Roxas' shiny flawless/near flawless trade shop

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I would, but DarkRay did already. However, since you've clearly ignored several other posts with helpful information, I'll tell you again.

Regirock, bad hack.
Shiny Azelf, bad hack.
Shiny Bulbasaur, bad hack.

about half of the other stuff you've got listed are potentially hacked.
Yes, but if you read his post he never actually gave me proof.
Obviously you don't, because all the stuff with the OT Vile is hacked. That's not yours, is it?

Yes he did. If you'd actually read his post, you'd know that.
Show me proof. I know for a fact that its legit because I know that person and I know he RNG's.

All he said was if it was a blacklisted user, competely illegal or is that proof? lol

Dark Ray

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I don't know what kind of proof you expect, but how's this

The spread for that Regirock does not exist, at all, period.
Shiny Reshiram/Zekrom are impossible because it is hardcoded in the game's data that the ones you can catch cannot be shiny.
is where you can find users blacklisted for hacking.

Mods, please close this thread and infract the OP for trying to pass things off as legit, he does not deserve benefit of the doubt.
If you read my post on the first page then you can see that I made a mistake on Reshiram and Zekrom because they're suppose to be none shiny.

So, because they're on the blacklist they can't have legit pokemon??? Really?


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So, because they're on the blacklist they can't have legit pokemon??? Really?
Yes, really. If they've been blacklisted, at one point or another, they have been caught hacking Pokemon. Their OTs and Pokemon are not to be trusted.

As others have said, you have suspicious Pokemon here and your collection seems to consist of many commonly redistributed Pokecheck OTs (in fact, I can see my Shinx and Abra). Among your collection, I can see a few Pokemon from users on the blacklist. Remove these and other illegal Pokemon immediately or I will have to lock your thread.


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Ok ladies and gentlemen, let's be civil here. There's no need to be insulting to be each other. If you seem something off, proper etiquette would dictate you talk it out via VM/PM instead of flooding the thread.

Roxastom100: I'd follow the advice given by TM if you still wish to maintain your thread.
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