RS 200 Tournament (Round 1)

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200 Metagame Tournament
Approved by Earthworm

Remember this guys?

General Stuff
This tournament will be a series of 200 Metagame matches following the standard rules of that tier. But what, the 200 Metagame? What's that? Simply put, it's Gen III pre-Emerald. Many moves were unavailable to certain Pokemon at the time and an even larger game changer was the fact that only a fraction of the Pokemon were actually legally obtainable! So what Pokemon are actually allowed? Well consult this for a complete listing. Still don't get it? Click on the picture if you already haven't.


♦ Sign-ups will be standard, first 62.5% who post in this thread are in and the stragglers (the other 37.5%) will be chosen at random.
♦ 32, 64, 128 (depending on how many sign up).
♦ Single elimination.
♦ The only Pokemon allowed are from the list above. In addition, each Pokemon must be legally obtainable in the R/S cartridges, not Emerald, Box or any other Gen III game.
♦ All items must be obtainable in R/S (i.e. NO PINCH BERRIES, sans Liechi Berry)
♦ All movesets are to be legal in R/S game cartridges.
♦ All matches will be best two out of three.
♦ This will be played on PO's Smogon server in the RS 200 tier (This makes team building that much easier)
♦ Standard Rules and Clauses apply (Species Clause, Sleep Clause, etc.)


♦ Make sure your tier on the SU PO server is set to the new RS 200 tier.
♦ Don't be stupid.
♦ Inactivity will result in disqualification. Please try not to be inactive. Each round will be two weeks, so there's time.
♦ Good luck!

Round 1 Match-Ups
CrashinBoomBang vs Rydro
Iconic vs SoulWind
kd24 vs MarceloDK
Tiffanyy vs DarXidE
Pako vs sOAZ
llvallejoll vs TrollFreak
AuraRayquaza vs dinosaurdan
Frz vs Heist
Kennen vs A l e x a n d e r
DestinyUnknown vs dragonuser
DarkLoic vs Morgenstern
Leftiez vs Seafunks
Triangles vs Double01
Living Things vs Hobbes2
.Robert vs ThatsMyLatios
McMeghan vs M Dragon
Seco453 vs mostwanted
Elmanzano vs Eustatic
Kojes vs Hill
pokebasket vs Giga Punch
T-Dogg vs Thundur
MikeDecIsHere vs PasY G
Master of the Six Kings vs locopoke
Hangover vs Earthworm
Omicron vs NatGeo Django Reinhart
Eranu vs Jirachi
Light The Thunder vs ThePillsburyDoughBoy
idiotfrommars vs Novaray
Hantsuki vs mfhoundoom
SOMALIA vs Pesadilla
Lavos Spawn vs Marshall.Law
Princess Bri vs kael

Good luck guys!
Please confirm wins and losses in this thread.
Round 1 ends 7/1 so plan your matches accordingly.
Underlined means activity post.
P.S. In case of misunderstanding, RS Ubers are NOT allowed (i.e. Groudon, Jirachi, Deozys, etc.)

Django Reinhart
Yeah, please shorten the deadline to 2 weeks.

@DarkLoïc: It looks like he missed you because you didn't have the "200" thing in your post, and at that point he was still checking whether the posts adhered to that rule.
I was about to win the first battle, when my oponent told that Wish Mence is illegal on rs 200. Is it true? n_n

Edit - NetBattle says that wish is legal on Mence in RS, learned by box/NYPC... so I guess i'm 1-0.
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