Season 1 (Week 7 [RBY #1] Won by Justin8649

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Round 1

pokemaniac15 vs Floppy Disk
Holyknight vs Internet Duck
skarm vs Bugsy23
goofball vs Picollo
zeroality vs Lesm46
Fool_Hi vs 180.ROGER.
cloud vs Darkbolt
ShinySandslash vs wraith
Vulcan Fury vs gotei(13) hyorinm
Groudon69 vs Aeolus
Justin8649 vs giga
Fuzion vs 0_o
TheMusicMan vs Hipno
ATHFfreak vs Aeroblacktyl
Giga Punch'' vs gdpt
Explodus vs Atlas

Round 2

Floppy Disk vs wraith
Internet Duck vs Aeroblacktyl
Bugsy23 vs gotei(13) hyorinm
Fool_Hi vs Explodus
0_o vs Lesm46
Justin8649 vs cloud
Giga Punch" vs Hipno
goofball vs Aeolus

Round 3

Aeolus vs Aeroblacktyl
0_o vs gotei(13) hyorinm
Giga Punch" vs wraith
Fool_Hi vs Justin8649

Round 4

Justin8649 vs Aeroblacktyl
gotei(13) hyorinm vs Giga Punch"

Round 5

Justin8649 vs Giga Punch"

Justin8649 - 20
Giga Punch" - 12
gotei(13) hyorinmaru - 6
Aeroblacktyl - 6
Aeolus - 3
0_o - 3
Fool_Hi - 3
wraith - 3
Floppy Disk - 1
Internet Duck - 1
Bugsy23 - 1
goofball - 1
Lesm46 - 1
cloud - 1
Hipno - 1
Explodus - 1
ATHFfreak - -5

ATHFfreak was DQ'd for not showing up and gets -5 points.
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