Sabtastic's Poké-Pics

Howdy! New art updates are tacked on the end of the thread every so often. c:

I'm an unfamiliar face here on, (just signed up yesterday!) but I hope you'll enjoy my Pokemon-related artwork, regardless! I frequent DeviantART quite a bit, so maybe some of you have already stumbled upon my work!!! My apologies in advance if I don't fit them into the thread correctly.

Some Previews of my more popular Pokemon Art

Here goes nothin'!

"Team Tastic - Pokemon Portrait"
My original six (plus Magicarp, I guess) from Pokemon Yellow.

"Let's Beat the Elite Four"* (fullview the link for easter eggs!)
A recent commissioned piece featuring some hidden easter eggs. (hint: you're looking for 7 extra species of pokemon)

Scizor shows a Rampardos the what-for.

Basically just a kabutops with boobs. Made for Facebook's Pokemon December in 2010

Houndoom Run Cycle
If this doesn't animate, you can view it on my DeviantART page.

Courtesy of a sleep-deprived night with tangramman.

"Fakemon Abominations"
Pokemon meets a blender.

Cheesy Shaymin Valentine

Cheesy Celebi Valentine

"A Tapir Fetus"
Short Comic Featuring Munna

Graffiti from Facebook ... back when people still used Graffiti.

Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard

Soul Silver
Ampharos Gengar Absol Scizor

Mewtwo on Crack

Gengar Doodle

Scyther Doodle

Launchpad McSwellow
Swellow rockin' some aviator goggles.

(not my original idea, just loved the quote)

Vaporeon's Butt
The pose looked cool as a sketch, but it looks awkward now. DAT ASS. >:X


Aaaand that's all for now, folks!!
Let me know what you think!!! :D


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ohhh my godddddd

i am such a sucker for team pictures

welcome to smogon!! your work is beautiful, i hope you stick around!


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What a great first post! Your art is lovely, I hope you will post more. :) I particularly like the team pic on the right, the realistic style is fantastic. Also the Shaymin valentine is the greatest thing I've ever seen ;-;<3333

ETA: Gyaralax ahahahah please expand upon this concept
Dear Smogon:
I think I love you. :D

Thanks for being so welcoming guys...!!!
Can't wait to get more involved in the forums and create some badass pokemans.
Glad you enjoy my artwork so much!!
This is all incredible. The combined pokes are incredible Also, for future reference, will you take requests?
I really wish I could take requests, but I'm pretty swamped as of late. Lots of school, midterms, commissions to work on, amongst other things ^^; ...Sorry!!! :c

what did you do / use to draw Magikarp and Swellow?
They're just sketches, so I usually use prismacolor markers and black pigment pens / sharpie to colour them. :P

lol! Crud. I did, too.
There are 8, ex-cluding the duplicates and original 6. Sorry!! xD

This looks so realistic, amazing!

when this guy's art starts appearing in the smog, i claim the award of alerting az to this

But I'm not a guy! D':
This is probably one of the best kickoffs on an art thread. Welcome to Smogon and we all hope you stick around. This art is too good not to share, lol.