Scizor (SubLiechi) (QC 0/3)


This set received WAY more testing.

name: SubLiechi
move 1: Agility
move 2: Substitute
move 3: X-Scizoors
move 4: Reversal / Iron Head
item: Liechi Berry
ability: Swarm
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Why this set deserves to be on site
  • High risk, High reward
  • Great Late game sweeper if used correctly
  • Good surprise value
  • Very useful against offensive teams

Additional Comments
  • At Max Power, Reversal has more Power than X-Scissors
  • Either works or fails, no in-between
  • Surprise often allows for a free agility, which usually leads to max power Reversal

Teammates and Counters
  • Priority
  • Rough Skin / Iron Barbs
  • Wall Breaker help get weaken the walls for a sweep
  • Someone to get ride of Flying types


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Hi there, you do know that an update for Scizor is being worked on by an OU QC member, right? So unless another QC member has assigned this to you (after reading shrang and PK's post, I doubt it), you should submit your idea to said thread. Although, I highly don't recommend doing the latter because this set is easily stopped by many of OU's common physically defensive walls thanks to lack of coverage, and is fairly hard to pull off. Sorry, but I hope I helped.