Secret Santa 6: Who Left The Fridge Open Round 2

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The deadline for this round is December 26 the exact time this was posted

Approved by Earthworm and know how to host or join tournaments

Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
No Self KO on last pokemon
Species Clause
You MUST only use the team assigned to you
If you watch another tournament battle while you are still in the tournament you will be disqualified

Round 2 Pairings

xtrashine vs snunch
giga punch vs bluewind
folgorio vs noodlez
undisputed vs lizardman
hantsuki vs the kyle
fatty vs karpman
ala vs rewer
espyjoel vs apologies
.robert vs wilson46
atticus vs cristal
alice vs krack
bkc vs thorns
the wolf vs stone_cold
malekith vs solace
smith vs symphonyx64
scimjara vs limitless

alphajolt - alice
jayde - jabbathegriffin
kevin garrett - karpman
craaaaaaaaaab - bluewind
dracomalfoy - cristal
toshimelonhead - tito
walrein - undisputed
idiotfrommars - h-c
maaf - lizardman
mcmeghan - malekith
zdrup15 - zarator
infinity.cypher - idiotfrommars
pareidolia - noodlez
dublinnaser1 - dracomalfoy
earthworm - dublinnaser1
knightofthewind - kevin garrett
lady salamence - krack
nails - myzozoa
lamppost - lady salamence
enz0 - earthworm
eo ut mortus - enz0
extremebeta - espyjoel
h-c - hantsuki
jabbathegriffin - infinity.cypher
aeroblacktyl - .robert
agammemnon - aeroblacktyl
myzozoa - mcmeghan
pokemonrocks777 - pareidolia
steve snype - solace
talkinglion - symphonyx64
tito - thorns
zarator - xtrashine
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