Gen 3 RSE FRLG Research Thread

In the (hopefully near) future, old generations will need to be implemented in a simulator. At the moment there is not enough information to simulate these generations with 100% accuracy. Formulas exist at but they really need to be confirmed / corrected before we use them. Below are some formulas that I think we should tackle first. When proving a formula I'd like to see the data and math you used to prove it, so be sure to be organized when collecting data.

When I feel sufficient research has been done I'll be writing an article documenting all the information.

Battle Timing:
A lot of stuff on this page (like order of everything) can be tested and used.

Damage Formula:
Here is the damage formula from upokecenter. Even on the DP one from upokecenter, they don't include the mods so I'm entirely sure how accurate their damage formulas are. Everything on that page needs to be tested for accuracy.
int(int(int(2×L ÷ 5+2)×A×P ÷ D)/50)+2
[*]L = Attacker's Level
[*]A = Attacker's current Attack/Special Attack value
[*]P = Attack's base damage
[*]D = Defender's current Defense/Special Defense
I'll be adding to this post with more things that need to be researched.