Season 1 Championship

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Yeah we could get our battles done on wednesday after 10:30pm but if that don't happen then any other day after 10:00pm will be fine.

lol is funny that i have been the underdog in all my matches but who cares.
well vil won 2-1 in matches that were so bad that i'll rather no talk about it.

By bad i mean ( haxy) but they were still fun to play and vil ended up winning so Congrats
I'd like to extend congratulations to both players. Especially to HK for turning around and winning in RBY despite his persistent poor luck. And of course a heartly congrats to VIL for winning season one. It was well deserved.
ADV 6-0, I win

RBY 0-2, HK wins

GSC 4-0, I win

I will write the warstory for the GSC between me and HK, the rest is up to you guys

p.s the gsc score between me and Lesm was 4-0(he forfeited around 4-2 or something like that.)

gj ViL, I picked you to win it all on page 1 and probably could have made some money from this, if only gambling on pokemon was legal in this state.

Also I could do the rby war story, it sounds interesting. Did anyone save the log?
yeah a 6-0 on adv since i hadnt played adv in in weeks. Then i manage to turn the rby match around after having the worst luck someone could have. Finally in gsc the score was 3-0 and it was some odd prediction and a ch what seal the victory
Not open for further replies.