Sacred Sword

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Attack Name: Sacred sword[Physical attack]

Base Power: 90

Power points: 20

Accuracy: 100%

Effect: Deals damage to the opponent negating/Ignoring any stat changes.

Pokemon that learn 'Sacred Sword' via levelling up:


Seeing this move and also noting Terakion's massive base attack stats of 129 combined with STAB, you'll be seeing this almost too frequently is my guess. the other 3 pokemon have decent enough Attack power to use it efficiently.
It's effect is amazing simply because you can revenge kill anything even after they set up a several curses such as Cradily/Swampert/Snorlax etc.

-Stone edge
-Swords Dance/Rock Polish
-Sacred Sword/Close combat
252ATT/252SPEED/4HP *Adamant(If using rock polish) or Jolly.

So what are your thoughts on this new devastating move guys??
Seems very situational to me - the 33% power increase provided by Close Combat is too much to pass up. Barring Cradily, defense-boosting mons can be Roared anyway. A good alternative to those that do not have access to CC though.

Also useless for use with Bulk-up/SDance, as I'm assuming those boosts are negated too.
Seeing that all four users have access to Close Combat which presents itself as a much more powerful sweeping tool, Sacred Sword would have limited appeal. However, Birijion might have the greatest use for it, seeing as it enjoys being bulky and won't want to lower its defences with CC, and it needs a Fighting STAB to deal with the Dark types it walls.
I guess it might be used for offensive teams without a hazer/phazer, put simply. In addition to that 'Sacred sword' provides something that doesn't lower the defensive stats as all 4 pokemon have respectable bulk.
The only one that should use Close Combat is Terakion. Sacred Sword is better for Kobaruon and Birijion since the two are more defensive and can't afford the defense drops. Kerudio is better off with Sword of Mystery.
Hmmm, people are confusing the legendaries with Lucario. Lucario isn't built for sticking around.
I can see this having a lot of utility on offensive teams as you say, particularly for things like Cradily which can be otherwise impossible to get rid of. Close Combat has a massive power advantage, but its sort of like comparing Hydro Pump to Surf - except that accuracy isn't a factor, Hydro Pump lowers both defenses, and Surf hits disregarding stat boosts. IMO thats enough to make using "Surf" worthwhile!
Yah i would also agree with the fact that Kobaruon and Birijion are better off with this move.Im pretty sure Terakion would prefer the raw power output of CC tho seeing as it probably needs it for a lot of the k0s.I suppose could work as a makeshift phazing move.
Pretty kool..
Well, it depends if defensive stat-uppers will be popular, but I doubt that. If they will, though, Sacred Sword might find some use, though CC will probably be used more.

I could also see it being used on fragile Pokémon who wish to stay in for maybe one extra turn. The defence srops from CC kinda hurt, sometimes.
Like I said these pokemon have excellent defensive stats so why waste it using cc? Also with swords dance at it's disposal, I don't think Close combat would be seen on Terakion often.
Too situational. Whille the new mons do have excellent defensive stats, the 33% increase in power from cc is more imprtant when sweeping (unless you're going the slow boosting, bulky route). And by its description, it seems like it might ignore your stat boosts anyway, meaning it's useless on setuppers.
I think It'll be safe to assume for now that any stat changes the opponent gets.(Any stat boosts). Intimidate , I doubt that will be negated by this move, if sacred sword was an ability it would make sense to negate stat reducing abilities.
What about daikenki the samurai who has sword on his fore legs. Sacredsword screams samurai . hopefully third version will be good to him like last gen was to feraligatr
It's odd... no matter how many times I look at his forelegs, I can't see Daikenki's "sword."

But yeah, I can see this move distributed amongst a select few Pokémon in the third game, as per usual.
I hate it when they outclass such a good move. I like it, it it bypasses Reflect I like it even more but just like everyone is sayin, they allowed all of those pokemon to run Combat so :/

Good ingame if they get it early.

Oh ya you get points for having a name that coincides with swords ;)
Again, nice name, but really don't see this being run that often. CC is better, and there aren't that many pokes that run defensive physical upgrades. It's better ingame against people with increased defense...
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