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RU Research Week #13: Absol, Pinsir, Ditto, and Carracosta

Discussion in 'BW RU' started by Molk, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Molk

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    Jul 27, 2011
    Okay, so i kind of forgot this thread existed haha, but i have updated the hall of fame with Slory and Pocket's entries ^.^.

    About Pocket's Pinsir set, ive got to say, im really not a fan of pinch berries most of the time, but salac pinsir seems like quite the interesting set! If pinsir can manage to sub down to salac range and then get a KO, then it seems like it would be capable of doing a ton of damage! Add on the fact that pinsir gets another boost for every additional KO and you have a wrecking ball thats very hard to stop once it gets started, but sadly, thats the problem. Idk how it works in practice, but that Pinsir set seems like it would be kind of hard to set up, you have to get into salac berry range without being forced out or KOed, AND you have to score a KO without the helpful boost from either Life Orb or swords dance ;-;. So Pocket, did you have any difficulty setting up with Pinsir? because from my perspective it seems like it would be challenging to get the ball rolling with it :s.
  2. Pocket

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    Dec 22, 2004
    Yes, against bulky teams, Pinsir was restricted to late-game cleaning. Some offensive teams posed problems, too, since handful of them didn't really give much opening for Pinsir to set up a Sub down. However there are quite a few standard teams that Pinsir can easily set up a sub on (ie a slow Uxie trying to T-Wave Pinsir), and then start one-shotting mons. These teams usually rely on status / revenge-kills to get rid of threats, and Sub just totally puts them on the back-foot. These are the type of teams that Pinsir usually hacked through like knife slicing through butter. However, occasionally Pinsir would be the first thing I would fodder.

    Insurance against bulky Psychic-types are always nice to have in RU HO teams, though. It may not be the MVP of my team (usually MVP would be Entei or Tauros), but it certainly proved useful. For my particular team, I think this set was the best fit.

    Also major emphasis on hazards support when using this set. It's one of the easiest ways to soften up the opponent's defense and facilitate a Pinsir sweep.

    Here are some log replays of Pinsir in action / not in action (yes, this team is based off of august's Running of the Bulls team):
    vs Sociology Sucks
    vs qht
    vs level 51

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