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Salamence Best Ever

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Herzgold, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Herzgold


    Oct 22, 2011
    Hey guys.
    At first: I'm not a newbie at competitive play, although you might think that after rating my team. I hope I can make this somehow enjoyable for you so that you have fun looking at my very own team. I liked Non-Standard, as you are gonna see.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Lefties
    Trait: Magic Bounce
    EVs: 208 HP / 116 Def / 184 SDef
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Thunder Wave
    - Wish
    - Protect
    - Reflect

    Gives my team very important wish support, as salamence is weak to sr and enjoys getting another shot at sweeping. Apart from that, if you count xatu, there are exactly two pokemon with reliable recovery which is not good as the others are equally important for checking different threats to my team. Thunder Wave speeds up my team by slowing down the opponent ones. Reflect gives xatu better physical bulk (and the rest of my team, too) which is quite nice, esspecially with sala trying to set up.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Moxie
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)
    - Dragon Dance
    - Fire Blast
    - Earthquake
    - Outrage

    The one and only dragon. Now that moxie and outrage are a legal combination i tried this out and it worked. the set is almost the same as last gen with the only difference being the ability which makes smashing through walls easier and easier over time.

    [​IMG] @ Leftovers
    Trait: Magnet Pull
    EVs: 252 HP / 128 SAtk / 36 SDef / 92 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Substitute
    - Sunny Day
    - Hidden Power [Fire]
    - Thunderbolt

    I tried this a more defensive way as it is my only steel type. i dont know what the speed evs are exactly for as it is a few weeks ago that i calced this split. the special attack evs allow me to cleanly OHKO ferro in the sun with its standard 252/168 split. moreover, sunny day gives me unexpected control over the weather and, let's say, the opponent sacrifices his poli, i can just change the weather and for five rounds, he gains an disadvantage. after that, no one has an advantage. (well, maybe me, because the opponent can't follow his strategy anymore.) sub gives me a chance to see the trapped steel types' move sets to react accordingly. and hey, sunny day amps my power so much that a hp fire in sun is thrice as strong as in rain so the "boosting round" is perfectly acceptable.

    [​IMG] @ Leftovers
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 HP / 20 SAtk / 204 SDef / 32 Spd
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Thunder Wave
    - Giga Drain
    - Heal Bell
    - Recover

    my special wall. spreads para and checks rain teams. i chose this over that fungus because i dont need its ability to remove tspikes as i have no weak to them anyway. giga drain should be quite obvious, as is recover. heal bell allows landorus and salamence another chance at annoying the opponent, should they get burned or so. the spread avoids the 2HKO from spex latios draco meteor, after sr, i think. dont know, so long ago lol.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Intimidate
    EVs: 224 HP / 192 Atk / 4 SDef / 88 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Stealth Rock
    - Swords Dance (Gravity before)
    - Stone Edge

    A more defensive Version of that guy which happened to function very well. the spread avoids a 3HKO from jolly landorus-i in sandstorm that uses stone edge, as well as a ohko from 0 spatk tyranitars ice beam. with that speed, i outspeed neutral base 70s such as breloom (although i cant do anything to it lol). sr are almost sure if that guy is out, and swords dance uses the rounds spent with trying to break through its defenses. after a swords dance, defensive hippowdon is cleanly 2HKOed while not being able to OHKO at all. ice fang maxes at ca 70%.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Substitute
    - Shadow Ball
    - Focus Blast
    - Disable

    the last guy featuring this party. boasting a nice set of resistances and esspecially immunities allows this set to counter lots of things depending on two move coverage, of course according to what these moves are. countered things include, but are not limited to, breloom, non-rp-terrakion, conkeldurr, some landorus, some thundurus-t, toxicroak and so on. every slower choicer obv loses, too.

    scarf genesect. i have 4 (yeah, thats right) ice weaks and only one resistance that cant withstand that guys flamethrower. fortunately, it cant switch in safely into anything at all, as anything in my team is able to cripple this guy.
    cm lati@s: i have nothing to phaze them and they have more than one move to hurt gengar. spex latios might also prove troublesome with hazards.
    heatran (preferably defensive ones with lava plume): i have nothing that likes risking that burn. so yeah. defensive ones can be stalled out by celebi (yeah), but offensive ones can cause havoc.

    ps: maybe i'm gonna look for good sprites for my mons. lets see. hope you like it and rate a lot! :)
  2. PasY_G


    Sep 22, 2010
    komisches team, verstehe nicht was xatu + maggy bringt lieber spinner spielen, deine teammember helfen mence weder beim sweep noch profitieren sie wirklich von seinen checks/kontern, gengar set macht keinen sinn ohne spike support (magic bounce so unsicher) magnezone set macht wenig sinn, sand teams tun dir da voll weh, landorus-t wallt die ja nicht einfach mal alle so und gengar und so sterben so früh gegen die. zweimal twave ist auch slotverschwendung leaf storm + hp fire auf cele wär imo sinnvoller, xatu hat mit uturn haze roost light screen auch bessere optionen für diesen slot. twave support lohnt sich nur bei so bulky offense oder SD sweepern oder sowas aber DD :naja:
  3. Herzgold


    Oct 22, 2011
    Tag auch Pasy.
    Maggy entfernt Steels für Salami und lästigen Regen ggf. Xatu bringt v.A. Wish Support, aber kann auch nebenbei SR und so zurückwerfen.
    Naja, ich würde doch sagen, Deme hat ähnliche Checks wie Salami, oder?
    Ja ne, ist schon klar, dass Deme da viel zu tun hat, aber manche Sachen werden ja auch von Celebi gekontert und so.
    Gengar Set soll ja auch (so unglaublich das in deinen Ohren klingen mag) nicht unbedingt Switches erzwingen, sondern die oben genannten Threats checken/kontern.
    Der Meinung bin ich nicht, man kann doch nicht die ganze Twave-Arbeit auf ein einziges Pokemon verschieben.
    Dein Cele-Set ist Gen 4 Standard.
    Wie gesagt, ich brauche den Wish Support. Haze > Reflect kann ich mir aber mal überlegen.
    Jaa, es gibt auch so wenige Scarfer, die Salami überholen. Latios kann Salami nicht überholen, Terra auch nicht, und diese werden auch gar nicht von Para verkrüppelt.
    Anstatt einfach aufzuzählen, dass alles scheiße ist (wie du es eigentlich immer tust), könntest du mir auch mal RICHTIGE Sets geben und dabei sagen, gegen welche Probleme diese helfen.
  4. Yeezy D

    Yeezy D

    Oct 13, 2012
    I can't speak German.

    But before this gets locked for lack of pictures, run Eviolite Chansey/Leftovers Blissey over Xatu, thereby decreasing your weakness to Dark and Ghost, (as you have three that are weak to it). They can still provide you the Wish support, and are much, much better walls. Also, why are you running Sunny Day on Magnezone? Run it Choice Specs with four diverse SpA moves.
  5. Herzgold


    Oct 22, 2011
    But they cannot protect my team from entry hazards. Xatu isn't too reliable either, but at least it is no fodder, while Blissey and esspecially Chansey are.
    Try to think about why somebody would be using Sunny Day in conjunction with HP Fire whilst having no own weather. Hint: Ferro and Jirachi are some of the most commonly used Pokemon on rain teams.
  6. haxcho


    Oct 8, 2012
    Sieht für mich so aus, als wärst du ziemlich schwach gegen Sun-teams; Starke geboostete Feuerattacken können die Hälfte deines Teams (Celebi, Xatu, Magnezone) OHKOen und Gengar 2HKOen, während Landorus und Salamence nicht viel gegen Chlorophyll-Sweeper machen können(eigtl kann jeder Chlorophyll-Sweeper, besonders Venusaur, problemlos im late-game durch dein ganzes Team durchhauen, außer er ist blöd genug, Sleep Powder gegen Xatu einzusetzen). Rain dance wäre deshalb eigtl eher geeignet in deinem Team, aber so wirklich stark gg Regen bist du auch nicht. Dein Salamence würde ich auch eher scarfen, da der sonst extrem leicht revenged wird.

    Weder gegen Ferro noch gegen Jirachi brauchst du HP-Fire + Sunny Day imho, ich benutz gegen die ein Set mit Charge beam u. substitute, damit gewinnst du 99% der Fälle u. kannst meistens noch nen zweiten Kill machen, da du +2/3 bist u. substitute hast. Ersetze Xatu aber dann lieber durch nen Spinner, da die meisten Ferros dann Spikes legen.
  7. bkt0731


    Oct 6, 2012
    Try espeon. It's faster, gets magic bounce, wish, heal bell, baton pass etc.

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