Season 3 (Week 3 [GSC #1]) Won by Anyone

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The pizza doesn't scream in the oven! LOL!
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  • There are no subs
  • No stalling allowed (this means you are not allowed to take forever in between turns)
  • If you have won, you must save your log and PM the host of the tournament that you have won
  • You may not watch any other battles in this tournament until you have officially lost, watching other battles in the tournament will result in instant disqualification!
  • No complaining during the tour about any rules or having bad luck
  • No hassling the hosts
  • If you join you must stay until the tour is over or until you lose
  • No asking any questions that are answered on this page or the tour thread for the week
  • You may only join 2 tours per week
  • You must sign up on the forums
  • There is a 15 minute time limit per round. A host will enforce this rule, if you go past the limit the host will award the win to the person they think has the best advantage.
  • Breaking ANY rule is grounds for instant disqualification. Be sure to follow ALL rules. They are here for you to see, there are no excuses. If you break ANY of these rules you will be awarded -3 points for the week and you will not be allowed to join another tour for that week. If you break another rule you will lose 3 more points and you will be banned from entering the tour the following week.
  • PP Ups should be on by default unless BOTH players want them off.
Smogon Tour GSC Rules
  • No Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, or Celebi
  • No illegal movesets
  • No OHKO moves (No Horn Drill, Fissure, or Guillotine)
  • No Evasion moves (No Double Team or Minimize)
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Freeze Clause
  • No Self-KO allowed on last pokemon
  • Sleep Perish Trapping is banned
Groudon80 vs. Giga Punch
peter_pan vs. slayed
meddle vs. husk1442
EssEssEmm vs. Explodus
batistutu vs. Trey
cloud vs. Anyone
Pilocus vs. Mystica
Council vs. jerryparid
Darkbolt vs. WaterBomb
Veteran In Love vs. jackai
bluelightstar vs. Revenge
SSBM Roy vs. omni
Justin8649 vs. andii56
SpaceFlare vs. Pocket
homsar vs. Syberia
rekt vs. Warthog

jerryparid vs. EssEssEmm
slayed vs. Anyone
Revenge vs. husk1442
SSBM Roy vs. Pilocus
Syberia vs. Pocket
Justin8649 vs. Darkbolt
Batistutu vs. Veteran In Love
Warthog vs. Groudon80

husk1442 vs. EssEssEmm
Anyone vs. Groudon80
SSBM Roy vs. Veteran In Love
Darkbolt vs. Syberia

SSBM Roy vs. Anyone
husk1442 vs. Syberia

husk1442 vs. Anyone


Anyone - 7
husk1442 - 5
SSBM Roy - 3
Syberia - 3
EssEssEmm - 2
Groudon80 - 2
Veteran In Love - 2
Darkbolt - 2
jerryparid - 1
slayed - 1
Revenge - 1
Pilocus - 1
Pocket - 1
Batistutu - 1
Warthog - 1
Justin8649 - - 3

If you leave, that's -3 people.
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