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Sandstorm rmt

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by PTZ, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. PTZ


    Jun 21, 2010
    Ability- download
    Item- choice scarf
    nature- naive
    Evs 252 Atk/ 4 spatk/ 252 speed
    Ice beam
    giga drain
    u turn

    Obviously I needed a revenge killer so I went for choice scarf genesect. Not much to say about this guy other than he does his job really well although sandstorm teams sometimes make his job a bit difficult in that it usually means i have to predict a switch. Overall tho pretty good poke.

    Abilitity- justice
    Item salac berry
    Nature jolly
    Evs 252 Atk/ 252 speed/ 4 spdef
    close combat
    Swords dance
    Stone edge

    SubstituteThis guy pretty much uses Sub to avoid status bs and ease prediction, and then tear holes in the other team with his crazy STABs. A lot of times, a sweep with him will be rendered impossible because of priority or other confounding factors, but he sets up Genesect for an easy run-through of whatever's left after the carnage is over. Scizor's who Bullet Punch his sweep to death are rewarded by a metal bug having his way with their team, and sets up on Heatran, Chansey, and Rotom-H, who enjoy ruining Genesect's day. Deo-D is essentially free setup for this dog, and against those teams, The EVs let him move quick and hit HARD, and get the Salac boost from 3 subs instead of two.

    Rotom W
    Ability- levitate
    Item- leftovers
    Nature- calm
    Evs 112 hp/ 252 spdef/144 speed
    Volt switch
    Hydro pump
    Thunder wave
    pain split

    Needing something to deal with rain teams, and being decidedly committed to avoiding the use of any effort whatsoever in the building of this team, I selected good ol Rotom-W, who takes hits like a champ, does a surprisingly good amount of damage with Hydro Pump, and can give me momentum through Volt Switch. My team being so reliant on getting its bevy of sweepers a free turn to set up, Volt Switch can be absolutely crucial, and Rotom's ability to stuff many common rain pokes will grant me that free turn a lot of the time. Even when not against rain, nobody likes to take a Hydro Pump, Volt Switch is still useful, Thunder wave is infuriating, and Pain Split keeps rotom healthy and in the game

    Ability- sand stream
    item- choice band
    nature- Adamant
    Evs 100 hp/ 240 Atk/ 56 spdef/ 112 speed
    Stone edge
    Super power

    She cant' take special hits as well as she used to, but she definitely generates much more of an offensive presence with CB equipped. Takes more prediciton to use properly and makes me predict more, but I'm enjoying this set so far.

    Landorus T
    Ability= Intimidate
    Item leftovers
    Nature- impish
    Evs 252 hp/ 44 Atk/ 212 def
    Stealth rock
    Stone edge
    Earth quake

    Intimidating opposing physical attackers with its mesmerizing glare. Its great typing, awesome stat distribution, and good coverage bought it its spot on the team. However, this isn't the standard Scarfed Landorus-T most people use- this is the bulky set, the one with even more physical bulk than Gliscor and the one that can rip off chunks of HP from flyers like Salamence / Dragonite and OHKO them on the spot. The song Shiver really shows the true monstrosity that Landorus is- talking about how it's glare 'immobilizes' and 'hynotizes' my opponents. Of course, it's obvious that that's exactly what Landorus-t does- Intimidating my opponents until their attack is lowered into obscurity.
    Landorus's job isn't only to KO things that need KO'ing. It's a physical tank just like Cobalion- but with a different purpose. He sets Rocks, and weakens physical attackers, and then pivots to Jirachi or Latias who have weaker defense and allow them to set up / sweep. He also handles Fighting/Ground types much better than Cobalion, resisting Fighting and immune to Ground. Landorus's slower U-Turn is really useful against VoltTurn teams- in fact, Landorus's slower U-Turn is MY ANSWER to VoltTurn teams, because of his slow speed and typing. His powerful EQ is the 2nd most damaging move in the team- second only to Latias's Choice Specs Draco. Stone Edge provides desperately needed coverage for pokemon like Tornadus / Volcorona, who would have no trouble sweeping if Landorus couldn't come in to revenge them.

    Ability= levitate
    Iyem- choice specs
    Nature- Timid
    Evs 4 hp/ 252 speed/ 252 spatk
    Draco meteor

    Serves as wallbreaker and another thing that can tank water moves and hit back hard.
    Standard Specs set. Draco meteor will 2hko most things that do not resist i
  2. Nutrix


    Nov 27, 2012
    I'm probably not the most qualified person on this forum to give a rate, but here goes. I'm assuming you're playing on Pokemon Online.

    Anyway, the only piece of advice I can think to give is to change Latias' set to a 3 attacks + recover set, with a life orb. As an important check to both general rain and sun, as well as being your best answer to threats like RP Sheer Force Landorus and Keldeo (although the former admittedly has trouble setting up against your team). Basically, you lose power but gain tons of longevity and flexibility.
  3. PTZ


    Jun 21, 2010
    I'll test life orb Latios thanks for rate man

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