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All Gens RoA Room Championship

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Lutra, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Lutra

    Lutra RoA Championship coming in December
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Apr 3, 2007
    RoA Room Championship

    Every season (quarter of the year), the top 8 of the room tournament leaderboard will qualify into a seeded 8 man single elimination tournament playoffs and play a first-to-3 wins (best of 5 wins) match in all gen OU tiers (RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU) with the higher seed picking 1st, 3rd and 5th tiers, and the lower seed picking 2nd and 4th tiers. The winner of each of these seasonal playoffs can display a green mini-trophy [​IMG] in their signature and qualifies for the year-end RoA Championship - a planned round-robin league of RoA major tournament winners that will include RoA Ladder Tournament, RoA Tour, RoA Major League, RoA Standard Tournament winners.

    Qualifying periods will closely follow the traditional 4 seasons:

    Summer Season: June 21st - September 20th
    Fall Season: September 21st - December 20th
    Winter Season: December 21st - March 20th
    Spring Season: March 21st - June 20th

    The top 8 will be recorded and leaderboards reset at 12:00AM EDT / 06:00AM CEST on the 21st each season.

    Additionally the top 3 of each season's leaderboard will be interviewed by me. The current leaderboard won't count for the first tournament, but it will count for my interviews.

    RoA Room Link

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  2. Typhlito

    Typhlito One Active Dawg
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    Jan 28, 2012
    Today marks the start of the RoA Room Summer Seasonals! The room leader board has been reset so everyone has a chance of leading the leader boards. Lutra already explained this but the goal is to hold on to one of the top 8 spots before the season ends in 3 months from today. If you manage to do that, you'll qualify for a spot in the exclusive RoA championship! However, if you make it into the top 3, you will also get to be interviewed by me! While the leader board before the reset doesn't count, I will still give the top 3 some recognition. They are....

    We'll work out a time that works best for you guys to have your interview. Anyway, good luck everyone!
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  3. Crystal_

    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Dec 20, 2009
    Are you telling me that all my efforts of topping the leaderboard playing almost exclusively Gen 1 and Gen 2 random battles just evaporated, and that the reward in return is that I get to qualify for a tournament that includes 4/6 gens that I don't play?
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  4. Lutra

    Lutra RoA Championship coming in December
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Apr 3, 2007
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  5. Lutra

    Lutra RoA Championship coming in December
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Apr 3, 2007
    RoA Room Interview #1: Barbows

    Lutra: To start off the RoA Room Championship Interviews, we are interviewing Barbows, who placed 3rd in the pre-Room Championship leaderboard and 2nd in the Summer 2017 Championship leaderboard. Welcome Barbows, how did you feel about the level of competition in RoA room tournaments?

    Barbows: Hello Lutra ^^ well, honestly, i find it pretty interesting, because you find many casuals join the tour just for fun and don't even pay attention to the samples, for example, so sometimes you get easier finals than you do for round 1 because your round 1 was against a player who understands the meta they're playing better. On the other hand, every tour allows scouting, so you might find a skilled opponent already knows your team and that makes things harder, since you'd have to keep switching teams (which i'm personally not used to in such short period of time) in order to mitigate that. All in all it's pretty fun not knowing what level of play you're going to find next round, but I do reckon it's not as high a level as forum tours, 'cause most top players don't usually join room tours.

    Lutra: Would you say the greater problem is motivating good players to actually spend the time to join these tournaments enough rather than the tournament quality themselves? Or were quite a number of tournaments lacking in quality too? I personally thought it was a bit easy to get in the top 8 for any great player.

    Barbows: I guess it's a bit of both, I mean, if you know you're a top player at some formats and you hang out just a little bit on ps, just play those formats whenever they appear you can and get enough points to get to the top 8. You're going to easily win most tours like that because you're likely not gonna get contested in the quality of play (but maybe on the hax hahaha). But I personally think it's a little bit more to the side of motivating good players to hang out on PS, because forum tours have the advantage of scheduling matches, so you don't have to wait for your preferred format to randomly appear. That's why I'm pretty excited to RoA Room Tour Nights! If all top level players know when their format is gonna be hosted on RoA the level of competition is sure to rise.

    Lutra: I agree. Let's talk a bit more about you. Where do you live? What are you hobbies outside of the Pokémon world?

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ^^ it's extremely hot here, but I grew up without an air conditioner, so i'm pretty used to it hahaha. I honestly mix some other hobbies with Pokémon sometimes, but I also spend my free time playing a tabletop RPG (only DnD so far), rehearsing with my band (we actually just finished recording our first album independently and it was awesome, all we gotta do now is find someone to mix/edit it) and reading (currently trying to finish all GoT books). Like I said, sometimes i mix things, so I'm currently making an adaptation to Ryuutama (another TTRPG) so I can play Pokémon on it with the friends I play DnD with lol, and my band learned the mt moon rby theme at some point, but sadly they didn't want to play it in any show :c. I'm also into speedrunning, but it's mostly watching AGDQ when the event happens and doing the occasional RBY red run myself. I don't have nearly as much time as I'd wish to focus on everything as much as I could, with college and internship and all hahaha. Forgot to mention I'm the GM of the DnD group, so it requires quite some time aside from the play alone.

    Lutra: Interesting, what kind of ranking have you got with speed running RBY, and what kind of conditions/rules are there with your runs?

    Barbows: Well my PB so far is 2:11 (ingame time) and I do the nidoran♂️ route (which I believe is the one all serious runners do). It's almost 20 minutes away from the WR, so it's not that great, but I'm gonna get (close to) there one day, I haven't memorized the nuances of the route regarding the DVs you get yet. As far as conditions go, it's the glitchless format, but you're allowed to use the poke doll on the marowak ghost, which I always find fun to do ^^

    Lutra: Sounds impressive. What is the origin of your name?

    Barbows: Oh that goes back to 2008 lol... I was on the last year before high school and my beard started growing. At that time there was this fad in the school to try to make things sound stupid by adding -ows to the end of it (teenagers are indeed a weird thing) so a friend of mine called Raphael was being called Raphows and such and everyone was doing that to everyone's names. "Barba" means beard in Portuguese, so people started calling me Barbows and it stuck even after the fad died out, since there were 3 other people with my first name in the class. When i was making an account on the chess website I played i discovered barbows was free (i dislike usernames with numbers on it) and now everywhere i make an account in it's called barbows since it's never taken hahaha.

    Lutra: How did you first find PS and then work your way up to RoA room moderator?

    Barbows: Well I was playing chess online at that time (a hobby I only occasionally do now) and a friend from college, who I was playing chess with, decided to challenge me on Pokémon on a gen I never played (I only played the games up to Leaf green) just so he could win for once lol... that's when I found PS existed, I got crushed by him (obviously) but a few days later decided to play a few gen1 random battle matches just for fun and got hooked to the point I quit playing chess online on my free time hahaha after that i lurked for about 1 year until I started talking in chats and learning new formats. Becoming mod to me was a surprise, I was voice for a while... and after I became driver, I started hosting tours like crazy, 'cause I always found the room lacked activity and that gets people talking and having fun. I guess that's what room owners want a driver to do (not so surprisingly) and a few weeks later I got promoted to mod. I find the hardest part of becoming auth in general is finding time to dedicate yourself to the room because aside from that all you gotta do is not be an asshole lol.

    Lutra: What are your favourite PS tiers? Are you looking to make more of a name of yourself in a particular one?

    Barbows: My favorite is always gonna be GSC OU. It was the generation I played the most in-game and I like the chess-like way the OU metagame is established around lax with long-term strategy plans being critical to success. That being said, being my favorite doesn't mean it's the one i play best hahaha. I find I'm pretty good at random battles in general and so far I've been trying to learn the OU metagames of every generation and at least making a team i'm comfortable playing with going up from RBY (currently on DPP). So right now I'm just trying to learn more things and enjoy the RoA community as a mod. Maybe after I learn enough tiers to be satisfied with my current knowledge I might try to make a name for myself in the one I excel the most, but that's not the main goal yet ^^

    Lutra: I'm sure you'll want to join the All Gen Randbats tournament hosted by Jellicent that is scheduled to open signups tomorrow then. What things would you like to see more in the RoA Room or Forum?

    Barbows: YES! I had no idea such a tour existed until you told me about it yesterday hahaha. I gotta start using my Smogon account more and find out what awesome things i missed all this time! I'm majoring in actuarial science and statistics, so I'm pretty interested in the information polls give us and RoA is lacking in that department. It's not a big thing, but I'll try to always keep a poll running in the room. As far as the forum goes, I really can't say cause I'm not much active with my Smogon account, but that's gonna change.

    Lutra: Okay final question, what has been the most enjoyable moment on PS for you so far? Thank you for your in-depth answers.

    Wow, that's a tough question hahaha. I can't quite put a finger on anything in particular (and I also have terrible memory, so I'm probably forgetting some cool moments), but the best moments I can remember right now were topping the gen1randbats ladder; getting 90+ gxe on rby ladder; and my first RoA room tour win ever! - which I'll never forget, was a last mon Vivillon sweep after it dodged two Hurricanes from a Moltres in the gen5 randbats format. I reckon winning due to hax is not something to be proud of but it did feel good at the time (I also reckon I won't be able to call hax anymore after this becoming public hahaha). Thank you for your patience btw ^^I know I take long to formulate answers.

    Lutra: No problem.
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  6. Lutra

    Lutra RoA Championship coming in December
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Apr 3, 2007
    RoA Room Interview #2: Oibaf

    Lutra: Today we are interviewing Oibaf, who achieved 3rd place in the qualifying for the RoA Room Championship. Oibaf, when did you first discover online competitive Pokémon?

    Oibaf: Mmh probably it was during the 2015 when I discovered Pokémon Showdown thanks to an italian YouTuber. After, I discovered how competitive it could be for a supposed children game.

    Lutra: What were your early successes on PS?

    Oibaf: I think it was just ladder at first. You know... I build a (bad) team and then I play; I don't like a Pokémon so I replace it etc. In around 3 months I was at 1500 ponts. Then I discovered Smogon and sample teams, I tested them etc... I don't think I actually have a success except this tour (even though I join for fun).

    Lutra: You first came to my attention with reaching the RoA Ladder Tournament playoffs, did you enjoy that experience?

    Oibaf: Yes, that was probably the most important experience in these tiers because I learned to appreciate the first 4 tiers like 4 different games. I also learned basic rules that there aren't in oras like critical ratio in rby or growl like a competitive move in GSC.

    Lutra: Then you went on to make the RoA Tour Playoffs too. Do you feel you've made a lot of progress in gens 1-4?

    Oibaf: I certainly made a lot of progress in gen 1-4 thanks to battle for fun with friends, RoA tour and ladder tour but for sure I'm not at the same level of players like Honor, Troller, Luck>Skill, Alexander etc (I didn't cited not italian players cause there are so many players very good in old gens).

    Lutra: What tournament would you most like to win in the future?

    Oibaf: Smogon classic for sure cause my first experience was really fun. Also SPL or WCoP would be very nice to have the possibility to join and win.

    Lutra: Which tier would you consider your strongest?

    Oibaf: Well that's hard... probably ORAS OU at the moment 'cause I started to play it when I started on PS. I should resume SM LC since that is my main SM tier. I'm not a good builder, so my level in all tiers should be similar.

    Lutra: Do you feel RoA (old gens) can ever be the most popular room (besides official ones) on Showdown? Why do people keep up with the latest generation too much at the expense of the old ones?

    Oibaf: Another hard question... In my opinion a part of people in rooms like UnderUsed, NeverUsed etc are people that play just for fun without the competitiveness that you can find in Smogon tournaments. If this reasoning is correct, people just want to spend time laddering, building, playing with friends and just have fun. There are few people in old gens ladder, so current gen is popular.

    Lutra: So the latest generation is just the easiest thing to allow that to happen? People are curious about the new generation, then everybody follows?

    Oibaf: imho yes, the curiosity is the first thing that drive people to try that tier. I've seen italian players who haven't played for many years, to come back for talk again with friends and try this tier. I tried it too, but I don't like it

    Lutra: Where do you live? What are your hobbies?

    Oibaf: I live in Italy and my main hobbies are basically gym and computer, so I spend a lot time looking anime, playing on the PC etc.

    Lutra: Interesting, what are your favourite anime at the moment?

    Oibaf: Absolutely Assassination Classroom. I watched it recently and it's my favourite anime compared to classic animes like attack on titan, death note, no game no life etc... Food wars is very good too, i'm waiting the third season this fall

    Lutra: Anything else you want me to ask?

    Oibaf: You've asked me everything I guess.

    Lutra: Thank you very much for your answers. Good luck with your competitive career!

    Oibaf: It was a pleasure. Thank you and good luck too.
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  7. Lutra

    Lutra RoA Championship coming in December
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Apr 3, 2007
    RoA Room Interview #3: EB0LA

    Lutra: Hi EB0LA, you were no.1 seed in the first season of RoA Room Championships, what was it like qualifying? What tiers did you play?

    EB0LA: Hello Lutra. It was a whole lot of fun! I got a chance to meet a bunch of other players, make friends, and sharpen my skills. Funny part is I had just joined Pokemon Showdown a month before the season had started, and only played gen1 random battles. Once the new season began, and the leaderboard reset; I realized I had to learn other tiers to be able to play in more tours, and to be able to climb on the leaderboard. Thus, I learned gen1 OU, Ubers, & Stadium.

    Lutra: What kind of level do you feel you have reached in those gen 1 tiers? Is there more to learn?

    EB0LA: I've come a long way since I first began, and every week I feel myself getting better, and better. I've even gone as far as reaching #1 on the ladder in both gen1 random battles & OU. However, there is always more to learn, and new strategies to be used. I ideally would like to build new teams that aren't necessarily meta, and for them to be successful against other top players. From using "less viable" Pokemon to weird "gimmicky" move pools.

    Lutra: Along your journey, what players have you come to respect most?

    EB0LA: One immediately comes to mind, and that player is FriendOfMrGolem120. FOMG happened to win the first tour of the new season, and it happened to be a gen1 OU tour. The following day, I messaged him asking him a ton of newbie questions about the tier. This was the beginning of our friendship, and I found my sensai. He was very polite & answered all of my questions. He thought me almost everything I know, and continues to help me improve- from making, and testing new move pools to even watching my replays and judging, and speculating if the play I made was optimal or if I could have played a turn differently for a better out come. So thank you FOMG for everything bud, couldn't of gotten this far w/o ya. Also shout outs to Barbows, Spitfire Arcanine, RevivalMaya, Beelzemon 2003, Kaz, and my buddy If exuded holding it down in rby randbatts.

    Lutra: What are you main goals for competitive Pokémon?

    EB0LA: To be the very best like no one ever was?

    Lutra: Are you targetting winning any particular tournaments or accomplishing any particular ladder feats?

    EB0LA: I found a cool forum, PokemonPerfect, where they host regular tournaments, and is home to some of the top gen1 (RBY) players. I hope to one day reach the same level of play as some of them, and to win the tournaments. Also, my short term goal is to hit 1700 elo in both gen1 random battles, and OU on the ladder and to push it even higher. And ofc trying to top the RoA leaderboard again.

    Lutra: Are there other tiers you'd like to learn?

    EB0LA: Right now, I am only focusing on gen1, as there is so much still to learn. I recently got into under used (2U), and it is almost a whole new style of playing. Involving new startegies, and tactics. I further would like to learn even lower tiers in RBY, such as rarely used (3U), never used (4U), PU (5U), and so on. Each new tier brings new challenges, and learning each new tier brings new insight to using Pokemon you wouldn't normally use in battle.

    Lutra: Do you have hobbies besides Pokémon?

    EB0LA: I enjoy biking, living in Chicago, it is always great to go biking along Lake Michigan, and seeing the beautiful scenery, and city. I also enjoy going to music festivals where I "glove". Gloving is an artform where you put LED lights into white gloves, and perform light shows for people. I also am a fan of animes. Dragon Ball Super is the one I am following heavily right now.

    Lutra: Thank you for your answers. Anything else you want to mention?

    EB0LA: I think that is about it. Thank you for the interview Lutra. Hope to catch the rest of you guys in a tour on RoA soon! Ciao.
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