Sea-monstrous Art

Hi everybody. I've been lurking around for what feels like forever now. (I never actually had the guts to make an account until now...)
I really making art. I've been oil painting for a few years now, and I do pencil drawings and stuff, but the art that I have here is all Pokémon stuff.

All of my work is done on MS Paint. Please keep in mind that I'm definitely NOT even close to the level of someone like Wyverii, but I try the best I can.
Note that my lines are very...not-clean, and I don't do backgrounds or anything. Just the Pokemon themselves. I'm too lazy to do more...

Most of my art so far isn't shaded (sorry), because shading on MS Paint takes too long :pirate:. I have a few pieces that are, though, and I hope I did a decent job of it.

This is one of the first drawings I did on Paint. I didn't feel like creating all the colors, so I just used the generic MS Paint ones. Hopefully this does not put you off.

Dragonite wasn't very easy, and I don't think it turned out the greatest, but at least it has a resemblance.

I love Ambipom. They're so cool. I think I butchered its shape and outline a bit, but my free-hand isn't the best, so I don't fret over it too much.

I love Emonga (Emolga?) so much, especially after the Judge-a-Pokemon article in the Smog last issue. It's so happy!

This Giratina-O took FOREVER, because it's very detailed. Thankfully its body shape isn't too complex.

I really liked Tepig (well, I liked it more as Pokabu, but...) when it was first revealed. Then I saw its evolutions. Yeah, I decided to go with Snivy instead...

I'm not a huge fan of Piplup (as a starter), but it's so cute!! Piplup lup lup lup lup!

I'm a huge fan of Kinneas, so I tried my hand at a Koffing in his style. I hope it doesn't go over badly.

So I herd you liek them.
Ignore the strange...crescent shape(?) at the top. I wasn't very careful in deleting the reference images...


I drew this one using only the oval tool, line tool, and curve tool. I used the brush to help out with shading and cleaning up, though. More of an experiment in the different tools than anything.

I am VERY PROUD of this piece. I took a long time, because it was the first one I shaded. I did it the day before BW came out as a celebratory thing, I guess. I realize that Zekrom is slightly larger than Reshiram (completely unintentional).

That's all I have for now (there's more art waiting in the wings, but I'll save those for when I figure out how to use hide tags and stuff). I really hope you liked it! I'll certainly post more soon. (a tutorial in how hide tags work would facilitate that) Critiques are welcome (and compliments are too! :toast:)

~Sea monster
Wow, I really like the detail in the work, even in the ones you said were quick! Keep up the good work, looking forward to more.
MS Paint is a complete ass of a program. It takes me a whole day just to draw a Voltorb. Props for the pics, they're pretty good! Meloetta, Ambipom and Zekrom are my favourites, with Dragonite and Giratina-O close behind. Luvdisc'd! (Is it normal to Luvdisc so quickly?)
Thanks to all for the kind words! I have a lot more art to dump here.

I did Eevee and the Eeveelutions, all in a span of about 3 days. This was before I tried shading, so they're...not shaded...but I hope you enjoy them anyways!

I love Eevee. It seems like such a simple start to a really complicated evolution. This Eevee turned out decent, I guess. How much can you really get out of an Eevee?

This is my Vaporeon. I think it turned out rather well, though I did forget to color the mouth...

Jolteon didn't exactly turn out amazingly...definitely some anatomical/perspective issues going on here. But spikes are hard to make on Paint, so I hope it will be forgiven.

Flareon was much simpler in comparison to Jolteon. I think it's okay.

I was Espeon for super hero day at camp once. It was pretty awesome. :heart:

I would definitely like my Umbreon a lot more if I'd made the ears bigger...

I think Glaceon is...okay. It feels kind of off to me, though I can't exactly put my finger on it. It's probably the front paws (kind of short) and the lack of anything between the hind leg and front leg facing you.

I like Leafeon, but it has a very intense stare that scares me a little...
I also think that I made it too...short. That's how it feels, at least.

Woohoo! More shading!!

I just did the next 2 pieces today. I wanted to do some more 5th gen stuff, so here it is! I chose some simpler Pokemon (then again, Black and White designs don't get any more complicated than the Reshiram and Zekrom I already did.) because they're less time consuming.

Yep. It's Stunfisk. Well, I always call it Maggyo. (can never get used to these new English names...) Either way, it's so horrible looking it's almost good. But not quite...

Last piece of the post is the infamous Reuniclus! It doesn't have much shading, even in the Sugimori art, so I tried the best I could. (The highlights were made with the spray paint tool! I used to think that thing was useless...)

I hope you appreciate my art dump. And I guess I take requests, as long as it's not too complicated. I'll try my hand at any Pokemon, though.
These are really good, I hope you continue to create art as you have some potential. I especially like the Giratina and the Stunfisk. Keep up the good work.
I have some more art!

This is an old work (well, I did it a few weeks ago, that's kind of old to me) that I decided to pull out of my butt and show you guys. It's one of those pre-shading-era drawings.

I'm also (trying) to submit something to the front page contest. I'm doing Bisharp, Keldeo, and Serperior, and it's coming along...okay, I guess. I've got all the lineart done, and Bisharp is colored (except it looks kind of terrible, I think).

I drew these by hand, then scanned them so I could do the lineart on Paint. Also colored on Paint.

They're not as dynamic as some of the stuff already submitted, but I hope you like them anyways.

That's it for now. I'll post the finished products when they're, well, finished.