Season 2 (Week 6 [GSC #2]) Won by Pocket

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I could be boned!
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* Either battle on your forum name or make it absolutely without a doubt clear who you are.
* There are no substitutes for players after Round 1
* No stalling allowed (this means you are not allowed to take forever in between turns)
* If you have won, you must save your log and PM the host of the tournament that you have won
* You may not watch any other battles in this tournament until you have officially lost, watching other battles in the tournament will result in instant disqualification!
* PP Ups should be on by default unless BOTH players want them off.
* If your battle is taking longer than 15 minutes, a host may choose a winner at his discretion if the battle is lagging the tournament. If you have more pokemon, you will most likely get the win, but if the other person has a clear advantage and you have more pokemon, they will most likely get the win.
* Breaking ANY rule is grounds for instant disqualification. Be sure to follow ALL rules. They are here for you to see, there are no excuses.

Smogon Tour GSC Rules

* No Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, or Celebi
* No illegal movesets
* No OHKO moves (No Horn Drill, Fissure, or Guillotine)
* No Evasion moves (No Double Team or Minimize)
* Sleep Clause
* Species Clause
* Freeze Clause
* No Self-KO allowed on last pokemon
* No Hidden Power allowed on legendary pokemon.

Don't forget to PM me when you win, don't PM me when you lose, thanks.

Round 1 pairings:

chaos vs Winrawr
Aeolus vs Fatum
Peterko vs m800_runner (Due to a DQ)
The Unknown vs Picollo
Justin8649 vs Clefairy
Mekkah vs Groudon80
The Cheating Boy vs Pokemon Professor
Tmnt Boy vs Final Fantasy
Pocket vs Cerberus
goofball vs husk1442
pokemaniac15 vs Floppy Disk
peter_pan vs Explodus

Round 2 pairings:

peter_pan vs Justin8649
Pocket vs Tmnt Boy
Groudon80 vs goofball
Pokemon Professo vs Fatum
chaos vs Picollo
pokemaniac15 vs Peterko

Round 3 pairings:

Pocket vs Pokemon Professo
peter_pan vs pokemaniac15
Picollo vs Groudon80

Round 4 pairings:

Pocket vs peter_pan 4-0
Pocket vs Picollo
Picollo vs peter_pan

The one with two wins, wins the tourney.
In case of a tie, the scores will decide who is the winner.
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