Season 1 Championship

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Pokemoniac15 vs Picollo - Picollo already was lucky by being with the best 8 due to Aeolus getting 2 points less then he couldve gotten. P15 isn't nr 1. atm for nothing

Chaos vs HolyKnight - Interesting match, but Chaos is a leap too big for HK imo.

VIL vs Justin - VIL is just great, period.

Lesm46 - Mekkah - Although Mekkah is Dutch, I have to with Lesm here, he just has so much class and a incredible luck, so what stops him?

So left players only, which fits the standings at this point also, so no surprises this round imo.


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gogo pokemoniac15 and Chaos!

Lesm46, if you have trouble finding me, PM...I'm GMT+1 (Holland etc). I will probably be online in the late afternoon-evening tomorrow, same for the rest of the week, shortly in the morning (7:30am or something). I'm sure we could find each other.
pokemaniac15 vs. Picollo - p15 seems to be good at all 3 generations, whereas picollo only seems to have advance skills.

chaos vs. Holyknight - chaos is easily better at rby and advance.

VIL vs. me - VIL has the edge in advance, and i have the edge in RBY, and he will probably beat me at GSC.

Lesm46 vs. Mekkah - this side of the bracket is pretty tough. this is probably the best matchup of the first round. they are both equal in all 3 versions. although Mekkah might have the edge in GSC and Lesm might have the edge in Advance. (i'm not too sure who is how good at advance)


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pokemaniac15 vs. Picollo - I dont think I have to give reasons for this.

chaos vs. Holyknight - Hes better at RBY and Advance imo.

VIL vs Justin - Justin is cool but VIL is way better in GSC and in Advance.

vs. Mekkah - Cheats in RBY. Equal in other gen but still he is the cheater.

Edit: :o Aeolus missed out by 1 point.
This is going to be better than the super bowl

1.pokemaniac15 (20 rby/43 gsc/18 adv) vs. 8.Picollo(2/4/23)

-I'm not too familiar with either of these players, but I do know p15 is a well-rounded player and the top seed.

4.chaos (9 rby/12 gsc/30) vs. 5.HolyKnight(7/9/20 adv)

-I dont know what to make of this matchup, both are skilled players but I haven't seen them battle much lately.

2.Veteran In Love(16 rby/5/43 adv) vs. Justin8649(24/3 gsc/3)

-I was going to pick Justin(so he would let me write the finals warstories), but ViL is just a monster right now. This should be fun to watch, I've seen both players using cool teams with less common standard pokemon.

3.Lesm46(30 rby/26 gsc/1) vs. Mekkah(26/2/3 adv)

-This is the best matchup so far, both players are skilled and it could go either way. I hope the poke-gods keep Lesm's luck out of this and nothing stupid happens.

longshot finals prediction: ViL over chaos
If you want to write War stories, that would be great. So far only Acura has volunteered to do it, and he is rarely around. The plan is for each finals match next season to have a war story. (But it would be nice if the championship match for this had war would be a tough job though since it is 3 battles.) If you want to do it, just let me know

ps, we have to do our uno stuff some time.
whee how did i know that..well lets see what i can roll..

P15 i have GMT +1..tell me when you can battle,iam usually online at 8-11 pm. maybe one of us has to battle in the morning lol.
pokemaniac15 vs. Picollo - I know p15 is the nr.1, but Pico is german ^^

chaos vs. Holyknight - Both are awesome players so i just pick the one i know better

VIL vs Justin - VIL is just awesome

Lesm46 vs. Mekkah - Is the better one
pokemaniac15 vs Picollo-P15 is scary. I don't see Pic RBY or GSC enough to say I can judge him as a master.

chaos vs Holyknight-HK is an exceptionally good battler in nearly any category.

VIL vs Justin8649-VIL is also very scary

Lesm46 vs Mekkah-Not sure which to go for here.
pokemaniac15 vs. Picollo - p15 sure is scary, but go, Pico : o

chaos vs. Holyknight - I think chaos has the edge over HK.

VIL vs Justin - I'm sure ViL will do this.

Lesm46 vs. Mekkah - Mekkah is our famous dutchie. Enough said.
pokemaniac15 vs. Picollo - Ok, I don't care what anyone says, Pico can play all gens pretty evenly and has the experience and skill to win this matchup. Also, everyone seems to forget that p15 haxxed quite a bit to get to #1.

Picollo 60% - p15 40%

chaos vs. Holyknight - chaos has a slight edge in rby, HK has it in GSC. It'll be decided by advance =/

chaos is a 59% - 41% favorite over HK, but I wouldn't be surprised if HK came up with a win here.

Lesm46 vs. Mekkah - I'd like to be a poser and say that luck will play the deciding factor, but these players are well-matched. Lesm probably has the edge in RBY, Mekkah has the advance edge, which means their bracket could be decided by each player's weakest metagame, GSC.

Hell I really don't know

Wow all close matchups between solid players, kudos to the well-run tournament system and congrats to everyone for making the top 8 to create some exciting matches!
Justin8649 said:
If you want to write War stories, that would be great.

I'll be in Jamaica from the 18-25th, but if I'm back before the final round I can do it. But I'll need the players to save the logs for us if we miss any of the matches.


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i'm looking at p15/vil/chaos for the champ, in that order. p15 did really well!

furthermore i am the best
Veteran In Love said:
Also, everyone seems to forget that p15 haxxed quite a bit to get to #1.
IIRC, I can attest to that. I'd be 3-0 against him in ADV instead of 2-1. I might be remembering wrong though - I recall a critical somewhere.

pokemaniac15 over Picollo - Despite what I said above, p15 is solid in all generations.

chaos over Holyknight - Holyknight has to be one of the most overrated players on NetBattle. Even I have beaten him 3 tours in a row IIRC, maybe it was 2.

VIL over Justin - Haven't seen Justin battle and VIL is, well, he's VIL.

Lesm46 over Mekkah - LesmLuck.
Pokemoniac15 vs Picollo - going with p15 just because he was number one.

chaos vs HolyKnight - wow, arguebly the best of both servers playing each other. Going with HK because Im sticking with what I said in the last post.

VIL vs Justin - "VIL is just great, period." - agreed.

Lesm46 vs Mekkah - Lesm is the favorite and I see him winning.
Pokemaniac15,vil and lesm are the one i pick. About me and chaos well let the better one win.

Also i like how zero comments on beating me when the battle he beat me were all like 1-0 and some chs were the ones to decide the battle
I'm sure Mekkah wouldn't mind doing some warstories.


I think those people will win r1 , though i won't be surprised if any of them beats the other. GL guys.
Pokemaniac15 vs Picollo [Both of the seem to be good players but I have to go with pokemaniac.]

chaos vs Holyknight [Again, both are very good but chaos is better imo.]

VIL vs Justin8649 [Again, both are... just look above.]

Lesm46 vs Mekkah [This one was though and this is gonna be a great battle. But I'll just pick Mekkah.]

That's the way it goes..
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