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Sevrah's Indianapolis Warstory

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by Sevrah, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Sevrah


    Aug 4, 2011
    Hey Smogon =D My name is Sevrah. I had an amazing time at the US Pokemon Video Game Nationals. In the end, I won 5 games, and lost 3. There was barely any hax in any of the matches, which made me happy.

    My Team


    I honestly tried to do use more uncommon Pokemon this time compared to Philly where my team was Hitmontop, Zapdos, Metagross, Latios, Cresselia, and Gastrodon. Lol. Instead of Latios, I used Latias, Instead of Zados, I used Thundurus. I am really trying to step it up to use less common Pokes. In the end, I don't think I even used Chandelure once. He's way to frail and dies to everything. ._.

    People I Saw
    -The Arnolds Family

    (PM me if I talked to you too)


    Getting to meet a TON of people from Smogon.
    Decent hotel food
    Talking to people 'bout Pokemanz
    Learning a bit more 'bout Pokemanz
    Winning Side events
    1st National event I've participated in! =D

    Where was Shofu?
    Leaving Sunday morning so I couldn't see the final matches.


    Match 1: (1/0) I was up against what seemed to be a standard sand team. She was pretty good, she knew what she was doing. The Pokemon that I picked were perfect against sand teams though. :/

    Match 2: (1/1) This time around I battled a standard rain team. Outside of Gastrodon my team pretty much loses against Rain (Ludicolo also has to be dead). I never payed attention to his Ludicolo much so when my Gastrodon came out I was pretty screwed. I gave my Gastrodon about 60 Sp. Def EVs so it could survive at least one Life Orbed giga drain from it but it got a crit. I was still almost certain that I would of lost though.

    Match 3: (2/1)

    Match 4: (2/2)

    Match 5: (3/2)

    Match 6: (3/3)

    Match 7: (4/3)

    Match 8: (5/3) This time around I battled a kid with middle tier VGC Pokemon (Scrafty, Haxorus, Suicune, etc) It was a great game, zero hax besides a useless fake out crit. I was really happy at the end of the game seeing that I won more games then I lost.

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