spamming thunders.

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