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Discussion in 'Global Battle Union' started by Charzaro, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Charzaro

    Charzaro (>~ @_@ )>~

    Aug 23, 2009
    The Buck With Seasonally Bad Hair Days

    HP: 80
    Atk: 100
    Def: 70
    SpDef: 70
    Spe: 95​

    Chlorophyll: When sunny, the Pokémon’s Speed doubles. However, Speed will not double on the turn weather becomes Clear Skies. ​

    Sap Sipper: Attack is raised by one stage when the Pokémon is hit by a Grass-type move and no damage is inflicted. ​

    (Unreleased) Serene Grace: The chances of a move having an effect doubles. ​

    Moves (open)

    Level-Up Moves 
    Lv1: Megahorn
    Lv1: Tackle
    Lv1: Camouflage
    Lv1: Growl
    Lv1: Sand-Attack
    Lv4: Growl
    Lv7: Sand-Attack
    Lv10: Double Kick
    Lv13: Leech Seed
    Lv16: Faint Attack
    Lv20: Take Down
    Lv24: Jump Kick
    Lv28: Aromatherapy
    Lv32: Energy Ball
    Lv36: Charm
    Lv37: Horn Leech
    Lv44: Nature Power
    Lv52: Double-Edge
    Lv60: Solarbeam
    TMs / HMs
    TM06 - Toxic
    TM10 - Hidden Power
    TM11 - Sunny Day
    TM15 - Hyper Beam
    TM16 - Light Screen
    TM17 - Protect
    TM18 - Rain Dance
    TM20 - Safeguard
    TM21 - Frustration
    TM22 - Solar Beam
    TM27 - Return
    TM30 - Shadow Ball
    TM32 - Double Team
    TM42 - Facade
    TM44 - Rest
    TM45 - Attract
    TM48 - Round
    TM49 - Echo Voice
    TM53 - Energy Ball
    TM67 - Retaliate
    TM68 - Giga Impact
    TM70 - Flash
    TM73 - Thunder Wave
    TM75 - Swords Dance
    TM83 - Work Up
    TM86 - Grass Knot
    TM87 - Swagger
    TM90 - Substitute
    TM93 - Wild Charge
    TM94 - Rock Smash
    HM01 - Cut
    Egg Moves
    Fake Tears
    Natural Gift
    Worry Seed
    Odor Sleuth
    Sleep Talk
    Baton Pass

    Sawsbuck is a personal favorite of the new gen 5 mons, one which I have been able to use, despite mediocre stats, to great effect with the correct teammates.

    Singles Sets

    Sawsbuck@Life orb
    Sap Sipper
    - Return/Double-Edge
    - Horn Leech
    - Nature Power/Jump Kick
    - Megahorn

    This is a set I have found to work incredibly well on rain teams as it has great synergy with water types.
    • Sawsbuck is capable of switching in on both of waters' weaknesses, with an immunity to grass.
    • Has the potential to sweep after activating Sap Sipper
    • Return is a reliable STAB, but double-edge can be used for more power
    • Horn Leech hits rocks that resist its other STAB, as well as killing bulky waters that can give rain teams trouble
    • Nature Power is Earthquake in the GBU, hitting steel types as well as allowing sawsbuck to hit electrics it switches into and fires that threaten it super effectively.
    • Jump kick also kills steels but lets it hit TTar and ballooned steels better
    • Megahorn is there so that Grasses will be killed immediately so you can move on to the next pokemon with as much hp as possible.
    • Adamant is prefered because it gives much needed power while jolly only allows it to out speed a very few notable pokemon.
    Sawsbuck@Life orb
    - Return/Double-Edge
    - Horn Leech
    - Nature Power/Jump Kick
    - Swords Dance

    • As long as Sawsbuck is in the sun, you will have no problem attcking first. With these evs it out speeds scarfed base 105's
    • Return is a reliable base 102 STAB, while double-edge can be used for more power
    • Sawsbuck reaches a nice 656 Atk after a swords dance allowing it to sweep through teams
    • Horn Leech hits grounds, rocks, and waters that can give sun teams trouble for super effective damage
    Finally after 2 years of being on smogon I do my first anylasis type thing.

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