Season 2 (Week 3 [GSC #2]) Won by Peterko

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groudon forfeited (as did a few others in the previous rounds) in the final due to not being able to kill missy...I think it was 5-4 at that moment, gg

I apologize for using such a gay team (at least without pcny moves) :)
Heh...getting second in a smogon tourney...nice job G80...too bad I didn't get to see it.

Edit: iirc, here are all the points that should be handed out, assuming there were no DQ's(I didn't get to see any of this):

Mekkah, peter_pan, Bugsy23, Floppy Disk, Picollo, Sanders, Raikou21, husk1442-2 points each
Giga Punch, the unknown, pokemaniac15, Justin8649-5 points each
Cerberus, chaos-9 points each
Groudon80-14 points
Peterko-21 points
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