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Gen 4 RMT: UU/OU mixed team

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Geoscout95, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Geoscout95


    Apr 25, 2013
    Hello there Smogon community, This is my first post on the forums so if I missed any rules then please inform me in a polite-ish manner. I originally posted this in the regular RMT board but I was informed that anything that is not gen 5 goes in "Ruins of Alph." I'm new so I'm still trying to learn, though I have read the rules and I think I did alright this time around. With that out of the way, thank you for viewing this thread, I'm anxious to read any replies. I realize that my team probably doesn't coerce as well as it could/should, but that is why I am here. I dont really like using too many OU's because there is something wonderful about pulling out a clefairy and introducing hippowdon to ice beam (after a calm mind of course). This team is from pokemon diamond, and I have tried my best to EV train well but discrepancies happen. I do not know my IV's because every time i go into an IV calculator it tells me that my pokemon cannot have the stats that they do for whatever reason. I did not action replay any stats, just the rare candies to level them (please dont hate im not sure how socially acceptable it is to use that) All pokemon are lvl 100 with their name, then (item and ability). Here's the team:

    Forretress (Leftovers + sturdy)
    HP: 290
    Attack: 232
    Defense: 331
    SpecialA: 159
    SpecialD: 157
    Speed: 99
    Moveset: Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin, Explosion

    Clefable (Leftovers + magic guard)
    HP: 311
    Attack: 132
    Defense: 199
    SpecialA: 189
    SpecialD: 255
    Speed: 142
    Moveset: Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Wish

    Yanmega ( *undecided* + Speed boost)
    HP: 294
    Attack: 169
    Defense: 159
    SpecialA: 336
    SpecialD: 132
    Speed: 277
    Moveset: U-turn, bug buzz, ancient power, air slash

    Kabutops (Life orb + Swift swim)
    Attack: 359
    Defense: 231
    SpecialA: 148
    SpecialD: 145
    Speed: 256
    Moveset: Waterfall, stone edge, swords dance, x-scissor

    Dusknoir (Leftovers + Pressure)
    HP: 222
    Attack: 286
    Defense: 302
    SpecialA: 129
    SpecailD: 287
    Speed: 112
    Moveset: Pain split, shadow punch, night shade, will-o-wisp

    Dragonite (Draco Plate + Inner Focus
    HP: 318
    Attack: 343
    Defense: 211
    SpecialA: 274
    SpecialD: 200
    Speed: 211
    Moveset: Outrage, fire blast, roost, dragon claw

    My main kinda strategy with this set is to lead with yanmega or dragonite. If the opponent presents a pokemon that I can switch forretress into safely, then I will do that and begin setting up as long as I do not get interrupted, spinning when necessary, and once I am set up and they send in the counter to forretress, a little bit of explosion can help forretress go out in style. The rest is hard to say, but Kabutops is my intended sweeper with swords dance and life orb. Clefairy can be used for wish support but also pull out the unexpected calm mind approach to break stall teams who dont have the damage moves to get past magic guard (which prevents any non-attack damage). Kabutops is not going to be able to get past any fast grass types, so yanmega with speed boost can outspeed and hopefully KO any kabu-counters, while dragonite has plenty of coverage to damage steel walls or roost up to keep up the fight. Dusknoir is sortof a mixed bag, he can function as rapid spin prevention or sortof stall with pain split and pressure, his attack stat is not bad though, so he can take the offensive as well with his STAB perfect accuracy shadow punch, and the ghost equivalent of seismic toss. I may yet change one of the ghost moves to earthquake for coverage/decent damage. My plan with kabutops is to get him in with the chance to get off a swords dance. kabu has good speed and a usable defense stat, so any non-super effective physical move shouldn't be too terribly painful, and once kabu can swords dance then he can plow through a team. Thats the plan anyways. I should put toxic on one of the pokemon but i cant quite figure out who, especially with will-o-wisp on dusknoir. I gladly appreciate constructive feedback on how I can make my first team into my first dream team, so please let me know what makes sense and what doesn't. A few Pokes that didnt quite make this team that I have in mind for future use: Toxicroak, Skarmory, and Nidoking. Also, if anyone has any answers to why bublapedia and smogon have different min and max values for stuff and even with beneficial nature but no EVs I can still wind up in the "min-" range on some stats? Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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