Secret Santa Year 4 Round 1

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My team was good, however when testing I didn't ever have the need to use Scizor, so when I did my match today I noticed he had bug buzz over bullet punch....which ultimately lost me the game, and the fact that I didn't CC because I played idioticly...I deserved to lose lol.

GG man, hope you go far.

Edit: I didn't save the log, however I don't see the need to give you the log since i admitted my loss, plus Moi has it covered.
Well, we've scheduled two different times, and Lakers has noshowed twice. Hoping I'm wrong about this 2nd time though.

Edit: Yeah, I had a pretty big team advantage. Otherwise it was gg, no major hax to speak of.
Lost 3-0 to TAY in a fun game, gg!

Ok, the guy who sent the crap of a team with a Nidoqueen lead that sucks, the stupid Mixnite set that sucks, the wrongly EVd Raikou and Scizor, please PM me so I can spank your ass because seriously what a horrible team lol.
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